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    Thread [Q] Replacing the screen on a THL W7 series?

    Hi there, I hope it's ok to post in this subforum, but I'm having a bit of trouble replacing the screen on a THL W7S, an Android phone with a 5.7" screen released in the last year or so. THL are primarily sold in the Chinese market, I think, but I got this from a seller on Amazon UK. The...
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    Thread Anyone want a dead XDA?

    Hi there, My O2 XDA IIi has recently died, 2 months outside of warranty of course. Is it any use to anyone here? The screen was working, but has a couple of scratches, and the battery is good. It has been dropped a number of times, so the case isn't pretty, but these are all very minor cracks...
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    Thread Upgrading XDA IIi to 1.11.171 without a PeeCee??

    Hi there, I've downloaded the latest UK firmware for my XDA IIi from O2's website and it seems to come as a big old Windows executable. I use a Mac, so is there any way to install the upgrade onto the XDA IIi without using a PeeCee and ActiveSync, please? I do have a PeeCee here which I could...