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  1. kewlsid05

    Thread [Q] Low I/O speeds/scores

    Our O1 gets pretty low I/O scores in quadrant. Is there a reason for that or just bad hardware? And is the I/O score dependent only on the internal memory ie the ROM. Or the SD card also plays a part? I saw an app which claims to increase SD speeds by increasing the cache size of the phone. Is...
  2. kewlsid05

    Thread [Q] [n00b] Network Standards

    Hi Our O1 is HSDPA 7.2 Mbps acroding to spec sheets but in the settings it shows either GSM or WCDMA. There is no HSDPA. Is HSDPA included in the GSM settings? I am getting very low speeds even when it says 3G in the notifications bar so was just wondering.
  3. kewlsid05

    Thread [REQ] Starter Guide for n00bs

    Hi all! I am a new user here. And though i have been poring over the whole LG P500 section, i as a newbie, have not been able to find any linear pattern for starters. It would be very helpful for newbies like me if ya all Devs can make a repository where one can find How-To's for modding...