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  1. themichael

    Thread Change audio sample rate to 44.1 khz?

    I am trying to play flac files (16 bit, 44.1 khz) on neutron audio player with bit perfect playback but the Note 3 automatically resamples to 48 khz. Is their any settings I can mod to make the phone sample to 44.1 khz like some older phones do (ie. Galaxy Nexus).
  2. themichael

    Thread T-mobile Note 3 update June 19th - Baseband NF1

    Official Changelog toastido created a thread with a download link to the new firmware as well as parts of the ROM broken out for individual flashing (boatloader, modem, etc). Take a look at his thread here.
  3. themichael

    Thread hdmi color correction setting?

    Has anyone fiddled with this setting? I am not sure what exactly the difference is. Edit: I figured it out by reaching out to Nvidia directly. sRGB calls for 16-235 color range while native uses the full 0-255.
  4. themichael

    Thread Bootloop fix - EFS filesystem corruption (Mods please sticky)

    Myself and many other people in the note 3 forums have encountered a boot looping issue and the solution has not been documented on the T-Mobile forums. It seems to be a problem with the EFS filesystem getting corrupted for various reasons (kernel flash, twrp restore, etc). Below is a link to...
  5. themichael

    Thread Blurry pictures - camera focus issue

    About a week ago my camera (running CM 10.1) started to have issues focusing. I tried changing camera settings and used different camera apps but the results were same. When a factory reset didn't work I tried a stock Samsung ROM and to my surprise the issue persisted. I never had this problem...
  6. themichael

    Thread MJ9 modems/wifi drivers with CM 10.1?

    I use the stable release of CM 10.1 (android 4.2.2) on my phone. Can I flash the new MJ9 modem/wifi fix or will that cause issues?
  7. themichael

    Thread [Solved] Help - Endless Bootlooping

    Was running stock ROM rooted and everything was fine until I restarted the phone today. Started to boot loop and hasn't stopped. I've tried restoring backups, installing a ROM fresh and nothing works, just endless boot loops. What else can I do? Edit: Did the second option in the link below...
  8. themichael

    Thread Issue with internal storage

    I'm having an issue with the internal storage on my phone. I can see the storage with a file explorer but I can't save/move any file to the internal storage. Its really becoming an issue when I can't download files from my browser or Gmail because they cant use the storage for whatever reason...
  9. themichael

    Thread frandom module? EOS nightly 155

    Does anyone have a working frandom module for eos nightly 155 (last 4.1.2 build) they could share?
  10. themichael

    Thread how do I remove crt off animations?

    Trying to figure out a way to disable crt off animations. Already have animations off in developer options but the animations are still there. Running jellybutter 8.5, any thoughts? Edit: figured it out:
  11. themichael

    Thread (Solved) wifi broken after build 59 update

    Flashed the new build 59 today and my WiFi broke. It stays on "WiFi is turning on" but never actually does. I would prefer not to do a factory reset and I have already tried to delete the dhcp and WiFi folders in data/misc. Any thoughts? Update: flashed the system.IMG file through adb and it...
  12. themichael

    Thread Developer support?

    Seems that the device has been out for a few weeks right now and while its awesome that their is an unlock and root for the device, it doesn't seem like there is much development going on. Would love to have some kernels push the Tegra 4 even further, does anyone know of any devs planning to...
  13. themichael

    Thread Bypass security policy restrictions on Email apk

    I have been trying to follow the steps for removing the security restrictions of the email apk from the below link but have had a hard time getting it to work. Has anyone tried this mod successfully? Can anyone provide a flash able zip with the modded apks...
  14. themichael

    Thread USB drivers not recognizing device

    Hello, I am having a problem getting my PC to connect successfully to my xoom. I installed the latest drivers from moto's site and boot into recovery but can't seem to get it working. my issue is, i went to flash a new rom, didnt verify the m5d # and didnt make a backup and the flash soft...
  15. themichael

    Thread Your Perseus Color Tweak Settings

    Hi guys, has anyone fooled around with the new color tweaks avaliable in perseus 32.1? I'm currently running my phone in movie mode which gives it much more realistic color saturation but I'd be open to some further tweaks.
  16. themichael

    Thread [Q]can you install kernels made for other carriers on verizon roms?

    If so, what is different with the install process if any.
  17. themichael

    Thread Anyone try the new LagFix app?

    Has anyone tried the new LagFix apk? It has great reviews and it seems like the developer really did his research. Anyone try this on the note? If so, what rom setup and what are your results?
  18. themichael

    Thread Hdmi out apk?

    Hey guys. I have been having tons of trouble getting hdmi out to work on eos builds. Could anyone tell me which apk controls this function? Thanks!
  19. themichael

    Thread STweaks read-ahead cache

    Hey guys, what are you runnign your read-ahead kb for both internal and external? i have a class 4 sd card and i believe the best read ahead is about 2048 kb but im not so sure whats best for the internal Note II memory. any thoughts?
  20. themichael

    Thread beans vs cleanrom

    I have been running cleanrom 3.5 for a few weeks and have been very happy. Tonight I'm either going to flash beans 5 or cleanrom 4. Any advice as to what's more stable and smooth? I think the features are pretty similar aside from the aosp theme of beans.
  21. themichael

    Thread smootheststable cdma rom

    Hey guys, my friend has an evo 3d and he is having trouble with crashes etc on stock. He asked if I could root his phone for him. Could you throw out some suggestions for the smoothest most reliable cdma rom for this phone. Keep in mind, after I flash the phone he will probably never update the...