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  9. P

    Thread REVVLRY+ T-Mobile blacklisted and unlocking

    ...I dunno if it is and T-Mobile has a real lock in their branded phones so where do I start and how I do it myself? If true the Moto G7+ and REVVLRY+ are the same what would be the tool I need. and how? This phone is a PITA and I’m keeping it only ‘cause I think it is possible. So where...
  10. darkherman

    Thread does moto g7 plus have vbmeta partition?

    Does Moto G7 Plus have vbmeta partition or is there vbmeta file development for Moto G7 Plus ?:confused:
  11. A

    Thread Update Firmware and Modem without removing LOS

    I have a REVVLRY+ edition of the MG7+ that is now running LineageOS 17.1, with minor problems relating to Wifi, Mobile and GPS strength. However, I did not upgrade to the latest version of the stock ROM prior to flashing LineageOS. My problems right now are my cellural receiption and WIFI are...
  12. mingkee

    Thread Cases for US G7+

    Please be advised US version G7+ is simply repacked T-Mobile Revvlry+ Case for Revvlry+ will fit I have Tech21 case purchased from T-Mobile and it fits 100%
  13. B

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 20 for the moto g7/g7 power/g7 play

    Will this work on Moto G7 Plus? Or its counter part T-Mobile Revvlry Plus????
  14. N

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 20 for the moto g7/g7 power/g7 play

    Nope, but there is a whole thread for that device specificially, just google it. At this point you're talking to the ether - just stop - we are working on the camera issues - Aperture works in most cases - the lockscreren thing is _not_ a normal use case, hence why you're the only one reporting...
  15. U

    Thread Flashing stock rom: "(bootloader) Invalid partition name XXXXXX"

    ... They all give varying versions of the below. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- max-sparse-size...
  16. N

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 20 for the moto g7 plus

    ...assume malice where the most likely option is that the person on the other end is trying their hardest. You said you cross flashed TMO to retail - can you flash back to TMO and try? I am on TMO fw on REVVLRY+ and it works fine, video of it working fine...
  17. S

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 19.1 for Moto G7 Plus

    I've got the tmobile revvlry+. Everything works great with the latest nightly. I did not require having the phone provision itself for volte and wifi calling in stock firmeware before i did lineageos. I just took this phone out of the box, unlocked the bootloader, put lineageos on it, and...
  18. S

    Post Question Galaxy A32 5G Android 13 locked Tmob

    ...> Network & internet > Mobile networks > Network unlock > Continue Motorola: Settings > About phone > Device unlock > Continue T-Mobile REVVLRY: Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Network Unlock TCL: Settings > System > About phone > Device Unlock CAT / Nokia / Wiko...
  19. O

    Post T-Mobile Revvlry Plus XT1965-T: About Network Unlocking (please help)

    ...Unlock > Permanent Unlock" as shown at the link you provided. (For reference: Any further suggestions/advice much appreciated, I would really like to be able to make use of these phones.
  20. D


    ...lastest frimware from Boot your device into bootloader mode. Connect your REVVLRY Plus XT1965-T to the PC using the USB Cable. Download Stock ROM/Firmware and extract it inside the adb and fastboot folder Inside the ADB...
  21. DaveImagery

    Post [ROM][11][LAKE] PixelExperience Normal/Plus [AOSP]

    Hello and thank you for your continued work. I've been getting this annoying from my carrier lately. I thought the G7 Plus/Revvlry+ had VOLTE capability? In the settings menu under sim, there is an option to turn it on.
  22. jockovonred

    Post T-Mobile Revvlry Plus XT1965-T: About Network Unlocking (please help)

    ...of the phone, you can always try to flash a new baseband and test. If it doesn't work, restore back. You can try to flash the T-Mobile Revvlry+ into a Moto G7 Plus: That would get rid of the T-Mobile...
  23. C

    Post XT1965-T T-Mobile REVVLRY+ Stock rom

    ho How do i use it. I have moto g7 plus i got from Motorola directly as replacement variant (XT1965-T) but its going on boot loop. I tried to use Moto recover tool but it does read phone to do rom install. I tried manual also still not working. I tried to do install myself rom by using info...
  24. Erixdashit

    Post [Guide] Root Motorola with Magisk (UnLocked Bootloader)(Non-TWRP method)

    ...the zygisk fix will help. Is there any way to install a recovery partition in it? It doesn't have one and I don't know if that's normal or not but I'd like to have 1. Also, is it weird that the Moto G7 power firmware works in it? It's actually a T-Mobile revvlry plus I think is what it started as
  25. K

    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL] EvolutionX 5.5

    I'm not an expert so I couldn't tell you what the problem is for certain. Do you have the T-Mobile REVVLRY+ version of the G7 Plus? You could try the unofficial version of Evo-X from here: Lake Updates Although unofficial it's more up to date than the official version here.
  26. jockovonred

    Post T-Mobile Revvlry Plus XT1965-T: About Network Unlocking (please help)

    1. No, network lock is related to the carrier. If it's a TMO Revvlry+/Revvlry Plus, then it's locked to T-Mobile. This means it can't be used with another carrier essentially. Network lock again just means if a TMO sim is installed (and it's locked to TMO) it will work. If another carrier sim...
  27. IronTechmonkey

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10] LineageOS 17.1 Official

    No result returned, just command prompt, when run as described from command prompt on computer or run as "getprop" from SU authorized terminal on device.
  28. O

    Post T-Mobile Revvlry Plus XT1965-T: About Network Unlocking (please help)

    Thanks for your reply, here is some background... I bought several of these phones on eBay, they were advertised as network unlocked Moto G7 Plus phones, but the seller instead shipped me network locked T-Mobile Revvly+ phones. My first step was to test a SIM chip from a local mobile provider...
  29. M

    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Moto G7 Plus

    ...the stock OS first! Needless to say, the stock rom was far gone at that point, so I had to reflash each part manually. I have the rebranded Revvlry+ version, but I used LAKE_QPWS30.61_21_18_7_3_subsidy_DEFAULT_regulatory_DEFAULT_CFC.xml from lolinet. After reflashing 18.1, VoLTE worked...
  30. zerokimura

    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL] EvolutionX 5.5

    No, it's a normal version. But nevermind. I am running Lineage 18.1 now. Good for now.
  31. jockovonred

    Post T-Mobile Revvlry Plus XT1965-T: About Network Unlocking (please help)

    The app is provided via TMobile. This is not provided via software/firmware except by TMO. Your best bet at this point is to try a pay to unlock service that will provide instructions on unlocking the SIM, if TMO is unwilling to do it. (Modems change the baseband used by different providers so...
  32. sd_shadow

    Post Restore xt1965-t

    yes see post #8
  33. R

    Post Restore xt1965-t

    As I understand it the the phone was originally made by Motorola for t-mobile and sold as the Revvlry+. Recently, Motorola started selling them as the US version of the Moto g7 plus. Hardware wise I think they are identical. If I flash the TMO will it turn it into a revvlry+ and load all the...
  34. A


    Did you find a way to make LineageOS work? It seems the LineageOS build is for the Revvlry+ so I tried to flash that ROM/firmware before installing LineageOS and still could not get wifi or cellular to work. Is there a way to swap in the required non T-Mobile version files into the LineageOS...
  35. darkherman

    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 14.7 {Lake} (09/13/20)

    File system exFAT not working Enviado desde mi REVVLRY+ mediante Tapatalk
  36. fankool

    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL] EvolutionX 5.5

    Hi koimr, are you using the unofficial release you showed me? Now I have some troubles with sdcard. The sdcard is always unusable after restart because some files in /android/data of sdcard was not closed correctly and I have to fix it on pc. Why android 11 is saving information on...
  37. darkherman

    Post [Flash ROM.bat][Android 9] Flash Stock ROM of your MOTO G7 PLUS!!!

    Your device must be updated to the latest firmware for the modem to work Enviado desde mi REVVLRY+ mediante Tapatalk
  38. fankool

    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL] EvolutionX 5.5

    Thank you Koimr, I tried and it works, my evolutionX is now updated. Just made a dirty flash. A question to all: after a dirty flash usually I reboot my phone, and when the system is up I restart in bootloader using adb (adb reboot bootloader). Can I install twrp as soon as I finished to flash...
  39. youzi0335

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][LAKE] LineageOS 17.1 for Moto G7 Plus [weeklies]

    My phone(Revvlry+, XT1965-T) is ok on stock rom, but has no wifi(connected, no internet) on 3rd rom(Lineage 17/18, pixel). ====== update just found that the phone can use wifi to explorer web but it only with a "x" beside the symbol. this may cause by the google service was banned in china...
  40. hellomrwhite

    Post Magisk on G7 Play XT1952-4 Installed Succesfully

    EDIT: sorry got my bootloader unlocked with the OEM enabled but as long as I flash either the RETAIL or the RETUS firmware that had the patched magisk image for the XT1952-T I should gain root correct?
  41. G

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10] LineageOS 17.1 Official

    ...using the codeaurora.ims package. That's good. Are you able to run this command and tell me the output? adb root adb shell getprop On the T-Mobile Revvlry (A G7 Play variant), they are setting that property to configure the modem for T-Mobile: init_channel.cpp
  42. T

    Post XT1965-T T-Mobile REVVLRY+ Stock rom

    Phone works great with stock ROMs. I haven't tested out any custom ROMs, but I do have root on my REVVLRY.
  43. sd_shadow

    Post No bootable a/b slot

    Did you follow the preinstall instruction and use if not that's what caused the problem. You will need to use a blankflash to fix Search for Channel blankflash there are some here but you may need a...
  44. darkherman

    Post Revvlry+ to Moto G7 Plus conversion guide

    I actually tried it in another Revvlry+ 3 months ago but the boot warning is not removed and safetynet does not pass it, in bootloader state it says:flashing locked instead of being restored as oem_lock in bootloader
  45. jadephyre

    Post [ROM] Dirty Unicorns 14.7 {Lake} (09/13/20)

    They are aware but not going to fix it until they release DU based on Android 11. It sucks, I know, but i'm just relating what was tweeted at me.
  46. deadman96385

    Post XT1965-T T-Mobile REVVLRY+ Stock rom

    Little delayed but if you don't have it already here it is