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    Thread H850TR Strange App-Wifi Issues

    Hello everyone, I've been using this phone nearly for 2 years. Since last month, it has started to behave strangely. Twitter app usually won't load in wifi but it works in browser or mobile data. Whatsapp has the same issue since last week. I've tried hard reset too, but that didn't change...
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    Thread Could us make it possible?

    Is it possible to give out screen to lcd with one of otg's hubs? HTC Sensation cihazımdan Tapatalk 4 Beta ile gönderildi
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    Thread [Q] 768mb ram?

    why us use 560-580mb ram instead of 768mb? some people say the remaining used for gpu. is it true?
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    Thread a lot of errors

    I use stock rom of htc sensation xe and in last one or two weeks i get an update from htc "personalization" name of it and i installed it. then i use it without any problems for 4-5 days. and it started to give me errors. first that was like normal errors because you know sensation xe closes...