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  1. 1nv1n

    Thread Calls Going Straight to Voicemail?

    Has anyone run into this issue of calls (sometimes, not every call) going straight to voicemail? I have had Do Not Disturb mode turned off, the phone was on vibrate alert. Network connection showed all bars, so full (or at least, good) connectivity. I've noticed this for about a couple of weeks...
  2. 1nv1n

    Thread Google Play Taking Too Long to Download

    Whenever I try to download an App, the download bar just becomes an indeterminate type & keeps moving; but there's no progress.. After an eternity (never actually measured, I think an hour or so) or so, the App starts getting downloaded & I can see the actual progress bar with the number of...
  3. 1nv1n

    Thread Notification Bar Customization?

    Has anyone been able to figure out a way to customize the notification bar? I'm looking to get rid of the battery bar since I'm using AccuBattery & would prefer to use its battery indicator. Would also be nice to get the network speeds on the bar. As well as having a seconds indicator on the clock.
  4. 1nv1n

    Thread How do you guys keep your screen clean?

    My screen's always getting smudges & a microfiber cloth isn't able to get some of the marks out anymore. How does everyone else keep their phone's screen looking like new?
  5. 1nv1n

    Thread [Q] Is there a way to monitor/poll the fingerprint sensor like other sensors?

    I wanted to know if I can 'listen' to the fingerprint sensor when the phone's on. Kind of how the Nexus Imprint listens to the sensor when the phone is locked.
  6. 1nv1n

    Thread Skin vs Case vs Both vs None

    Just wondering what the majority is thinking of going with (or already has) for their 6P, be it a back-only or full frame skin, a case, both or nothing.
  7. 1nv1n

    Thread Marshmallow on the Note II

    Anyone know if this is likely to happen or if it is already happening for the Verizon variant of the Note II? Would be cool get on 6.0
  8. 1nv1n

    Thread [Q] XDA Forums Font

    So I was wondering what font does this forum use? A quick search did not yield the result I'm looking for. Basically, what font is used throughout the site? It's rather good.
  9. 1nv1n

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Find Similar Movies

    App: Find Similar Movies Google Play Store Link: So this is a relatively basic App compared to the ones I see posted here. It's also my first App, & there's a few UI updates planned. Short Description: A basic App...
  10. 1nv1n

    Thread [Discussion] What do you guys think about water-cooled phones?

    So I recently got into water-cooling for my desktop & was wondering if any such attempt had been made for phones yet. I know there are tons of cool liquid cooled devices out there including some guy who used it on his Raspberry Pi ! A quick Google search came up with NEC as potentially eyeing...