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  1. thatsupnow

    Thread January OTA update

    Hey guys like the title says this months update is ready. I'm wondering if I can do the restore stock boot img thru magisk even tho I'm using MVK kernel?? Will it send me into boot loop?? ** No bootloop everything worked out just fine ** Just a note tho, if you've rooted by patching the boot...
  2. thatsupnow

    Thread magisk safetynet fail

    Are any of you guys having safety net fail on latest update?? I'm on Dec update and latest canary 20.2, I've tried everything in the magisk thread and watched a bunch of videos using different modules etc etc but I still can't get it to pass. Any ideas would be great thanks!!?
  3. thatsupnow

    Thread USB device unrecognised??

    Hey guys anybody here been having an issue with the Android pie update where the phone isn't recognise by a computer?? Sm-g950w on a Windows 10 machine. It does nothing but charge and yes I've got the USB settings as file transfer in developer settings. Worked just fine before the update
  4. thatsupnow

    Thread real root might be a thing??

    Seen this over at the s8+ forums. Hopefully the devs here could make use of it one day
  5. thatsupnow

    Thread Sm-G950W update AQI3

    Just got an update today on my Bell s8 was 330 Mb. Was a security update and it also patched up that blue borne crap.
  6. thatsupnow

    Thread GO keyboard is spying on you!!!

    This is an interesting little tidbit Security researchers warn that GO Keyboard is spying on millions of Android users
  7. thatsupnow

    Thread Firmware Mobi

    Anybody use this chainfire tool yet? It lets you create a root package and configure it the way you want. Plus able to download the firmware for your device. Go check it out guys. I've just been getting errors trying to download but being as it's so new everything might not be up yet. Here's...
  8. thatsupnow

    Thread OG YouTube (non root)

    Hey guys came across this site today with an updated OG YouTube. Works on non rooted devices such as my G950W. Everything you need to get it running is there. Have fun!
  9. thatsupnow

    Thread vision cloud agent keeps stopping??

    Hey guys just like the title says anybody know why they vision cloud agent keeps stopping?? I'm running a SM-G950W. I'm not rooted and have Jack **** disabled and this just started up tonite when using the stock gallery. I've tried clearing app data/cache and force stopping but that does...
  10. thatsupnow

    Thread Any working root method for SM-G950W??

    Exactly what the title says. The other threads I've found were a 2-3 months old figured why not ask again?? SO is there any working root method for this variant?? I tried cf auto root and it doesn't work at all just fails. Any input would be appreciated thanks guys
  11. thatsupnow

    Thread Telus nougat update OTA (Canada)

    Hey guys I read that telus was releasing any ota of android 7 today. Did anybody get it yet?? Or is it pushed back??
  12. thatsupnow

    Thread Activate GPS remotely

    I found it!! As crazy as it is
  13. thatsupnow

    Thread Menu button instead of rescents??

    Hey guys anybody know if there is an xposed module or a way to remap the rescents button to menu button???
  14. thatsupnow

    Thread 3xx Adreno GPU drivers for 4.4.4 - flashable zip

    Hey guys found this on the t-mobile forum and thought I'd post this here
  15. thatsupnow

    Thread Holley HP efi

    Hey there guys I am here today to call on a dev to make an app for the holley software here: It uses a laptop connection but Id love it if I could use this with my phone mainly cause its way smaller and compact...
  16. thatsupnow

    Thread Newest Canadian modem

    Here is the newest modem for Canadian carriers ANF4. :good::good:
  17. thatsupnow

    Thread Lets get Dsixda android kitchen working

    Hey guys what's happening? We should try and get this kitchen working for our device. It was super popular on the sgs3 so I don't see why it wouldn't be a hit with the sgs4. Here is a link to the t-mobile version: I'm sure it wouldn't...
  18. thatsupnow

    Thread Anybody else feel like they have a dead phone?

    Just like the title says guys, does anybody else feel like this thing in my hand died a long time ago? And to have a physical controller built in isn't enough to keep me on board maybe for alot of the simple minded folks out there but this xplay literally died once something better came my way...
  19. thatsupnow

    Thread Screen waking intermittently? Since jellybean

    Hey guys I got a quick question, my gf phone was just updated to jb its bone stock she got it for Christmas. She's been noticing ever since that the screen turns on intermittently throughout the day/ night. I'm wondering if anybody else has run into this same issue? What did you try to fix it if...
  20. thatsupnow

    Thread Hands on samsung galaxy s4 (mock up)

    Hey guys check this unit out looks pretty cool Sent from my SGH-I747M using xda premium
  21. thatsupnow

    Thread Android kitchen

    Hey guys this is just kind of a heads up letting you know that dsixda's android kitchen works for our i747m! I was the first to confirm it for our model. I found the thread over in the t-mobile android section Sent from my SGH-I747M using xda premium
  22. thatsupnow

    Thread Anybody else run into this problem?? (Play store)

    Hey guys has any of you run into this problem with the google play store?? This is actually the first time I've ever run into this problem I've cleared all cache, rebooted, done whatever I can think of but still gives me the "error processing purchase" even tho it is a free app! I got a picture...
  23. thatsupnow

    Thread Goodbye guys!

    Well its about that time now to say goodbye and have fun! I've moved on to a sgs3 i747 I still got my play but I barely ever use the thing its just too slow and after playing with this new beauty I can't even be bothered to pick it up! But anyway its been a good ride and thanks to all the devs...
  24. thatsupnow

    Thread How can I use NTFS file system?

    Hey guys I know that dooms kernel supports this file system but how can I actually use it? I've tried formatting a card with it but when I Boot up it says sd card unavailable. Do I need to have it as another partition? Along with the fat32 partition? When I popped my 16 gb card(NTFS format)...
  25. thatsupnow

    Thread {For All Xperia} Online Nandroid Backup / Nandroid Backup without re-booting

    Hey there guys I came across this useful tool today when I was poking around the ARC section it lets you make a nandroid without having to boot into recovery. This isnt my work Im simply passing it on so I hope he doesnt care too much about me posting this here. ***ALL crdeit goes to...
  26. thatsupnow

    Thread Can ICS camera be ported to 2.3.4?

    So is this possible to do? I only ask cause right now I've tried all the ICS roms and they all to laggy for me. But I did like the camera cause it had a really smooth panorama shot setting. Sent from my R800a using XDA App
  27. thatsupnow

    Thread UK Generic 2.3.2

    Hey all I know this is pretty old and outdated but I got a bunch of PM's for this and I havent seen it anywhere in these forums so here it is. Everything works as it should. Have fun!:D
  28. thatsupnow

    Thread S-off?

    Is it even possible with these phones? Sent from my R800i using XDA App
  29. thatsupnow

    Thread Can anybody help me out with this???

    Hey guys can anybody help me to get this script working with the stock rom? I was using it on the cm7 roms with great success but I cant stand using those roms cause they arent fully functional. Its a really great script and would love...
  30. thatsupnow

    Thread [Firmware] Rogers Branded 2.3.4, 4.0.2.A.0.42

    Here you go guys Rogers Banded 2.3.4 ready for download. Everything works as it should I flashed it myself before uploading. Have fun :D Here is new link since megaupload guys were all arrested!
  31. thatsupnow

    Thread Recovery for locked bootloaders!!!!!

    Hey guys whats happening I came across this in my daily rummaging and will probably help out alot of people here with locked bootloaders. I take no creds for any of this exciting work ALL creds go these guys: nobodyAtall, puppet13th, draco_ag for his effordless testing and debugging koushd for...
  32. thatsupnow

    Thread Anyone been testing different basebands?

    Hey guys just curious now that we have a flashtool to flash only basebands have any of you been testing different builds/ basebands out for improved signal/ battery life? I started doing a little testing last week but haven't gone too nuts yet I started with the .42 build stock(now .42...
  33. thatsupnow

    Thread Internal storage issues??? Check this out!!

    hey guys I was doing a little searching around and was reading a thread in the ARC section which eventually lead me to this thread Now check out this beefy internal storage:D:D:D Thats 3.5 gigabytes!!!
  34. thatsupnow

    Thread Flashtool help

    Hey guys I just been trying out the new Flashtool and from what it says on the Flashtool homepage that all 2011 xperia phones are recognized but when you check in the devices folder there is no r800. Why is that? I tried to use the root button on it a menu popped up asking for device the r800...
  35. thatsupnow

    Thread [Firmware] N.A Generic 2.3.4, 4.0.2.A.0.42

    Here you go guys north amaerica generic 2.3.4 ready to download everything works as it should I flashed it myself before uploading. Enjoy :D New link since megaupload is no more!
  36. thatsupnow

    Thread what if steve jobs is right? ha ha I think not

    hey guys I came across this article on msn give it a read and leave your comments. ANDROID RULES!!!! :D:D Typical Apple bulls**t!!! By Tony Bradley What If Steve Jobs Is Right? Apple has been engaged in heated legal battles around the world claiming that Android smartphones and tablets...
  37. thatsupnow

    Thread [ROM] North America Generic R800a 4.0.A.2.368

    Here it is guys north america generic official firmware 4.0.A.2.368 ready to download. It works as it should I flashed it to my phone first before uploading. It almost seems like my signal strength is much better and more consistant than I had with the R800i FW, just an observation tho have fun...
  38. thatsupnow

    Thread Brand new market!

    hey guys i googled/downloaded this today the new market with movies, Books, and TV plus it kinda themed like WP7:D to install: use root explorer delete in /data/app folder copy this to /data/app with permissions rw-r--r-- click on it and...
  39. thatsupnow

    Thread Bluetooth tethering???

    Okay so I use my PS3 controller in my PC but the other day I broke my usb dongle(I stepped on it) I'm wondering if it is possible to use the bluetooth on my phone and tether it to my PC and hook up my controller? The program I use on PC us motion Joy Sent from my R800i using XDA App
  40. thatsupnow

    Thread [THEME] xplay theme (out of the ordinary!) Update for .368!

    Well here you go guys try this out if you want or dont its your choice **UPDATED FOR .368** Flashable clockworkmod .zip *Requires rooted 2.3.3 (.145)* *Added transparent se home dock* screen off animation & reboot in power menu (thanks AdamTt for files) transparent status bar modded battery...
  41. thatsupnow

    Thread Panorama

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you have tried the Panorama app? I've got it running on my phone bu it doesn't save pictures it would be cool to get it working, could it be that I'm using the xplay camera mod? Maybe it only works with stock camera? Sent from my R800i using XDA App
  42. thatsupnow

    Thread Netflix app

    hey guys did a search in this forum and didnt see anything on it but..... if you download the netflix app it works absolutely perfect its a very nice app and if your in a jam a major time burner!!!:D:):D sorry for no link but you can easily grab it from the xplay theme section-try it out you...
  43. thatsupnow

    Thread Boot animation

    Hey guys I was wondering if it was at all possible to just copy over the stock boot animation with one of the many ones I got for my x10? Sent from my R800i using XDA App
  44. thatsupnow

    Thread Problem with crash bandicoot

    hey guys i was wondering if anybody else has had a problem with crash bandicoot? the problem i have is when i reboot the phone and go to play crash again it gets stuck at this updating screen and doesnt seem to wanna do anything past that, unless i should just leave it for awhile and maybe it...
  45. thatsupnow

    Thread [Q] can debranding be done?

    hey guys any ideas as to how we could debrand our phones? I would like to get it as far away from rogers as possible:)
  46. thatsupnow

    Thread [Q] Where could iy be???????????????????????????

    im looking for the android market .zip and cannot find the damn thing for the life of me, all im looking for is the market NOT any of the other stupid useless apps that are in the freex10 gapps package i just uninstall them i have no use for that crap
  47. thatsupnow

    Thread [q] james bond theme

    Hey guys i was wondering if any of you tech savvy bros could do up a sweet james bond theme that will work with the freex10 beta 4. Might as well the guy uses a sony ericsson in the movie and his setup looked pretty sweet!!!
  48. thatsupnow

    Thread icon pack for 2.2 free x10 beta 3

    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone knew where to get and if there was an icon pack that will work with the free x10 beta3?