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  1. ayazm.140895

    Thread Build errors - building nameless rom from source for yureka plus.

    Hey all, I am trying to build nameless rom for yureka plus. I know there is already a nameless rom for yureka and I am not sure if it works for Yureka Plus. Does all roms for yureka work on yureka Plus or vice versa? What I have done 1.I have downloaded the source code 2.But I don't know how...
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    Thread [Q] Need your opinion to buy this phone.

    Hey guys, I am thinking to buy this phone and I need your opinion because there are many mixed reviews about this phone online. And I'm confused! Some people have reported many bugs like 1.Low volume where you can't listen to your ringtone and you miss your calls. 2. The camera quality is not...
  3. ayazm.140895

    Thread [Q] Lost my phone! How do i reset my phone remotely

    Hello all, I lost my phone today and I need help wiping my phone remotely. I have not installed any tracking app, that's mistake i have done.
  4. ayazm.140895

    Thread Network problem on Lg p500

    I have been facing a problem with network in almost every telecom service provider. It seems that there is a problem with my phone. The signal of the phone disappears suddenly and comes back at its own time. It's really annoying, I can't use the at all. I'm using Stock tom gb with tagb kernel...
  5. ayazm.140895

    Thread App install/uninstall problem [cronmod script]

    Hey guys, I'm facing a new problem, I can't install or uninstall any application. The phone reboots when I perform the above operation. I have 80mb of space left and I'm using stock rom with ta gb kernel. Cronmod int2ext+ script with 512mb ext partition. Any help is appreciated. Sent from my...
  6. ayazm.140895

    Thread Porting miui ics 3.2.22, Need help with logcat.

    Hey guys, I have been trying port MIUI ics (latest version ) I know MIUI has only JB builds. I have taken SGII build as a port for a reason. As it is a armv7 device and our p500 is armv6 device, it is bit difficult but possible! So I have cm 9.2.1 plus as a base but the thing after flashing i...
  7. ayazm.140895

    Thread Unexpected shutdown during call!

    Hello everyone, I'm facing a issue i.e. unexpected shutdown during a call ( while making a call and recieving a call) It happens once in a two days or so. Its really annoying! I'm using stock gingerbread rom, rooted, no modified kernel and no a2sd. If you could help me. I'm facing this issue...
  8. ayazm.140895

    Thread Recovery not working!

    Hello everyone! I cant boot into recovery (cwm 6.3.0 by notonlyeyes) when ever i try to boot into recovery i get a white screen and after that rom boots up! My every app is giving me force close, i have to install it after every boot! Im using gingersnap 2.3 with int2ext+. I face unexpected shut...
  9. ayazm.140895

    Thread Porting android apps to another android device.

    Hey guys, i need help porting apps from one android device to another like apps from LG Optimus 2x to LG optimus one or porting stock apps to cyanogenmod or porting xperia, samsung apps to non xperia(or non samsung) devices. I dont intend to make it for commercial use like posting on playstore...
  10. ayazm.140895

    Thread Need help with a app

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to take xperia mini swipe from stock rom. Could any one help me. I have modded xperia stock Gingerbread in a flashable zip! I'm great fan of xperia keyboard. So, I want one for gb. Please help me in this. I don't want suggestions like try SWYPE(its laggy and doesnt...
  11. ayazm.140895

    Thread [DISTRO] ☆ ★HELLS-KITCHEN | Ubuntu-Based | ROM Developing Distro★ ☆

    [DISTRO] ☆ ★HELLS-KITCHEN | Ubuntu-Based | ROM Developing Distro★ ☆ Note: I didn't create this distro. The credit goes to the hard working Developer h311sdr0id. I'm just posting it here! I'm NOT the DEVELOPER/CREATER OF THIS DISTRO h311s|KITCHEN (Hells Kitchen) is an Ubuntu-based Linux...
  12. ayazm.140895

    Thread Unexpected Shutdown while using the phone

    Hey guys, I'm using rooted stock gingerbread with tagb kernel 1.2 hotfix and I'm also using a mode i.e. Int2ext+. Everything is fine but recently my phone is shutting down on it's own even though there is enough battery. It happens once in a day while downoloading, browsing and listening to...
  13. ayazm.140895

    Thread A Noob's start to port viper rom (waiting for permission)

    Choose the device from which porting roms to our device is easier. I'm thinking, preparing ( or trying) to port famous viper rom by team venom to our device! I'm a beginner, I'm not sure if I can do it or not. One S One X One XL Evo 4G LTE Incredible 4G LTE Evo 3D CDMA Evo 3D GSM...
  14. ayazm.140895

    Thread Help regarding cronmod

    Hey guys, I'm using stock gb with tagb 1.2 hotfix kernel. I found int2ext or a2sd++ ( cronmod) is not working. Is there any modified version for LG p500! Does tagb 1.2 hotfix support swap partition? Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  15. ayazm.140895

    Thread Post your battery stats!

    Hey guys, please post your battery stats by using app called better battery stats. I have to charge my every 10 hours. My phone was in deep sleep for 6hrs or so. My battery drain average is 10.4%/hour. So, please post your battery stats using better battery stats. btw, I'm using stock gb rom...
  16. ayazm.140895

    Thread Facfing issues!

    hey guys! I'm having problems with my phone. At night my phone switches off on its own, i had charged my phone 57% but at morning it was switched off; THere was no data enabled on it! I feel my battery is draining allot and i'm using stock rom Gingerbread 2.3.3 and franco kernel #4. Sometimes...
  17. ayazm.140895

    Thread Full of confusion! Could someone help me out!

    Hey guys, I'm confused allot! What is the difference between a2sd,d2ext etc. ( - does this work with our device) I'm totally confused, I have tried every custom rom and due to some issues like fear of bricking device, lack of time and...
  18. ayazm.140895

    Thread Accessories help!

    Hey guys, I know there are numerous threads regarding sdcards,silicon back cover, earphones but those are could u guys help me out with above things. I need class 8 or 10 sdcard, silicon back cover, ear phones ( for earphones I need a bit cheaper). I'm from India. I have seen few...
  19. ayazm.140895

    Thread Regarding cm 10.1 .

    Hey guys, I was randomly going through the other phones forum. I found something on ZTE BLADE forum that they have panorama working, who knows they have more fixes than us although am not a developer! Checkout this and here are specs of...
  20. ayazm.140895

    Thread Need some help for setting up development environment ?

    Hey guys, I have finally started learning a few things how to develop things, mostly I am learning how to develop a kernel and am using XDA university to learn although i have started reading a bit. I need some help setting up a environment on Ubuntu 12.04 and I have limited download speed and...
  21. ayazm.140895

    Thread Bored of android?? Checkout this!

    We can install Debain os! please refer the below thread. All credit goes to respective authors NOT me! Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  22. ayazm.140895

    Thread Help about Browser!

    Hey guys, Wish u Happy New year! I would like to know browser which accepts java script for e.g. etc. Please help me out! :) Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  23. ayazm.140895

    Thread Cheap and best earphones?

    Hey guys I need cheap and best ( of course best in a particular price) am from India! Which one should I choose...
  24. ayazm.140895

    Thread How to minimize the size of icons and other things!?

    Hey guys I was on ics for a few weeks now I have restored nandroid backup of stock gb but the problem is icons and other things are of bigger size! Only two notifications cover the whole screen! :(what am I supposed to do!? Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  25. ayazm.140895

    Thread Need some files from stock Rom

    Hey guys I own LG P500 and I need help!I am trying to port Samsung keyboard to my phone! Could anyone help me with giving some files! And knowledge too :P. I need the swipe keyboard from ur stock rom! 1. Keyboard app ( apk) 2. A few lib files from system/lib 3. Am not sure myself I need folder...
  26. ayazm.140895

    Thread Phones having similar specs as our phone

    Hey guys I would like to know phones having similar specs as our beloved o1! Cuz am trying something if am successful!I'll be happy and share it here! :) Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  27. ayazm.140895

    Thread GPS not working!

    Hey guys an on stock rom with stock kernel, any application which uses GPS data can't get location! I think only Google maps can use GPS why?? What is the reason that other application can't use GPS!:( Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  28. ayazm.140895

    Thread Problem on stock!

    Hey guys I have been having a problem on stock rom that is gtalk is not working properly! Like it doesn't show notifications when a reply arrives nor the the ringtone works!! And the replies are not in order like I have to scroll up to see the person's reply rather than scrolling down :( I miss...
  29. ayazm.140895

    Thread Link2sd problem!!

    hey guys, i want to use a2sd to move apps to sdcard so i have installed linktosd cuz am using stock rom 2.3.3 and when i installed the app the super user gave force close. after that i updated the super user then when opened the linktosd app then it showed the type of partition like...
  30. ayazm.140895

    Thread Could any port a keyboard??

    Could any one port for a Swype keyboard from Samsung phone to p500 cuz the external Swype app is some time so unresponsive!!I get annoyed!!! Plz!!!I need a stable and reliable Swype keyboard as my friend has in his Samsung phone!!!!:) Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  31. ayazm.140895

    Thread Is there any Ics pattern lockscreen for optimus one????

    Hey guys I saw my friend's micromax funbook which runs on ics I liked the pattern lock in it! Is there any way to get ics pattern lockscreen on gb??? Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  32. ayazm.140895

    Thread Apps2sd stock!!

    Which apps2sd supports stock Rom(2.3.3) except link2sd plz don't say to ask in general thread cuz no one replied from a day!!!! Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  33. ayazm.140895

    Thread A few things to ask??

    I have been using stock rom V20D Indian version! Am having lot of lags like I scroll between screens, settings, talk, dolphin browser, when I click on something or every application I open takes long and sometimes it says application not responding "force close" or "wait" I get random reboots...
  34. ayazm.140895

    Thread A small question?

    Why there is no update for gingerbread roms by developers! there used to be more developers and used to be many roms but now just old roms and no one around! Just asking and not complaining is their any specific reason for this!!! o_O Sent from my LG-P500 using xda app-developers app
  35. ayazm.140895

    Thread A thing to ask from Indian Tata docomo users!!

    Hey guys I wanted to ask u question that what is the speed of 2g in this(Tata docomo) network cuz am new to this network!!!! Is the speed suitable for voice chat using Skype! Any trick working am living in Bangalore! Which is best network for speed 2g!!! I was planning to recharge 149 for 8gb...
  36. ayazm.140895

    Thread Confused!!!

    Hey guys am facing a connection problem that is internet stops working after sometime and I have to switch on and off the airplane mode and am confused is it a SIM problem or phone problem cuz my friend was using micromax andro 60 it was working for I guess and when I used airtel SIM it was...
  37. ayazm.140895

    Thread Asking opinion about a thing!

    Hey guys I have problem with Vodafone(India, Bangalore) network that internet connection works for sometime like it works and then it only uploads and data doesn't get downloaded at all I get and send late replies in Google talk sometimes xda app says failed to connect and data is enabled and...
  38. ayazm.140895

    Thread Can't save apn!!

    Hey guys I have a problem that I can't save apn I have requested the service provider to send me the settings and they sent it many times in notification it says click here to install and nothing happens!! I can't apn at all! Am using dynamite rom 5.0 plz help Sent from my LG-P500 using XDA
  39. ayazm.140895

    Thread Network problem!!

    Guys I am facinga problem that my data upload and download (browser, talk etc) everything doesn't work after sometime and the E-logo of internet gets stuck it it doesn't show on time like it gets stuck and after it shows uploading while data is downloaded and the thing when I use Google talk the...
  40. ayazm.140895

    Thread A annoying problem!!!!

    Hey guys I have a, problem with Google playstore it downloads apps on its own like I used to install a, program or app through playstore and I flashed a new rom and I didn't install those apps and I don't want it too but playstore keeps downloading again if I uninstall it plz help!! Anytime it...
  41. ayazm.140895

    Thread [NEED HELP] guys am thinking to do something!!!

    Hi guys I need ur help !!!after sending private messages to developers they gave suggestions and tips to improve camera in CM7 so first I need to learn some coding and stuff so guys could u plz help me where to start and what do I need to edit or rewrite the libs if cm7!! Sent from my LG-P500...
  42. ayazm.140895

    Thread How to modify cm7 libcamera??

    Hey guys am interested in improving camera in cm7 so how to modify libcamera I wanna learn and how to make battery friendly rom any Devs or anyone can help me!!! I know only c++(50%) where should I start from!!!? Sent from my LG-P500 using XDA
  43. ayazm.140895

    Thread Best camera quality ???

    Hey I have used cm7 and cm7 based roms!!! now am using stock based roms dynamite 5.0 which has a terrible battery life don't know y battery drains faster than ever !!! But camera quality is awesome!! So I have decided to use gingerblurb as it is a cm7 rom camera quality is not so good even...
  44. ayazm.140895

    Thread How to make Flashable zip of a app??

    Hey guys I wanna learn how to make Flashable zip of a app or a file Sent from my LG-P500 using XDA
  45. ayazm.140895

    Thread Need help in installing cygwin?????

    Hey guys I have decided to setup kitchen in my PC and I have trouble in installing cygwin packages!!! I have got packages from dsixda's kitchen I can install it too!!! But the problem is with janitux's one!!!cuz am not able to install packages required according to him I have installed these *...
  46. ayazm.140895

    Thread Need some help with kitchen!!!!

    Can anyone upload a dsixda's cygwin which of 63.2 or because every time I download I get a error (after download of 8.3mb ) which is hosted in mediafire!!! Plz!!! Sent from my LG-P500 using XDA
  47. ayazm.140895

    Thread A question to ask!!

    Hey guys any body knows any adult content filter on Android which works on every browser and blocks pictures too!! and if possible open source or any developer could make it plz!!!!!!!! As a favor!!! Sent from my LG-P500 using XDA
  48. ayazm.140895

    Thread [Q] having problelms with micromax a60!!

    Hey guys my friend owns a micromax a60 and when i use adb and type "adb shel" it says "exec 'system/bin/sh' failed exec format error (8)!! and i get an error with android donwload tool too here is the screen shot and which is the stable custom rom for this phone (foryo) and if i want to go back...
  49. ayazm.140895

    Thread Dsp manager force close!!!!

    Hey guys am using dynamite ROM 5.0 and then I get force close using equalizer of dsp manager I have flashed the beats called mega bass boost beats zip of p350 cuz someone said it's also working on p500 there was a thread too about that!!! Now I want a beats mod which also works with dsp manager...
  50. ayazm.140895

    Thread Storage problem!!!!!!

    Hey guys I have problem ! When I copy the files to sdcard after an done I press turn of USB mass storage mode and then when I try to search the files which I copied in my cell using any file manager (astro,oi,es, root explorer )I can't find it at all I tried unmounting the sdcard !! But didn't...