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  1. kptnk

    Thread Back cover self cracked

    Hi So here I am, it just happened to me, the back cover of my Z2 self cracked ! I left it on a shelf, inside it's pouch (Adore June case), and when I took it a few minutes later, the back was all cracked. The phone didn't fell, nio shock at all, nothing. Temperature was ambiant, about 20°c...
  2. kptnk

    Thread Seems the Android Development Thread is gone and replaced by the LTE one ...????

    I know this isn't the right place, but it seems there's a problem.....:confused:
  3. kptnk

    Thread How to force Fastboot Mod ? Help, Recovery Bootloop

    Hi all, I have a huge issue here : i have cwm installed, i did a nand before flashing another rom ; i wiped correctly as usual (data, cache, dalvik) and when i rebooted system, i rebooted into recovery. Since i'm stuck in cwm, and i can't even power off the N7 or go to fastboot Mod ...
  4. kptnk

    Thread [APP / THEME] Inverted Jelly Bean Google Apps / Black & Blue

    Hi everybody, OP UPDATED : I just wanted to share these beautifull Inverted Black and Blue Apps. I'm only a messenger here, and had the kind authorisation and support of NCANDIANO to post these here for everybody. Please thank him, and most important, go show your love on ROMDROIDHACKS...
  5. kptnk

    Thread [Q] ICS Music app working on HC ?

    Hello everybody, as you know the ICS music app has leaked recently, and it works great on our phones, but seems to have a problem with Honeycomb. We keep having a fc while trying to play (excluding the shuffle all which seems to work....). Has someone got an idea on hiw to fix this problem...
  6. kptnk

    Thread 2.3.7 coming ?

    i was just wondering if there will be a 2.3.7 version coming ? Because i read somewhere that it would be for NS4g, so will it be relevant for our gsm version ?
  7. kptnk

    Thread [Q] Help ! Error message

    Hello everybody ! I have a huge problem here with my NS, I hope you could help me : I installed this CM7 Final 3 days ago, and everything was fine until I decided to do Nandroid backup. The backup went fine, but when the phone has reboot, I had immediatly this error message : "Sorry, the...