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  1. b-eock

    Thread [Q] SMS Problem

    I usually don't ask questions. I solve them myself. Now I have a problem I don't know what to do. I can send SMS, use Mobile Data, make and receive calls, but I cannot receive messages. They don't show up. I am on the AT&T network. Everything worked until one night, it just stopped working...
  2. b-eock

    Thread [Q] Decompiling System APPS?

    I am able to decompile the framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk fine. No errors. but when i try to decompile system apps, I get errors... Anyone know whats up?
  3. b-eock

    Thread [ROM][PORT][SENSE4ALL] Captivate Sense 4.0

    /\GalaxySense 4.0 By b-eock/\ This is a port of Sense 4.0 using the latest HTC One X RUU. -==/What's working\==- Call/SMS Data (2G/3G) Sound Camera (Can't take a picture because of SD Card) Rosie (Sense 4.0 launcher) -==/What isn't working\==- WiFi SD Card Bluetooth -==/Screenshots\==-...
  4. b-eock

    Thread Galaxy S III Released!

    So the Galaxy S III has been unveiled. My PRO's= Screen Resolution, processor, GPU, RAM, memory. My CON's= Screen type (SAMOLED -_-) I can't really think of anything else. Comment on your pro's and con's if you would like!
  5. b-eock

    Thread [March 17, 2012][ASNET][MIUIV4][ICS][I897]The reborn MIUIv4 1.4.6

    ASNET MIUI V4 I897 v1.4.6 This ROM is base on MIUI China it is plain and simple, no extras This ROM is actually ported for my personal used but these two guys (jbejarano & muchopoli83) asking me if they can test, translate in Spanish and if they can used the ROM, so I said yes. But it did not...
  6. b-eock

    Thread I am sorry.

    Recently I was banned from XDA for a period of time that seemed forever. I didn't want that to happen. I didn't even get told why I was banned, but I am back now. I didn't want to leave you guys without updates so I had a friend post links to ROM updates for you guys. I am sorry for my...
  7. b-eock

    Thread [DEV][TEAM][ROM]GalaxySense Revamped!-Beta 1 coming soon!! [13/02/2012]

    Hi guys :) As there are a lot of people still hoping for a fully working Sense ROM, we decided to continue Kenia's and Chiledog's work on the GalaxySense port. Currently we're working with the Nexus S 3G friends here on xda (links at the bottom) to make dev work faster! :D IMPORTANT NOTICE...
  8. b-eock

    Thread Dark Knight ICS ROM Q&A

    This is the Q&A section for the new Dark Knight Cappy ICS ROM!
  9. b-eock

    Thread [4.0.4][ROM] Dark Knight 5 [24/4/2012]

    Hi Everyone, This is a android 4.0.4 ROM. This rom is fully ported Galaxy Nexus ROM. i will try to fix all the bug you encounter. As i fixed lots of them so all should be fixed. Rom information - Engine: Android 4.0.4 release Nasif modified, changed, improved - Very Fast System - Fat-Free...
  10. b-eock

    Thread [MOD] Smooth Scrolling for CodeNameAndroid + THS ICS

    This is a thread for CodeNameAndroid's(DAXINFINITY) ICS & THS' ICS Framework.jar improvments! This disables the scrolling cache so that there is smoother scrolling throughout apps. If there are any request for anything let me know and I will try to do it for you! These may or may not work on...
  11. b-eock

    Thread CodeNameAndroid ICS Q&A

    This is the Q&A for CNA ICS!
  12. b-eock

    Thread [20 FEB][ROM][4.03]OFFICIAL | CodeNameAndroid 1.4.0 | 4.0.3 IML74K | AOSP+

    Before you enter, make sure you have installed Roboto Font... This is no longer going to be a port. It will be compiled from source starting with the next release by ME :D Credit / Thanks: All other open sourcers that made a contribution to the project: AndroidUser00110001, rtfpessoa, Bhuvan...
  13. b-eock

    Thread Add 180 Degree rotation support to ICS?

    I am looking for things to add to my framework improvements, and I am trying to make a Virtual buttons, no soft keys, fully rotational screen, now scrolling cache! All I need is the 180 degree rotation, how would I add that?
  14. b-eock

    Thread [MOD] Framework.jar Improvements for CNA ICS PORT & THSICS

    This is a thread for CodeNameAndroid's(DAXINFINITY) ICS & THS' ICS Framework.jar improvments! This disables the scrolling cache so that there is smoother scrolling throughout apps. If there are any request for anything let me know and I will try to do it for you! These may or may not work on...
  15. b-eock

    Thread [Q] How to make a poll in a opened thread?

    How do I create a poll in an opened thread?
  16. b-eock

    Thread [ROM][KK4][GB 2.3.5][ICS Theme] KK4 ROM(no name as of yet...)

    Thanks to TRusselo for deodexing F4ogger for TW4. Studachris for theming answers Kyuta Syuko I am uploading a ROM that I took apart added CRT ON/OFF animations, ICS animations, ICS Icons are minimal, and more coming soon when finals for school is out for Christmas. New version has tweaks and...
  17. b-eock

    Thread [GB][2.3.5][KK4] Heimdall One Click Stock w/ or w/out BL's

    Thanks to Adam Outler for the One Click packager!!! Thanks to Prezket for the leaks! Introduction This package will totally reset your Captivate to UCKK4. This package is intended for use on AT&T, however it will work with the Rogers SGH-i896 if you reset APN. This package includes...
  18. b-eock

    Thread [Q] System APK's

    When done compiling a system APK, do they need to be signed or not?
  19. b-eock

    Thread System APK's

    When editing system APK's, do I need to sign them after done decompiling, editing, and recompiling? I know you don't sign before done compiling, but I need to know If signing is even needed for system APK's?
  20. b-eock

    Thread [REQ] ICS Home Icon HDPI

    Theming a ROM, need the Home Icon for ICS, can't find it :( TIA
  21. b-eock

    Thread [Q] theming questions.

    Is there a way to keep the over scroll glow(and possibly change the color) and then add the bounce to it? Where are the slider(like when you go in settings>volume>all volumes) bars colors located in the actual System(i am theming for a ROM)This is for KK4 deodexed. Thanks guys and gals!!!
  22. b-eock

    Thread Android toolchain help?

    Anyone wanna help me setup the toolchain, so i can compile???
  23. b-eock

    Thread [Q] How to add CRT animation?

    What would I need to do to enable CRT animation or add it to a ROM, specifically KK4? :D
  24. b-eock

    Thread [request for ics source upload on host website]

    would someone please upload ics source once downloaded, i don't have my repositories setup because i had to reinstall ubuntu and lost everything, so please upload!!!
  25. b-eock

    Thread AT&T, their plan to do as little as possible to update phones!!!

    This is a thread to express your anger at AT&T for not updating phones on a timely basis... They are stalling so they don't have to put their Developers to work and update phones, yet the *PRIZED* possession of AT&T, the Iphone (I$hit) and let apple update them on their own and don't fill them...
  26. b-eock

    Thread Repartition?

    HEAR ME OUT PLEASE! OK I have a Captivate, we have figured out the unbrickableness of our phone, and even have nexus s bootloaders working on there, fastboot, CWM, and even OEM unlock... Now to the real question, does the Nexus S ever get Repartitioned? I ask because the only reason we can't...
  27. b-eock

    Thread [Q] ICS Q&A

    Ask your ICS questions here!
  28. b-eock

    Thread SOURCE ICS Ported to I897

    So guys, I guess in last few hours the Devs have deemed me as unworthy to do this and hate me , so even though I'm not closing this thread, they said they are going to and let someone else do it... Great progress is going on here!!! Who to THANK: Onecosmic: making Galnet's ICS relase...
  29. b-eock

    Thread [Q] Error when running heimdall frontend and Android SDK tools.

    When I enter the terminal and type either ./android (in the SDK folder) and when I type heimdall-frontend I get the error [email protected]:~$ heimdall-frontend (heimdall-frontend:3209): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap", (heimdall-frontend:3209)...
  30. b-eock

    Thread Boot.img Unpack/repack?

    i am looking for scripts that are able to unpack and repack galaxy s boot.img's since they are different from others and i cant use Dsixdas kitchen, didnt work. i am working on getting ICS SDK to work on the captivate, not alone though! Sent from my I897 using xda premium
  31. b-eock

    Thread Heimdall not recognizing Cappy on Ubuntu?

    Dual booting between Windows as. Primary OS(not my choice, its my dads laptop) and Ubuntu as a secondary OS(really like it and want it as an only primary no windows.) 64 bit system. I have redownloaded the UCKH3 heimdall one click and with my cappy in DL mode it never sees, it always says...
  32. b-eock

    Thread [Q] USB is not recognized by windows?

    I have tried both 64 and 34 bit drivers from Designgears odin one click stock ROM. and cant get it to work!!! I am on Vista 64 Bit system I need help!!
  33. b-eock

    Thread Meizu mx or xiaomi m1?

    Which one would you get?
  34. b-eock

    Thread [Q] Dsixda's Android Kitchen? If I take MIUI or CM7 Base(I want it for the MTD and Yaffs2) and replace the ; Build.prop(not required), framework, libs, system.ui, and anything else needed for it to run, Would it still be in Yaffs2 or RFS? What I am wanting to do is...
  35. b-eock

    Thread [Q] File System Change?

    Ok, Since CM7/MIUI are running on YAFFS2 on a MTD block, could we get stock ROMs to do that? Such as KI2?
  36. b-eock

    Thread MIUI MI-One phone

    When will this be available in the US? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using xda premium
  37. b-eock

    Thread [Q] [Request]

    For the love of my life, I cannot seem to find the latest Odin Flasher for the Captivate. Would somebody link me to it? or upload it, I have searched for about 30 minutes now.
  38. b-eock

    Thread [Q] Heimdall Setup Ubuntu 11.04?

    I am having no luck setting up Heimdall on Ubuntu. Would someone please help me????
  39. b-eock

    Thread [Request] KH3 stock browser

    Title Says it all. Titanium wouldn't restore the backup I just made. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using xda premium
  40. b-eock

    Thread [Request] CWM KH3 Flashable Zip

    Title says it all! Anyone feel like making one please? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using xda premium
  41. b-eock

    Thread Answers

    In this thread I will try try to answer all of your questions that are retaining to the Samsung Captivate! Ask away! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using xda premium
  42. b-eock

    Thread Sense launcher?

    Why cant the sense launcher just be ported, and yess i understand it runs through the whole system... but does tht mean we cant just have the launcher(cuz i love it, and no one makes a good knock off of it) Edit: sorry mod i accidently put this in the wrong section, would u move to Android Q&A...
  43. b-eock

    Thread Launchers?

    Post you favorite launchers and if ur nice enough, attach the APK file:) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using xda premium
  44. b-eock

    Thread [apk request]

    Would someone please post the latest TW launcher APK? There is a new launcher from a tab released at IFA in Europe, that TW looks amazing, wondering if someone could get there hands on it and port it for devices? Sent from my Stock KH3/4 2.3.4 Captivate using the XDA Premium App!
  45. b-eock

    Thread Setting up repositories and pulling source?

    Would anyone point me in the direction to do this, new to this so please use lamens terms! Sent from my Stock KH3/4 2.3.4 Captivate using the XDA Premium App!
  46. b-eock

    Thread Dualboot?

    Is it possible to dual boot from either the SD card or internal memory? Like while on MIUI AND CM7 AND GALAXYCOMB AND GALAXYSENSE you dont have to flash anything from the computer once your on one those ROMS, they are all interchangable by wiping everything before installing or restoring, thing...
  47. b-eock

    Thread Miss my Aria

    I bought the Aria in its first days, when there were only 2 roms not including stock!(CM7 and liberated froyo) and im glad to see tht this beast has come so far! Its little but it will compete! :D now i have a Cappy running at 1.6 GHz :) wish i still had my old aria... Wish we could have...
  48. b-eock

    Thread Recovery system

    Why cant Samsung and Motorola and LG use a recovery sytem tht is like HTC's, where you can flash any version of android without having to be near a computer and flash kernels, bootloader, or anything else. I find it good tht you can recover from a brick, but having to use the comptuer is a pain...
  49. b-eock

    Thread New phone?

    I have two options 1. MI-One MIUI phone- looks amazing and has great performance specs, unlocked bootloaders, no network locks...
  50. b-eock

    Thread MI-One

    Who has seen the MI-one MIUI dedicated phone? Would you get it? There is a movie and specs on engadget! Sent from my plain KF1 Gingerbread Captivate using the XDA Premium App.