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    Thread How to close all apps when press x?

    is a setting that when you press x to close all? I don't like this system of closing applications.
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    Thread note 8T

    Hello, i have this phone for 2 day. But i have a problem. The white color is a litte yellow. I tried different settings but it doesn't work, white is a yellowish Display or software problems?
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    Thread Can not install twrp

    I have honor 5c NemL21 xxxxB352 I flash twrp but not working I try and not working. I try to flash with Fastboot flash recovery EliteTWRP_3.2.1-0.img but...
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    Thread Honor 7lite modding?

    I have 7lite aka 5c nem-L21C432 Is possibe to chang to NEM-UL10C00? I want this change only for 38 LTE TDD 2600mhz, the NEM-L21 not have this 38/2600mhz nem-L21C432 is the same hardware with NEM-UL10C00? I don1t want to lose google play or chinse software Is possible?
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    Thread Honor 5c L21 aka 7 lite

    I update to B132 and I have some bug on this firmware I want to dowgrade from nem-l21_c432b132 back to stock nem-l21_c432b100 I copy the dload and B100 + *#*#2846579#*#* and press update...
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    Thread How to install this bootanimation?

    For download i found this This is the bootanimation But there are only png files I use CyanogenMod 12
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    Thread Stock rom custom?

    It is possible to change a stock rom md5? to open the rom and remove all Bloatware. The image md5 to be original/unrooted but without Bloatware, it is possible?
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    Thread How to change the scroll effect?

    It is possible to change the scroll efect on stock android 4.2.2? I have instaled a launcher but i like only the scroll. Is possibe to copy the scroll to the stock seclauncher.apk ?