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    Post [ROM]-[Official] Havoc-OS v2.9 [9.0] [09-09-19]

    Currently on Lineage 17.1 and calls working fine.
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    Post [ROM][OREO] Pixel Experience [AOSP][Android 8.1-9.x]

    Most stable AOSP Pie for mi6. Just updated this morning to PixelExperience_sagit-9.0-20190206.
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    Post [ROM][OREO] Pixel Experience [AOSP][Android 8.1-9.x]

    Yes, working now on unofficial 11.04. Tested on whatsapp & fb calls
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    Post [OFFICIAL][8.1.0] LineageOS 15.1 for sagit

    Which firmware are you using? For me v9.. only finds 2.4ghz while v8.. Finds both and works perfectly.
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    Post [APP][CAMERA-MOD][7.1.X] Collection camera Modded [NEWS][10/19]

    Thanks for bringing this mod to us. All working here except slow-motion which causes app to crash. Xiaomi mi6 on LAOS 15.1 Cheers
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    Post [ROM][OREO] crDroid v4.0 beta [Android 8.1]

    Bluetooth audio now works for me. But battery drain is too much for me. For now, I have to forfeit bluetooth and go back to 14.02 for battery sake
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    Post [ROM][OREO] crDroid v4.0 beta [Android 8.1]

    Try disabling NFC, I removed it completely from system since I never use it and battery has been great after that.
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    Post [m7] Unofficial CyanogenMod 13 / Official CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightlies

    Installed nightly 2 days ago and experienced the rebooting issue. So I uninstalled from system and installed Z camera from xperia Z as normal app. All works well even with flash enabled.
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    Post [Discussion] HTC One - Updates

    Agreed. Coming from Galaxy HTC-One am so used to menu button position. Currently, using kernel with logo2menu config, damn so used to it already.
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    Post One X - Change Language/Region?

    worked on my HTC-One from Ireland, using it in Finland. Was able to switch to Finnish since i didn't want to use a side-loaded app while there's means within the rom, abit handy for me. Thanks for the tip, though 'Customization Setting Provider' is not listed as above, but i found it using...
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    Post Join The Galaxy S3 Group on Facebook

    Sent a join request? Gibu
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    ISSUES : As, most of the guys may know that CRT-OFF EFFECTS don't work on latest LK4 KERNEL or SIYAH 1.8 with LK4 ROM. :eek: So, for proper working of CRT-OFF EFFECTS flash old J5 kernel else DOWNGRADE to SIYAH 1.7 :mad...
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    Post [MOD][JB]Multi DPI stock apps for Samsung Roms[updated 10/1/13]

    what is the name of your weather widget in OP? am liking it, thanx.
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    Post Porting XPERIA Launcher and apps

    Supa. Installing now...Good job m8
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    Post How to access my Google account notes

    i use the same(Evernote) + SemcNotes.apk syncing with google account. Works a charm, u should try it.
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    Post Porting XPERIA Launcher and apps

    Watching this space & hope the porting works (esp Email,SMS etc). Album works fine here with lib( included. Have been using Home,HomeAdd & WidgetPicker since day 1 instead of TW, only issue is resizing widgets. SemcNotes working perfect paired with Evernote for gmail backup...
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    Post [ROM][CWM][ICS 4.0.4][29/08][XWLPU][OTA] Light by TugaPower TEAM 1.3

    I guess its because with siyah kernel; there's no video on YOUTUBE on for a moment as u switch from landscape to portrait and vice versa. Plus CAMERA fault. With LQ5,only issue seems to be WIPE on recovery.
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    Post I9100XXKP2 Ice Cream Sandwich + Download Link + Second Leak

    Totally agreed, those whining should wait for update from kies :).On a different note i seem to have same 'About' info as u on my gt-i9100.. base:xxkp1 with CheckROM RevoHD V4