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  1. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread How To Guide September 18, 2023 TQ3A.230901.001 Global | .C1 T-Mobile | .C2 Verizon - Root Pixel 6 Pro [Raven]

    Pixel 6 Pro [Raven] Updated July 13, 2023 Note that multiple users in several threads have said that 34.0.4 did not work correctly for them. I recommend sticking with 33.0.3 (below): Google Pixel Update...
  2. V

    Thread Question Will the Verizon or AT&T 6 Pro models be unlocked?

    I've been buying unlocked phones for years and I can't remember the last time I bought from a carrier. But I can get a 6 Pro 256GB from one of those carriers for $500 through work so I'm thinking I might try. I guess the other thing I'd ask is if they've clarified if the Google-direct 6 Pro...
  3. LLStarks

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Enabling Vo5G/VoNR on T-Mobile (plus VoLTE, VoWiFI, video calling for everyone else?)

    .../> <boolean name="carrier_wfc_ims_available_bool" value="true" /> For VT carrier video calling (experimental, seems to set the toggle with my AT&T sim): <boolean name="carrier_vt_available_bool" value="true" /> Reboot. Enjoy. Experimental means experimental. Try at your own risk...
  4. X

    Thread Question Pixel 6 Pro AT&T

    Currently on a OnePlus Nord n10 5g (5g doesn't work on AT&T) I am ready for an upgrade and can grab the 512gb Pixel 6 Pro for 400$. I see that it has a lot of support for Roms, how ever I just wanted to ask a couple questions on that topic. Are all versions of the the Pixel unlock able and...
  5. d.cortez

    Thread Question Using an eSim without a physical Sim on AT&T

    Hi, I'm trying to use an eSim only (without inserting a physical sim) on my pixel 6 pro on AT&T, however I cannot get it to work. When I say not get it to work, I mean with eSim only there is no cell signal and no data signal. Physical sim works fine on both signal and cellular service. If...
  6. HiM@L

    Thread Question unlocked Pixel 6P with at&t

    anyone who bought Pixel 6P unlocked from Google store and using with at&t, are you getting 5G? my wife's iPhone 12 gets 5G but Pixel is only showing 5GE which is just LTE. there is no network selection options too.
  7. ben63vw

    Thread Question Unlock version from Google on AT&T in the states black with 256gb storage but need to know if anyone is using any unlocked version from Google (not carrier branded that had be unlocked) on AT&T network and getting volte with calls. My company pays for my work # and just gives me the SIM to use in my own phone since I don't want an...
  8. S

    Thread Question Does T-Mobile allow the bootloader to be unlocked on Pixels?

    I'm trying to decide between Factory Unlocked vs TM subsidized. In general, does TM allow the BL to be unlocked? I know in the past they allowed my OnePlus 7 to be unlocked.
  9. S

    Thread Question Not able to tether via Hotspot?

    I'm upgrading from an old Pixel to the 6 on Sprint (now T-Mobile. On my previous phone, rooted with Magisk I used: settings put global tether_dun_required=0 net.tethering.noprovisioning=true use the hotspot with no problems. Now, I still have the old grandfathered Sprint plan, but I'm on...
  10. R

    Thread Question Flashing Unlocked Firmware on AT&T version

    I have AT&T Pixel 6 Pro which is SIM unlocked and I have already unlocked the bootloader. Can I flash unlocked Pixel 6 pro firmware (factory image) on it instead of AT&T factory images?
  11. modular511

    Thread Question Any ways around AT&T refusing to let me OEM unlock till paid off?

    I understand that that's normal, last year there was a workaround so I just figured I'd ask to see if there was currently any similar options, as I'd love to check out some custom roms, Thanks for any info! :)
  12. P

    Thread Question how to unlock network (AT&T) of Pixel 6pro with android 13 using Terminal command?

    I tried to unlock google pixel 6Pro with network lock (AT&T) using terminal . but its give me "DELETE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR" and it couldn't be unlocked . Please can I get help on that?
  13. p51d007

    Thread Question any APN to increase at&t prepay upload speed?

    Guess the prepay is throttled...sometimes during the day, on speed test, the upload speed won't even register. Any APN settings etc that can get around that? Or should I just switch to post paid?
  14. U

    Thread Question anyone have issues with T-mobile data?

    Despite me having bars per Android, almost max, I am getting horrible internet/data connection. Can't even browse a website. I tried switching between 5g/LTE and makes no difference unfortunately. Anyone else?
  15. R

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Can the T-Mobile Pixel 6 Pro be rooted?

    I know the global variant is the GLUOG version. The U.S. version of the phone sold in U.S. retailers is the G8VOU version. My question is, is the G8VOU version that comes from T-Mobile able to be unlocked/rooted? Is there that stupid "40 day wait" rule, or is it able to be tinkered with as soon...
  16. modular511

    Thread Question Question regarding rooting at&t pixel 6 pro

    Is there any chance I could get them to unlock it? Wont be paid for awhile still. I assume no, but figured asking couldn't hurt! Also, is there perhaps any exploits for making the oem unlock under developer settings not greyed out? I again am assuming that is a no, but I have been wondering this...
  17. 94b20gsr

    Thread Question Will T-Mobile carry the new Pixels?

    Hoping they do, and there are decent trade-in values as well. This OnePlus 9Pro should cover a majority of a P6P 256gb model to make the transition easy. First time Pixel buyer trying to get off the OnePlus train after 4 models.
  18. H

    Thread Question AT&T bootloader & Carrier lock

    Well since I have found zero threads about AT&T bootloader unlock. Does anyone have any solution? Whenever I put in any other sim, it just says that unable to use any other sim apart from AT&T. So I just factory resetted my phone and blocked the device setup app from accessing the internet via...
  19. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread General Google Pixel 6 5G is about to get faster than ever on T-Mobile
  20. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread General XDA article: Google Pixel 6 now ready for T-Mobile’s 5G band aggregation
  21. TimDotThomas

    Thread Question Can't get incoming calls from different area codes. On AT&T

    I live in the DMV area so I get calls from multiple area codes. It seems like most calls I get from any area code other than my own goes straight to voicemail. I have co-workers who I've even added to my contacts who still can't get through. I have scoured over the settings and can not find a...
  22. nocomp

    Thread Question can t install app from playstore

    hi folks, dunno what wrong with it, impossible to install an app from playstore, always in waiting status... either i use 4g or wifi, sometimes it start and always stall at a third. did you guys face the same issue? i ve empty cache, same sh... #needhelp thxx for your time
  23. johninsf

    Thread Question San Francisco T-Mo connectivity issues

    Since purchasing the P6P last November, I have had chronic bad signal, 5G/4G bounce, and disconnects on T-Mobile. I am primarily in the Castro, upper Market and inner Richmond areas. Is anyone else in San Francisco having T-Mobile connectivity issues? I'm trying to determine if this is the...
  24. J

    Thread Question I hate T-Mobile

    I heard that on XDA someone would be able to make my phone carrier unlocked. Can someone please elaborate?
  25. O

    Thread Question Android Police article news about 5G on T-Mobile At the bottom of the short article it points to a second article about good Feature Drops... Hmm, that service is me and that's good ! Ya !