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    Thread Write permissions for systems files

    Hey guys, not sure if I missed anything, I didnt follow the android development the last year. I have now a OnePlus 8 with unlocked bootloader and Magisk (installed from bootable unofficial TWRP). From TWRP I cannot mount system partition (but this is known). With ADB or any root explorer I...
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    Thread Issue: Huawei device asks for password to decrypt data after update to 19.1

    Good evening. I updated to 19.1 on OnePlus 3t and 5 without any issues, but with my Huawei MediaPad M3 I was faced with problems: Installation went well, but after reboot Android asks me for a password to encrypt data. Device is in flight mode. ADB not available. Nothing is accessible. Not...
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    Thread [MODULE] DisableMultiUserMod (build.props) v1.3 (for Magisk 14.0)

    Thats my first productive creation for XDA, so dont be to hard to me :) I don't like to have features, which I never use, so I always disable or remove everythink i dont need. On my custom roms I always diable the multi user mode by adding the following line to the build.prop: fw.max_users=1 I...