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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask any questions [NOOB FRIENDLY]

    Thanks for the quick replies, and helpful info.
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask any questions [NOOB FRIENDLY]

    Flashing htc 10 So i just bought a replacement htc 10 again on ebay, this one is new and genuine. It has Cid BS_US 001, MID 2PS650000. It is on marshmellow, and i was hoping to flash it, but i am a bit rusty since htc m9 days. So to flash the phone, i was hoping to update the software from...
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask any questions [NOOB FRIENDLY]

    But it already works with my t mobile sim, so how is that?
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask any questions [NOOB FRIENDLY]

    HTC 10 ebay Unknow version Hello, I just bought a supposedly new HTC 10 like the previous user before me from ebay. I also have the same question about what htc 10 version do i have, as i also want to unlock bootloader and install recovery and roms. It was suppose to be a T mobile unlocked...
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    Post [GENERAL HELP] Post Your Questions Here Instead of Making a New Thread

    Hey everyone, i just got moto E LTE boost mobile, and iam wondering if it is possible to use ATT sim for it. I have seen instructions for verizon but not boost mobile. Running 5.1
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 20.0 | High Quality & Performance | 3.35.401.12 | MM

    Hi, I have ARHD 12, and i was wondering if there is multiuser in the rom or are you going to implement it in the future?
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    Post [BOUNTY] HTC One M9 AOSP/CM12.1 Camera - $1150 as of 10/23 - ACHIEVED

    Off topic, If there is such a pledge problem as people backing out, why is the pledge not taken by a neutral middle man(approved moderator etc) before any fix is released, if the fix does not work, the list is still there to return exact amount back to the pledging parties.
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    Post Firmware + ROM ??

    I needed to go back to stock to take the OTA, i dont need to have S-off as i dont flash firmwares and kernels etc, it doesn't serve any purpose to me. Taking the OTA would update the firmware and radio etc on its own, which makes s-off pointless for me. With the stock firmware that came out of...
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    Post Firmware + ROM ??

    I wasn't expecting s-off to cost cuz it was free on the M7, so I found that out after boot loader unlock and custom recovery, also going back to stock for OTA was impossible after unlock and recovery. I was hitting one roadblock after another. In the end I gave in and paid for s-off even though...
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    Post Firmware + ROM ??

    Before you make the same mistake i did, Know this, s-off now costs 25$ through sunshine app. There is no other way around it. Dont touch your phone if you dont acceptt that, instead OTA to 5.1 then just unlock bootloader, flash recovery and do custom rom.
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    Thread ARHD12 Android is optimizing on every boot.

    Hi everyone, i just upgraded to 5.1 base as well as the firmware to accompany it. Then last thing i installed Android revolution 12 "" Now every time i boot i get android is optimizing, takes upto...
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    Post shouldi buy the m9

    Thank you for clearing that up, but are the regular roms flashable on AT&T or do i need to change my cid
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    Post shouldi buy the m9

    This post is irrelevant to the question
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    Thread shouldi buy the m9

    Hi everyone, iam looking forward to buying the m9 soon, it is going to be the AT&T version. Usually in the ATT forums on xda there are many different threads almost everyday, but in the case of the htc one m9 there are hardly any new threads. Mostly the development threads are empty. So my...
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    Thread M7 Blown speaker replacement issue.

    I recently started to hear rattle from my top speaker on the m7, so i ordered a replacment online, but it too sounded blown and rattled when i put it in to the phone. i thought just bad luck and ordered 3 more from another seller on ebay, all those speakers sound bad as well. i am in the process...
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    Post Impressed with Qualcomm Fast Charge 2.0

    Just so everyone knows, fast charging a Lithium batter would work best going from 0 to 70-80% any more than that the battery charges really slow, that's just how chargers are designed for lithium tech. Example, from 0% if the charger is giving out 2Amps, then as soon as it reaches a high point...
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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    LG G-Pad 7.0 wifi and G-Pad 7.0 LTE
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    Post [Q] Will M9 software update improve bad camera performance

    I am looking forward to the M9 as i currently own a M7. To the point, after M7 came out nokia came out with Lumia 925, which had 8MP sensor and took better low light photos than the UltraPixel, One would think that in the last 2 years Htc would have gotten better or improved the MP count of the...
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    Thread [Q] Is it possible to return to stock?

    Hi everyone, I just bought a optimus g for a relative from ebay. It just so happens that when in a call the mic and speaker as well as earphone does not work during regular calling. It does work with skype viber etc. I think it would be fixed if i were to root and flash a different firmware...
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    Thread [Q] Video Highlights' themes.

    Has anyone been able to merge sense 5.0/5.5/6.0 themes together? I personally preferred the 5.0 themes and would like to use those. Has anyone tried it or know something about it.
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    Post [Q] Need help to go from 4.1.2 to higher firmware

    So if i were to backup then what would i do next? just apply the any available 4.4.2 update through the recovery? and what about the radio and hboot etc
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    Thread [Q] Need help to go from 4.1.2 to higher firmware

    Hi everyone, i am on android 4.1.2/ 1.26.502.12. i got the phone when it came out. Back then i followed a guide similar or maybe same [Tutorial] Root, Unlock, Recovery and flashing a Custom ROM. Now i have stock 4.1.2 rooted and bootloader unlocked with s-off I wanted to update my firmware but...
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    Thread [Q] Need to go from 4.1.2 to 4.3

    OK so i have looked up some threads but iam a bit unclear on what i need to do. I have 4.1.2, sense 5, and software number 1.26.502.12, HTC SDK 5.12 I cant find any updates, which i think is because of root, unlocked bootloader, and s-off. I see threads of 4.3 roms and some radio, hoot...
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    Post [Q] problem in S-OFF .. plz any help

    Stuck with error: -1? When initiating a reboot after "./revone -P" please press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. To start the entire process from scratch please power off the device and wait 30 seconds, turn it on and continue to ."/revone -P". 4. Prepare to gain S-OFF by running...
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    Post AT&T Next = Amazing Value and Upgrades every 12 payment cycle

    is it not like leasing a car. I mean you are still paying the same amount but with upgrade ability every year. And because you pay for 1 year you basically pay half price of the device. or am i wrong?
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    Post Nokia 925 Vs Htc One's camera. Nokia better?

    It is a major part of htc one. the main feature that set it aprt form the rest including dual speakers and 1080p screen res. but for the camera to be better they had to cut down to 4mp. Nokia seems to have achived better results with 8mp which is sad for me as a htc one owner. Ofcourse nokia...
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    Thread Nokia 925 Vs Htc One's camera. Nokia better?

    Seems like Nokia 925 is giving HTC One's camera a run for its money. It has similar features while have double the MPs and better low light performance.
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    Post [Q] Help -HTC One Locking bootloader

    I just did it the other day and btw there are posts about this but u have asked so here it is. Use a different usb port. Use a usb2.0 port if possible, 3.0 has problems with htc one. Be in the fastboot menu and then let it work. Try again if unsuccessful. Uninstall drivers for your device and...
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    Post [GUIDE] How to Return to 100% Stock

    I did everything step by step and it wasnt easy as 20 mins but after final step locked bootloader and S-on i still have tempered written on top. Wasnt the point to make it look completely stock with no evidence? Finally got it thanks for the guide.
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    Post RED text from splash screen wont comeback

    ****** you may want to boot into the bootloader and verify that it shows version 1.44.0000 for the hboot ( YES I VERIFIED THAT) and also when booting up the device you should have the white stock splash screen with the red warning on the bottom. If you do not see both of these attributes then do...
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    Thread RED text from splash screen wont comeback

    I am trying to go back to 100% stock for a hardware malfuntion in my ATT Htc one. I took the s-off by following the guide Now i have a stock hboot but my splash screen does not display red text even after i flashed the stock screen...
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    Post headphones jack not working.

    One more thing, my phone is sim unlocked. If i were to recive a replacement then it would be sim locked and i doubt att is going to be of any help in that situation.
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    Post headphones jack not working.

    so i just follow the return to stock guide and return it. Simple enough i suppose. Thanks.
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    Post headphones jack not working.

    I doubt it. They will tell me its over 14 days and to contact htc themselves and arrange a rma or something.
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    Thread headphones jack not working.

    hi i have had my att htc one since release. I have bootloader unlocked and stock rom with a kernel with middle button for options. I recently unplugged my car stereo from my phone's headphone jack and since then it has stopped working. I wont recognize it as plugged in. I cant play anything...
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    Post [BOOTLOADER] Unlock Status

    Just unlocked 28-apr-2013, 5.12pm EST
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    Post [Q] Which phone to buy?

    any specific reason why? and yeah galaxy is out of my price range
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    Thread [Q] Which phone to buy?

    Hi everyone, i am looking forward to upgrade from my broken atrix 2. At att they currently have these choices, 1) Samsung galaxy express 49.99 2) Htc OneVX 49.99 3) Lg Optimus G 99.99 4) Htc X+ 99.99 Which one should i go towards. something that is available to root and easy to work with and...
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    Post Kill the person above you

    I kill you by throwing a nokia at you
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    Post [Q] Which phone to buy?

    Well all of the posts have been from none of the choices provided. and note to is not in my price range neither is can and a string :laugh: although i liked the answers so far
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    Thread [Q] Which phone to buy?

    Hi everyone, i am looking forward to upgrade from my broken atrix 2. At att they currently have these choices, 1) Samsung galaxy express 49.99 2) Htc OneVX 49.99 3) Lg Optimus G 99.99 4) Htc X+ Which one should i go towards. something that is available to root and easy to work with and is best...
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    Post Urgent help needed

    Well somehow my phone is back alive after my incomplete 2.3.6 i did 2.3.5 and now the invalid cg error is gone and i can update now. Every thing is working fine but i still think the cwm on boot, the reboot file is wrong or meant for 2.3.6 users only as it changes to 2.3.6
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    Post Urgent help needed

    ATT MB865 usa
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    Post Urgent help needed

    So i disconnected the phone, i guess my battery went lower than 3v but its still charging now hopefully not alot of damage.... I did the stock 2.3.5 and its charging atm... hopefully i can get rid of the invalid cg errors... Although is it an odd time for a post? nobody seems to be pitchin in..
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    Post Urgent help needed

    Was having a unsolveable Invalid cg error of boot recovery and the 2 others, the invalid cg showed up because i had went from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 the first time before
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    Post Urgent help needed

    But i can still charge the battery i guess... and i have someone else with a atrix 2 so iam good there as well for charging or using their battery
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    Post Urgent help needed

    Well i guess there isint much else to it then, but i have had this problem before of going 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 and i guess nobody else has or there would be threads here... i guess i got a wierd phone pulling battery in next 15 mins just to see if anyone else has something to add.
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    Post Urgent help needed

    so do i just wait it out till the battery dies?
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    Post Urgent help needed

    Never ics and this is the second time that i applied the and its sent me to 2.3.6