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    Post Which country are you from

    i from india ---------- Post added at 10:06 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:05 AM ---------- from india at chennai
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    Post S8/S8+ Whatsapp Group, We're very chill, open, and relaxed!

    do you guys discuss about frp lock and reactivation ee lock
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    Post *Discussion* Oreo Beta

    if its leaked. Its not US only but thats all I was told.
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    Post [For newbie] FRP and Phone lock / unlocked explanation

    FRP means Factory Reset Protection. If locked your phone will be protected of unauthorized factory​ resets. If a stranger tries to reset your phone, the phone will ask for your Google password on startup. So if you unlock FRP you will lose that protection but this is required too unlock your...
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    Post S8 plus bad vs Note 4 camera

    yes brother right anwser working properly""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
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    Post Tethering on Android Oreo. Is it possible?

    yes i have same proble need support
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    Post activating WiFi calling

    its possible in samsung ?????????//////
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    Post Samsung n900k imei null also baseband unknown

    I traying repair msl also write efs but not result
  9. farooquepm

    Thread Samsung n900k imei null also baseband unknown

    Hello brothers samsung n900k imei unknow also baseband unknown i try flashing deffrent firmware but not done still same problems