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  1. chjema

    Thread [Q] Swicthing between the Status bars

    OK when you pull down your status bar, you can sometimes (on some roms) swipe to the right or left on a blank spot and it will switch over to the Quick Tiles pulldown. I have tried looking everywhere that lets me turn it on, or a Xposed module, etc. I have no idea what it is really...
  2. chjema

    Thread Galaxy note 2 or Nexus 4

    I want to add another line on my account, and will pretty much give me either phones for free. Which would you prefer? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-T769 using xda app-developers app
  3. chjema

    Thread Serious GPS Problems.

    Ok I have looked everywhere for a fix. On Stock and stock based ROMS my gps works great, no problems, however in any CM/Aokp/Slimbean/etc. My gps is wayyyyyy off. Its not using the gps satellites but the cell towers, it marks me as 1500+ feet away from where I really am. Re-flashed tweaked and...
  4. chjema

    Thread [Q&A/Convo] Blaze Tweaked ROM

    All questions for dwitherell's Blaze Tweaked should and will go here. DO NOT MAKE POSTS IN THE NEW THREAD WITHOUT A LOG TO GO WITH YOUR PROBLEM. OR THE BUNNY GETS IT!
  5. chjema

    Thread [Q] SD Card Settings

    What is the best way to format your SD card for these blazes? I see a lot of mixed results when Google-ing. I need to wipe pretty much everything, I know I have gremlins.