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    Thread 3.5mm audio jack hack and some douts

    Hi guys, after sometime away of customs roms but as many people here i had the problem of headphones icon (problem of 3.5 audio jack). I still on official global dev and will unluck the bootloader. So here are my doubts: 1- if i pretend to stay in official stock rom is there any that i...
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    Thread Gallery and camera of cm12 s

    Hi everyone, Here i left cm12s gallery and camera app I leave here the apps because i needed a camera app with pause on video recording for lollipop and this have... Install like a normal apk tested on rr v5.4.1, pacman, aosp and cm12
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    Thread increase internal memory

    Given the similarity of s2 plus with the galaxy grand duos , I was surfing your topic and see a post called increase internal memory. It is possible to adapt the tutorial to s2 plus?
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    Thread Very very important Is this good news for broadcom user like us that have s2 plus?
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    Thread Best and easy way to port a rom

    I like to know if someone can say if exist any tutorial or the best way and easy to port a rom for s2 plus? thanks:D
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    Thread [Q] Any custom rom with videocalls

    Hi, is there any custom rom with videocalls like de original ssamsung rom? if not, is there any chance to have?:confused:
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    Thread [Q] ExSlim v2.1

    Can i flash this rom with the original cwm or one in specific?