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    Thread Slim Bean ROM Available for VZW NOTE 2!!

    This rom was just uploaded yesterday. It is NOT MINE. Unofficial, but I flashed and it's running great, especially with Neak Kernel as I have installed now. I flashed it right over my setup on Carbon after just wiping cache and dalvik and it booted up and worked right off the bat. 1 force close...
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    Thread [APP] Zooper Widget

    Found this awesome new app for making crazy custom widgets. Perfect for a main homescreen widget or if you're on aosp as a lock screen main screen widget to replace the chronicle clock widget, which is how I'm using it. Obviously would also work well with widgetlocker. They give u a whole bunch...
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    Thread [REQ] Possible Slution for Lack of Multi-Window on AOSP Roms - CORNERSTONE

    I'm hoping maybe there's a developer that can incorporate Cornerstone, which is open source, into an AOSP rom to quench our thirst for multi-window capabilities on AOSP Roms. Cornerstone actually seems like it might have some serious advantages over multi-window, too. Have at it!! Here is the...
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    Thread [REQ] Can someone Kang us a Gummy?!

    i was looking for new roms for my girl's droid 2 global on rootzwiki the other day and found out about these AOSP ICS Gummy Roms. They're made by a pretty reputable team that includes JRummy (maker of the best root app Rom Toolbox) and they seem to piece together the best parts of AOKP, CM9, and...
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    Thread [THEMES][AOKP_b33 & 32] Mostly-Red Themes (UPDATED FOR b33) & Elegance Theme

    ****BUILD 33**** 3 mostly-red themes for aokp b33 from here - modded for epic: glossy - no gloss - brushed metal - These themes look great. make nearly everything red. no issues...
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    Thread [PORT] CM9 Red Horizon Theme - Works on Beta2

    Ported this over from here - Go there for screenshots. THEME - I'll put up mirrors if enough people want it. I know dropbox kinda sux for this. Sorry put this up in a hurry from work. This port only has a modded...
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    Thread [CM9][STATUS/NOTIF BAR MOD] [DEV] Reloaded ICS 1.9b3-041012 | CM9 UI Enhancements

    I posted this yesterday in the CM9 thread, but in case some people didn't see it, here's a nice mod I found in the Android Software Dev thread that let's you customize just about everything in your status bar and notification drawer. Works perfectly on our phones just flashing over cm9 (i'd wipe...
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    Thread 32gb MicroSD card + USB Card Reader for $23.50

    Thought I would share this awesome deal. Been using for the past 2 days and it's a great product combo for a great price. here's the link: SanDisk 32 GB SD HC micro SDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card with Everything But Stromboli (tm) Card Reader Product Features and Technical Details Product...
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    Thread [Q] Can someone please finish this red AOKP theme for me?

    I'm pretty certain this is all it needs to be complete, but am unable to do this since i have a mac and no idea how to do it. Got these instructions from Big Goron (thanks to you sir): Decompile the framework-res.apk edit the values/colors.xml edit the background_holo_blue_light=#ff33b5e5 to a...
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    Thread [APP][Box.Com] Free 50GB Storage with App

    This is in the general android xda apps forum, but just in case you're not a frequent peruser of that forum, there's currently an easy way to exploit a free 50gb Box account for root users. Only thing that sucks is that you can't upload files bigger than 100mb at a time, which I know is a...
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    Thread [APP] Rom Toolbox

    If you haven't tried this app already, definitely give it a shot. So many features. It basically incorporates Titanium, Root Explorer, Voltage Control, SetCPU, SD Card Boost, ROM Manager, TMobile ThemeChooser (for CM7), Terminal Emulator, Ad Blocker, Rebooter, V6 Supercharger, Autokiller, Font...
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    Thread [Q] [REQ] Can someone PLEASE make a dialer that looks like this??

    I saw this dialer on a hacked iphone website. i WANT THIS NOW as my dialer but I don't have the tools or skills to make it happen. Can anyone else? I think i might take a crack at it later this week. it would be a very simplified version tho. doubtful that id be able to make any effects...
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    Thread Custom Red/Black Go SMS Pro Theme

    Been wanting this for a while but none came out so I made my own. Came out pretty good I think. All red/black. Even the textbox where u type text messages is blacked out and the letters are white. Just customize further yourself to make it even MORE red and black and it'll look sick. Here it...
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    Thread [Q] Can we implement some Epic 4g Touch files into a GB Rom?

    I would like to test out some of the system apps from the Epic 4g Touch i found here - - on a GB Epic Rom, but not sure if they will work. Can I just push them into the system/app folder?
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    Thread Very cool idea for a MOD for the Epic

    I've had this idea for a while but forgot about it at some point. OK, one of my favorite things about computer keyboards is the ability to easily cut, copy, and paste using keyboard shortcuts - ctrl+x, c, and v. Can we do this with the Epic keyboard somehow? Using the Fn button + x, c, and...
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    Thread [UPDATED] V6 Supercharger NEW UPDATE!!! (beta, but not really)

    Just in case you weren't aware, zeppelinrox recently pushed out update9 for his inSANE Supercharger script. It adds a few cool new features, 1 being the Nitro Lag Nullifier, which many claim increases their phone speeds even MORE than the fixes in Update8. I just tried it a little while ago...
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    Thread [APP] AWESOME App for Wifi Tethering - Open Garden Wifi Tethering

    i tested out all the wifi tethering apps and this one was by FAR the best. Fastest speeds. Easily allows 4g tethering. compared to barnacle, wifi tether, and wireless tether, and its Noticeably faster. I only tried it cuz I couldn't get the sprint hotspot hack on my ROM. So if you're in this...
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    Thread [Q] Journaling Data-Only for Gingerbread EH06

    I know someone created the journalingon and journalingoff flashable zips, and both kinds are included with several gingerbread ROMs. BUT, on EC05, someone created a journaling-dataonly (that doesn't journal system or sd i guess) that was great. less battery use and never had a problem using...
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    Thread [REQ] Can someone completely black out the new Go SMS Pro?

    For some reason no one has ever themed Go SMS. I think its the best sms app out there personally. It would be truly awesome if someone could black out everything except text, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people would use it to go with their themes. Come on themers!!! Be the first!
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    Thread [REQ] Port old Swype themes to new Swype Beta 3.0 PLEASE

    Swype Beta 3.0 is awesome. Definite improvement in accuracy and no more box pop-up with new words, so it's MUCH more sensible and easier. I was just hoping someone could bring over some of the MetaMorph-able Swype themes to the new Swype Beta as the stock Swype Beta theme is AWFUL. Here's the...