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  1. ambichetan

    Thread [Q] Google apps scrolling stutters!

    I am noticing that the scrolling in almost all google apps such as play store, google+, Playstand etc stutters a lot, except new photo app on galaxy s6. But the third party apps are running perfect. Any suggestions?
  2. ambichetan

    Thread I returned it :(

    Well, I loved it initially ! Many sleepless nights and I was craving to have one for almost a month. I understand the need to bring in better camera, better hardware, bigger screen and other better specs we all were craving for. Also, many people are crazy about it! But, after using it for 2...
  3. ambichetan

    Thread Ultra thin case ?

    Hey guys, Please suggest any ultra thin case for nexus 6. I can't afford to put a thick case, as the phone itself is huge. Thanks