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  1. TexasLTE

    Thread Validus ROM - Looking for Maintainer

    :fingers-crossed: Hey Guys - the folks from Ground Zero ROMs-VALIDUS ROM would like to know if anyone is interested in maintaining a thread in our Sprint SGS3 Threads :fingers-crossed: They have a couple of threads on xda for other devices (such as AT&T SGS3) and a growing following on their G+...
  2. TexasLTE

    Thread Happy New Year 2014

    :DJust wanted to drop by and wish a Happy New Year to all my buddies who are still Rockin' the OG EPIC4G (lots of memories from these forums)- GOD Bless !!!:D
  3. TexasLTE

    Thread Request : JellyBeer ROM

    Have any of our current awesome Devs ( or even someone who may wanna try Dev'ing for the first time ) ever taken a stab at JellyBeer ROM ? --- it seems to be available across several threads in xda for other phones , to include our siblings >>>...
  4. TexasLTE

    Thread Task Manager

    Does HTC have a Task Manager similar to Samsung Task Manager ? and if so , would someone be nice enuff to point me in the right direction ... THX :p
  5. TexasLTE

    Thread (REQ) AVENGERS Theme ?

    any of our AWESOME Themers thinking about doing an AVENGERS Theme maybe ? :p
  6. TexasLTE

    Thread [Q] (REQ) Droid Bionic Bootanimation

    Can someone make a CWM flashable version of the Droid Bionic boot animation ?
  7. TexasLTE

    Thread Request : Green Lantern and Transformers Themes

    OK - I've heard a few folks would like to see a Green Lantern Theme and a Transformers Theme , so I'm gonna post the request so our mighty team of Themers can try their skills on making these ....... THANKS ! :D
  8. TexasLTE

    Thread [Q] STAR WARS Theme

    Can any of our awesome devs/themers make a StarWars Theme/ROM, maybe use the upcoming The Old Republic MMO as a base/source ? Would anyone out there even be interested in using it if created ? Just Askin' :p :D :cool:
  9. TexasLTE

    Thread [Q] CWM Backup/Restore Question

    Is there a safe way to rename the backups we make in CWM ? It currently labels them as "2011-05-" depending on date/time .... I wanna be able to rename it so I know what is actually on that particular backup ; such as "SRF-1.1.1" "UrbanFury" , etc. When I renamed them before and then...
  10. TexasLTE

    Thread [Q] REQUEST > Droid Charge Boot Animation

    REQUESTING - can ( or is ) anyone working on getting us a Droid Charge Animation Boot = it actually looks pretty cool :cool: ;) :)
  11. TexasLTE

    Thread Droid Charge Boot Animation

    Has anyone been able to make a Droid Charge Boot Animation for our EPIC ? ( I did not see an answer when I did search ) ***there is now a flashable zip compliments of nubecoder on page 3 Post #28***
  12. TexasLTE

    Thread Answered [Q] Can I Edit My User Name ?

    Just wondering if it's possible to edit my current user name from TexasEpic4GUser to just TexasEpic4G ( just drop the user part )
  13. TexasLTE

    Thread [Q] Bonsai 4.0.1 Problem

    I'm very new to ROMs and just recently rooted. I ttok the plunge and tried flashing Bonsai 4.0.1 but when I rebooted my phone stayed stuck on Samsung screen = any suggestions ( this is my first time to ROM )