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    Thread [DEV]Custom Enabler [I8262/I8260]

    Disclaimer: You need to be rooted. I've tried this on a deodexed rom (should work on odex, give it a try, you won't get bootloops, instead a blank screen which can be fixed easily) :P "PLEASE RESPECT MY WORK, DO NOT UPLOAD THIS TO OTHER WEBSITES, P2P, FTP AND OTHER MEANS OF FILE TRANSFER...
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    Thread REQ [Stock systemui]

    Hello fellas, can anyone please give me a copy of systemui odex and deodex? I need it for theming purpose
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    Thread [REQ] s5 framework

    Good day guys! I just needed a working s5 framework! I haven't been on this forum for quite alot of times and idk about the new updates! Just the framework, nothing else (without mods)! I always click the thank button if you help me! :) Thank you! :D
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    Thread Need systemui.apk

    Need stock systemui.apk odex very urgently! plz! :fingers-crossed:
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    Thread Gallery app freezes

    Greetings fellow members!! I've been facing this issue since last month. I can view the camera folder from d gallery app without any issue bt wen it cums to viewing whatsapp images nd downloaded fb images.. it freezes nd i hv to press d hardware button nd close it.. :crying::crying::crying...
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    Thread [Mod] How to add more notification toggles to our lovely core!! [I82**]

    Notice: You should be running on stock android to do this. This requires root and although it's not so risky but it is always better to have a backup. Also please do not blame me if you softbrick your device.. Do at your own risk!! It worked for me and it should work for anyone running stock...