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    Thread Custom binary blocked by FRP Lock

    I can't boot into recovery, I can't flash TWRP recovery and I do not have access to Odin as I'm using Linux and can only use Heimdall. I got the stock firmware from Updato, but don't know what to do next. Anyone got any idea?
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    Thread No CP File

    I downloaded the original firmware from SamMobile, but the .zip file does not have a CP file. Any idea where I can get one for the SM-T580 (WIFI)?
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    Thread Help - Custom Binary Block By Reactivation Lock

    I recently flashed the Xtresolite S5 ROM and I didn't realise that Reactivation Lock was turned on, now I clicked restart and then clicked recovery, but now every time I try to start my phone it shows "Custom Binary Block By Reactivation Lock" and "SECURE FAIL: RECOVERY". How can I fix this...
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    Thread Touchscreen not working!

    I recently flashed the TeamUB rom and forgot to do a factory data reset, now my touchscreen wont work. How can I fix this? Thank you Xanoas
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    Thread How can I get Xposed Framework?

    I'd like to get xposed framework on my moto g 2014, how can I do this? Model Number: XT1068 Current ROM: ProudDroid 5.0.2
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    Thread [Q] Kies keeps saying connecting

    Im trying to get my original firmware back via kies, but it keeps saying connecting ive already tried the troubleshooting but it still keeps saying connecting, can anyone help me?
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    Thread How Can I Get Stock Android Apps?

    I've recently changed my ROM to VIRGINITY V13 and know I dont have stock apps like email. How can I obtain these apps? Dont know if i've posted this in the correct sub forum.
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    Thread Removed...

    Problem resolved by me!
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    Thread Need a new ROM!

    Just rooted my phone using Need a custom ROM which would be the best for my phone GT-I8190!
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    Thread Removed...

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    Thread How can I root my samsung galaxy s3 mini I8190N?

    I need help rooting my samsung galaxy s3 mini I8190N!