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  1. jrbxx7

    Thread Working xposed modules for Pixel 2/xl

    Now that xposed has arrived for Oreo share which xda approved modules you have tested and I'll create a working/non working list. Thanks. All xposed talk is welcome. Off topic is ok as well. ?
  2. jrbxx7

    Thread Post your working substratum/andromeda setups.

    Here's a thread to help p2 users know which substratum themes are working on our pixel xl 2's with andromeda. Post your pics and setup combos. Im am using swift dark for everything with icon accents enabled, except I used sprite to move the clock to the left. So far the few oreo compatible...
  3. jrbxx7

    Thread Switching between the esim and standard sim

    Has anyone activated the xl 2 or 2 on fi with the onboard esim and then switched service to a say, verizon sim? Can you switch back and forth easily? Thanks! ?Tapped from my pure pixelXl?
  4. jrbxx7

    Thread {Discussion} & Lists of Working and Non-Working Xposed Modules For 5.1 Lollipop

    Here is a thread to discuss which modules work and dont work on the new Xposed for 5.1. I will update list as i have time, but hopefully this can ease the modules posts in the Xposed development thread. Keep in mind not every module will work for every rom. Use @ own risk. Nandroid before...
  5. jrbxx7

    Thread Share your custom watch face!

    Help inspire creativity and new watch faces. Share your custom watch face and which app you used to make it. Thanks android community. Made with watch faces by intellicom
  6. jrbxx7

    Thread Ios7 Status bar signal icons - dots theme

    Here is a Vrtheme i made to add the ios7 dots to your signal icons. Since its Vrtheme it only replaces the .pngs... System ui is not replaced..... It also replaces the wifi with the generic white one and the lte icon with the one from tmob. The dots will be grey in color until u are in...
  7. jrbxx7

    Thread Show off your NIII Homescreens and themes

    Here's a thread to show off your creativity and style. Post your Homescreens and themes. List what your using to help inspire new combos. Thanks. TaPpEd from my XpOsEd 4.4.2 NIII Omc and zooper widgets Pitched shadows icons Back 2 black theme
  8. jrbxx7

    Thread {List of Xposed Modules KK NC2}

    Since NC2/NC4 was released thought I'd start a list of confirmed working xposed apps. Please share if u have any to add. Post original link and I'll add to Op. This should help make them easier to find for all us vzw n3 users. Thanks. X halo floating windows. For true floating and resize able...
  9. jrbxx7

    Thread ☆《《 Themed samsung keyboard's 》》☆

    Here is a link to some great themed stock keyboards for the n2... its from the International n2 but works great on the vzw model...Hope you like and please thank the team and dev cbucz24 for the great work.. [THEME]{Team...
  10. jrbxx7

    Thread Inverted and xparenet gapps w/ color text

    Didn't really see much for inverted gapps in the vzw threads so wanted to share a link to some awesome gapps....Click thanks if you can't stand white backgrounds! Lol. Play Store 4.0.27 and 13 other G-APPS.... Blacked Out and Transparent...
  11. jrbxx7

    Thread S-pen hovering icon change

    Red biohazard Always nandroid before modding!!! Just in case.... Here is one way to change the icon of your spen.. I used rom toolbox to copy the framework-res.apk to desired modding location, its found under system, framework... then used zarchive to find desired icon.. long press to...
  12. jrbxx7

    Thread THEME (Ultimate real icon theme)

    One of the best themes i have found.... I Didnt see this posted in the verizon section so i wanted to add a link. Please thank the dev and donate if possible. Its for the s3 but i just installed on beans 6 and its flawless, however when...