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    Thread Cannot hide Google Search bar

    Has anyone noticed recently that the Google Search bar is back if you've tried hiding it? Evidently one of the Google updates broke the fix that Xgels made to hide it. I've tried everything and cannot get it off my screens. Help! Any ideas? I've considered using another custom launcher but...
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    Thread Screencast jitters

    Using screencast I've noticed that it's not smooth. It's rather jumpy at times. Anyone else have this issue and and ideas how to fix it? It can lag pretty good. Worked fine on my Note 3
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    Thread How to back up Apps without root??

    Am using Tibu to back up apps now, but am going to 'attempt' to flash a new ROM that's rooted and just in case it doesn't go as planned and I lose root, I'd like to know if there's a app or whatever that allows a unrooted phone the same or near same options and ability to back up apps that Tibu...
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    Thread Verizon N3 audio jack/sound issue

    Got my N3 from Verizon Thursday and am already noticing some strange audio issues using audio jack out to my car stereo in. I'm using the Google Music app and also its EQ setting and the adapt sound settings in Samsung settings. I've noticed the sound goes up and down and sometimes just sounds...
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    Thread JB OTA update fails

    On my Razr Maxx and attempting to update to JB from stock ICS. Using the stock ICS update file, I attempted to boot into recovery, load update which was in the root on the SD ext card. It gets to 'checking system' and then pops up with 'assert failed: apply_patch_check ("system/bin/logwrapper"...
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    Thread Looking for CWM recovery

    I followed a search to here that included rooting ics and CWM recovery, both installable directly. Root was one click and the other was about the same. This was the link. I'd like to get that CWM...
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    Thread Media Share eating battery dead!

    Here's the story: running the stock ROM rooted. Batt has been fine until I loaded up my 32gb card with some movies AND decided to move my files in my DCIM folder to my internal DCIM folder to clear some room. The movies are on the external card. I did that and cleared the external DCIM of pics...
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    Thread Pull me off the ledge! May dump the Razr

    I'm really pissed at Moto for locking this bootloader while other manufs go ahead and unlock theirs. Seems we're screwed! I've got a couple days yet before I lose the ability to return this thing and am stuck with a very developer UNfriendly device for the next couple years. What to do? I'm not...
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    Thread Possible to connect Razr to TV mirrored wirelessly??

    I'm wondering if it's possible to connect my Razr wirelessly to my TV to mirror content from the phone to the TV?? It has HDMI out and that's the route I've been considering but it's a long range deal, needing a 25' cord for the routing which could be a problem with signal degradation. Is it...
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    Thread Razr has Androids 'suspend' bug that kills battery life

    I've been doing a lot of research on this and it appears that our Razr has a bug that has been plaguing alot of Android phone. The 'suspend' bug. I noticed my phone was using alot of battery just sitting overnight. Sometime I'd wake up and it would be dead, which didn't make any sense. So I dl'd...
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    Thread Forcing open the bootloader

    Is it even possible to force a locked encrypted bootloader open? Is anyone trying this? I'd hate to see such a great phone be so limited due to this locked bootloader bs,not to mention there are more and more being locked up tight. Gotta get this sucker opened up!!!:mad: