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  1. Newdelz420

    Post CX & MX Voltage Error, RFG_3: Error, CPU Unknown

    I am in the same boat as you... I put this HTC 10 in the drawer a year ago but recently had some bad phone luck and dropped my note9 ... Then my Nokia then my Huawei then my Lenovo and now just my Moto play .. so I'm back to my htc 10 and desperately need to fix this damn issue LMAO! I did miss...
  2. Newdelz420

    Post [ROOT][SamPWND][N960U][WIP-Combo Needed]

    No come on now lol! We need you brother .... you know you could make Qualcomm your b#*ch again lol! I just figured if anyone could crack this Samsuck it'd probably you and your peeps... And just curious (PM me if that's better) but the sabbatical (retirement)? Last I remember from HTC 10 y'all...
  3. Newdelz420

    Post [ROOT][SamPWND][N960U][WIP-Combo Needed]

    Hey just wondering but had anybody hit up jcase ? He is very familiar with Qualcomm and their methods as well as Samsuck ... Lol ... They figured out how to root the past HTC's and yes they charged for the bootloader unlock but it was well worth it as it didn't set off and security flags... But...
  4. Newdelz420

    Post [2017.10.08] Fastboot flashing and Firmware [Latest: Unlocked 2.51.617.21]

    I can't wait to see any of the Nokia's ... Speaking of an OG in the mobile phone world ... Lol.. And yes you are completely on point with your perception of where HTC is going or guess should say " isn't going" lol... Side rant-I want my [email protected]#& kickstand back and not on a case lol ... And I've...
  5. Newdelz420

    Post [RECOVERY][pme] TWRP touch recovery

    Post right before this is what I was meaning ... The stock Android Recovery doesn't allow touch actions ... meaning you have to use physical hard keys i.e; the power button, volume rockers ... just like way back in the good ol' days of pressing the volume down button 8 times just to get to the...
  6. Newdelz420

    Post [RECOVERY][pme] TWRP touch recovery

    Hey just a thought ... what about old school style twrp ... you know non-touchscreen version like back on the OG Supersonic lol ... wouldn't that be a workaround for the gui issue[emoji102] Sent from my HTC 10
  7. Newdelz420

    Post [ROM] LeeDrOiD 10 V5.3.3 - R9 - June 26th 2019 | Oreo | Fast | Stable | Shortcutter

    Yes please Sent from my HTC 10 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  8. Newdelz420

    Post DarkUI Themes by MauryDes

    New theme and your pure theme are beautiful! Would love a blue or like a University North Carolina color blue .... Would be greatly appreciated ! And many thanks for all your hard work and dedication ?? Sent from my HTC 10 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  9. Newdelz420

    Post [Video] How to get bootloader unlock code 10/2015 method

    It was doing the same thing as all mentioned in previous posts ..... I finally and by mere accident I didn't put the dash between the {MT2L03} instead of {MT2-L03} ..... code came up in less then a millisecond lol! Hope that helps someone ... Because I was just about done with it and Huawei ...
  10. Newdelz420

    Post [Q] keep getting the msg the process has stopped

    Yeah I have been using mikmik and the badseed team since ... whoo ... The OG Evo ... They always put out great work along with amazing eye appeal Sent from my HTCONE using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  11. Newdelz420

    Post [Q] keep getting the msg the process has stopped

    I decided to just switch ROM's ... I went back to badseed since they came out with sixth sense ... thing runs so smooth and I love the sense 6! Thanks for the suggestion though the only problem was it wouldnt not pop up long enough for me to access anything and when i did get there it would just...
  12. Newdelz420

    Thread [Q] keep getting the msg the process has stopped

    Im running Bad Boys ROM Sense 5.5 ... It had been running great for days ... Than yesterday after waking up from my nap my phone had died so when i booted it back up i started getting this damn msg and now i cant do anything on my phone cuz the msg pops up every other second ... I have wiped...
  13. Newdelz420

    Post Need rooting help

    ok ... so did u try to type in adb devices ? if so what does it tell you? And I wasn't meaning to be an ass but you should have read over the many threads on how to use ADB....
  14. Newdelz420

    Post Need rooting help

    U shouldn't i dont think you really need to root your phone if you can't even set up adb .... for one you are not even in the correct directory ... u have to cd C:/android/android-sdk/platform-tools then type adb devices