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    Post $$ BOUNTY $$ thread for LG-H870DS unlocked bootloader and root

    I know some methods but don't know if it will work as I don't have the device
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    Post $$ BOUNTY $$ thread for LG-H870DS unlocked bootloader and root

    Sorry.I can't promise.I am still a learner.If I fail then that would be stupid.I know how to create a root for a device but no knowledge on how to hack the bootloader to unlock.Will have to learn it.Rooting is not hard BTW its simple and easy you just need to have the right tools but the problem...
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    Post $$ BOUNTY $$ thread for LG-H870DS unlocked bootloader and root

    I will try to unlock the device.IF I have it in my hands.Fingers crossed promise.
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    Post [SOURCES] [DevXchange] Android Sources Highly Compressed & Developer Exchange

    Tried with new roms still the same problem.Git status shows uncommited changes.To which should I commit.
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    Post [SOURCES] [DevXchange] Android Sources Highly Compressed & Developer Exchange

    I am getting this error when I repo sync.
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    Post [SOURCES] [DevXchange] Android Sources Highly Compressed & Developer Exchange

    Anyone here to help me get a source from torrent ANy source that is Nougat. Electricity is not stable here
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    Thread Flashing SM-J200H rom on SM-J200G.

    Can I flash SM-J200H rom on SM-J200G. If so will there be any LTE problems?
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    Thread Request for change of hosting.

    Most the ROM and kernel hosts are on DevHost.DevHost shows the file is not found.if possible can someone please provide the donwloadable links for the roms and kernels.
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    Post Nokia 6 UI/Skin

    First Ever reply on Nokia thread on The ui is good no prob with me.
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    Post [RECOVERY][TWRP][WT88047] Recovery built completely from source

    I tried your method to flash stock recovery and when boot command is pressed it says.. booting... FAILED (remote: dtb not found)
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    Post [RECOVERY][TWRP][WT88047] Recovery built completely from source

    Thanks for the work,sir.I flashed the image using Flashify as ADB wasn't working.Now I am unable to boot device.when you on the device it boots into dosesn't boot into System.please help
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    Post [ROM][Nokia X/XL] NX-LolliOS: PitchBlack by BurnMode [4.1.2 based on AOSP]

    thanks man for suggestion.but drivers aren't getting installed.I tried all says it cannot find drivers,even if I manually browsed to the folder.and yes the signature verification is turned off by going to recovery.can you help,please.I even installed them through the software by...
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    Post Crdroid 4.4.4 for nokia X,X+

    see my friend.thanks for helping us overcome our mobile means a lot for me.but I am sorry but the OP would be great if you made it with details.A good OP can gain you users.a throw like that without details,bugs,working list,it feels bad.please take a half an hour time andake the OP a...
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    Thread Cant install stock.

    So one day all of a sudden my device rebooted itself and started going into the download mode. no recovery nor booting only goes into download mode. so I decided to install stock through methods provided by friends here. but shows this error(click the link below) please help this is my main...
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    Post [ROM][UBER][5.1.1_r8][Msim]AOSP+RRO/LAYERS for Moto E

    thanks...friend.......this will be first rom on moto e...
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    Post [Condor] 5.1 official OTA captured

    thanks dude... thanks...but I am not rooted....followed the guide how to manual update moto e to lollipop....5.0.2......and I am not rooted....and also can we set custom ringtone....instead of that call name......
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    Post [Condor] 5.1 official OTA captured

    Good day........ is anyone facing problem with apps taking most of internal memory on lollipop....just installed some apps and facebook,candy crush and subway sur........just 200 mb free....and any solution? please help
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    Post [ROM][UBER][5.1.1_r8][Msim]AOSP+RRO/LAYERS for Moto E

    can anyone tell me bug list...please.......
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    Post X marks the spot! | Hyperion-X Gold Master

    you migth havenot moubted system or data.
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    Post [Q] Is building lollipop rom from source for nokia x possible? here is the answer... Yes,its possible and therefore some difficulties..the main problem is Nokia hasnot released the sources of the device or atleast the kernel,why we need those sources...good question.because these contain all the things related to the mobile OS or simply...
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    Post [ROM] ChobitsDigitalis ROM Unified Thread

    thanks.....for your kindness....I have already used the was goid and rock solid......
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    Post X marks the spot! | Hyperion-X Gold Master

    same here.....thanks....I am not the only one here... ---------- Post added at 04:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:10 AM ---------- status bar is good for me.....and those are random shutdowns. battery is problem battery backup.others are true:)
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    Post X marks the spot! | Hyperion-X Gold Master

    its confugs are in hyper x settings>interface(>interface settings)>statusbar...... change one thing at a time and see what gets changed.........but yes.....its hard to find what to change.....
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    Post X marks the spot! | Hyperion-X Gold Master

    have you tried the cyanomobile rom.....try it......:) status bar can be changed in many just have to figure out which config Is best for you....:)
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    Post X marks the spot! | Hyperion-X Gold Master

    ahh....I thouth the rom was kernel drains battery too much....I hope this rom has all the customization of cyanomobile.....
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    Thread Help

    I wanf to learn web development.....I searched on web there are variety of languages ...can anyone help me what languages I need to start...and languages to improve and also languages to master.....web development....
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    Post I need a bicycle

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    Post [ROM][NOKIA X/XL][OTA] Lewa OS 5.1 (04-08-2015)

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    Thread Why m9

    The upcoming flagahip M9 is already shaking the mobile world....and everyone is going for a M9.people buying m9 or love M9 ,what part of M9 is dragging you to buy a M9.share it with us.... Mines the 3gb ram and ofcourse sense7
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    Post [ROM] 20/07 | ViperOneM8 6.1.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ ALL Carriers

    I am new here.......can anyone tell me why the rom package is 1.5gb......?
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    Post [ROM][5.0.2] Paranoid Android [UNOFFICIAL] [condor]

    first one!:D awesome...finally some paranio for moto e...great to see this here
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    Thread Jolla sailfish

    not worth....
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11/04/2014] CyanMobile eXperience 2.3.8 (STABLE Build 2)

    great rom of all the time for galaxy Y.its the most customizable rom on android....only problem is the layouts and needs to be updated like jellybrean or any...I promise whatever rom I go I will surely comeback to this has so much customization...that cant even remember where...
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    Post [CM][i705][VZW-LTE] CM12.1 Unofficial

    Great...!!!...I see a bit lonely here....whatever..great work sir.
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    Post [ROM] Hyperion 9 GM Final Build Final Rev + Update-01

    official byperion page on facebook....just type.... hyperion fb.....on google
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    Post [ROM] Hyperion 9 GM Final Build Final Rev + Update-01

    Yes....98percent of the rom is complete..things remaining are bott animation and sound...the bueaty is beyond will be relesing by end of next month....and hyperion 10 is now Hyperion X(hyperX)
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    Post Nokia X/XL Development Discussion Thread

    wierd!!! seems a bit lonely here.
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    Post [ROM] Hyperion 9 GM Final Build Final Rev + Update-01

    hey hyper x is rebased to cyanomobile...the most customizable rom on earth combined with most bueatiful rom on hyper-x ...the last hyperion will be in our hearts forever....
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    Post Discussion Thread for CyanogenMod 11/12 (Android 4.4.x KitKat & 5.0.x Lollipop)

    does this mean...that cm11 is stopped and cm12has started....the dev said 'forget about cm12'