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    Thread Touch Lag on all oreo roms

    I have this weird touch lagging issues especially when multi touching is done on the screen. It wont stabilized and keep moving all around the screen this is persistent on all oreo roms i tried. I am on RR nougat for now but I really like oreo roms. This issue doesnt persist on my other redmi...
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    Thread [Question]Xposed for Miui 9.3 eu version

    Anyone managed to install xposed for our device? Ive tried the one from psyman, systemless xposed and the official one but not one of them booted. Any idea to make one of them work? Thanks
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    Thread my cpu throttling when gaming

    My device runs at 1.9ghz when im doing light tasks such as browsing facebook and web. But when i start gaming it bumps all 8cores down to 1.6ghz resulting to significant drop in performance. Is this the device's normal behavior or mine is no good? ps: Already clean flashed rom via ODIN. All...
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    Thread gaming performance

    Can someone tell me if this device really cant play mobile legends? I set everything to low even downloaded game tuner to lower texture the game still stutters. This didnt happen to my huawei p8 lite 2017 with same gpu but only 2 cores. Is the exynos chipset that bad? I guess I need to rid off...
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    Thread Download Mode cannot be accessed

    I can't access my download mode at all. Im on MIUI rom when i decided to switch to ED300 cm 12.1 then everything is ok. but then i tried to access download mode(vol up + power) but it just hangs at MIUI logo(dunno why but miui logo remains). I also tried going to download mode using terminal...
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    Thread [Help] I cant flash rom in odin

    Help guys i'm i a real pinch, im stuck on firmware upgrade error at startup and can only access download mode. so i thought i should flash stock firmware following the steps in a thread by someone but whenever i try to flash stock firmware via odin it gets stuck at Kernel part saying NAND...
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    Thread [Q][Help] Low battery cant download

    Can someone help me on this? i dont really know what to do now. my phone dont want to boot to download mode and recovery because it wont charge at all. It keeps saying battery low even i did charged it for a day. I've googled about this and the solution they found is to charge it to a different...
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    Thread [Q] cm11 Inconsistent system UID

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem. It always happen whenever i try to restore a backup of my themes in titanium backup. Thanks in advance