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    Post Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T720) - Root Instructions (Release 1.0)

    So I followed these instructions yesterday, transferred the firmware with Odin and the tablet rebooted lots of times - so many times I was worried about it. I briefly saw the "Let's Go" setup screen, shown in the last pic of Section Twelve, and then the tablet rebooted again and got stuck in a...
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    Post [Tool] Frija - Samsung firmware downloader/checker

    If the developer of this is reading, then: the BitBucket link in the support menu doesn't work it would be really handy to have an option just to copy the URL of the download to clipboard, or to save it as a textfile or something. My download is currently stalled at 0kB/s and I'm going to be...
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    Post [ROM][unlocked][karnak] Lineage-15.1[24 APR 2020]

    Hi karldonteljames, What ROM did you end up choosing, please? I too have a Fire HD 10 which I think is 7th generation. I bought it about a year ago, in summer 2019, before the new 10" Fire was released (in October 2019?).
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    Post Elephone P8 MTK6592 1.7GHz Octa Core 5.7 Inch FHD 1920x1080

    Just had an email from a Chinese supplier I used a few months ago, promoting these phones, amongst others. $179, quad core, 5.5" screen, Android 4.4 is tempting.
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    Post Thl T200

    I wish I could say I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad I'm not alone.
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    Post Thl T200

    Google Maps on my mother's T200 keeps crashing - it opens and then exits after only a couple of seconds with the error "Unfortunately Maps has stopped". I've found that if I go into Settings > Apps and force quit Maps, remove all the data and all the updates, then it works fine - I can see my...
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    Post Thl T200

    I think you totally misread or misunderstood everything I said.
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    Post Thl T200

    The link you sent doesn't mention those accessories. It just looks like Digimax are selling the same phone at two different prices - £50 more on eBay than they do on their own website. Agree totally. Everyone I see complaining about THL phones got them from China -...
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    Post Thl T200

    Holy cow! That's £50 more than they charge on their own site!?! :confused: Ordered from Digimax c 2pm yesterday - their shopping cart software is a bit rubbish, and I had to close the browser at least once and clear the cookies. Phone arrived around 9am this morning, Royal Mail Special...
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    Thread [Q] Replacing the screen on a THL W7 series?

    Hi there, I hope it's ok to post in this subforum, but I'm having a bit of trouble replacing the screen on a THL W7S, an Android phone with a 5.7" screen released in the last year or so. THL are primarily sold in the Chinese market, I think, but I got this from a seller on Amazon UK. The...
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    Post Custom GPS Antenna THL W7

    Has anyone replaced the screen on a THL W7 series, please? Has anyone replaced the screen on a THL W7 series, please? My mum dropped her W7S in early February, and I ordered a new screen from an online seller in China which arrived a few days ago. I'm usually quite handy with this sort of...
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    Post Thl w200

    I'd try with a different battery - spare batteries for this phone are very cheap, like £5. As best practice, I'd also try charging from a different charger or from a computer's USB (but I'd consider trying with a different battery to be more important). I wouldn't immediately assume it's the...
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    Post Thl w200

    I don't disagree with you - it's a great phone, but I do have these reservations. €130 is a very good price - did you get your phone from a supplier in your own country (or EU?), or was it shipped from China?
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    Post Thl w200

    I can't speak for the other guy, but I've had my W200 a month and have found absolutely nothing to complain about. In the first couple of days I owned it I know I had to adjust the proximity sensor - until I discovered that, the phone kept hanging up mid-call because I touched the screen with...
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    Post Anyone want a dead XDA?

    This is taken. Sorry not to reply to everyone individually, and sorry to those who wrote me unsuccessfully. Stroller.
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    Thread Anyone want a dead XDA?

    Hi there, My O2 XDA IIi has recently died, 2 months outside of warranty of course. Is it any use to anyone here? The screen was working, but has a couple of scratches, and the battery is good. It has been dropped a number of times, so the case isn't pretty, but these are all very minor cracks...
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    Post Upgrading XDA IIi to 1.11.171 without a PeeCee??

    Thanks!!!! :D Are the two files in there both the same, apart from the O2 stuff? I am actually using an O2 SIM, and I'm currently locked to O2's network. I don't like the "O2 Active User Interface", tho' - can I use the O2stuffstripped version? Cheers, Stroller.
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    Thread Upgrading XDA IIi to 1.11.171 without a PeeCee??

    Hi there, I've downloaded the latest UK firmware for my XDA IIi from O2's website and it seems to come as a big old Windows executable. I use a Mac, so is there any way to install the upgrade onto the XDA IIi without using a PeeCee and ActiveSync, please? I do have a PeeCee here which I could...