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    Post Android 10 update now force closes all my background apps

    I'm also having this problem. Seems that restart helps a bit for some time but not for long. It is really an awful experience to use the phone like this. Having the 4 GB version.
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    Post OTA August 2019 Security Update ?

    Got it also today, in Sweden. Nice that the rotation bug is fixed :)
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    Post OPLS27.76.51-5 - New software update available

    I think I got a little bit better batterylife with this update. But only had it it for a day so perhaps to early to say.
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    Post OPLS27.76.51-5 - New software update available

    Got it too, reteu. But not installed yet.
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    Post [Guide] How to install the official Oreo update!

    That sounds like the battrry hardware problem that people are writing about. If you have warranty left, exchange the battery.
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    Post [Guide] How to install the official Oreo update!

    Do you see the drain during use or when the phone is in standby? I have good battery life in standby, using Greenify that is possibly helping. But during use it is draining fast :/ Have not found any solution so far.
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    Post Update for reteu released today!!

    I had about 4-4,5 before and now I get about 2,5-3.
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    Post Update for reteu released today!!

    What's your screen on time before and now? I got worse both standby and activate. A couple of other guys in a swedish forum also got much worse battery life.
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    Post Update for reteu released today!!

    I also have worse battery time since the update. Do you think it will be fixed in an upcoming update or this is it for the Moto Z?
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    Post Screen on time

    I got much worse screen time with Oreo update. Did a full reset but still seeing the same numbers. Using AccuBattery and it shows 1% battery for about 1-2 minutes of screen time.
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    Post Moto z reteu last update

    December here also.
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    Post Something serious might be happening at Motorola

    Then maybe the wait for Oreo will be even longer :( Was planning for another Moto Z phone because of the mods, but guess that might not happen then.
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    Post Moto Gamepad

    Thank you for the replies. It seems that it is not a general problem then.
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    Thread Moto Gamepad

    Hi, I got the Moto Gamepad a few weeks back. Got a pre-owned one since the new are too expensive (at least here in Sweden imho). Very happy with it in regards to playing games, really works well for most that I have tested (platform games mainly). However I noticed that the battery seems to...
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    Post Major defect of Moto Z is too small battery? Nope!!

    I Think it is quite well explained from in the post #7 from enetec. Not exactly on how to do it but some apps to get started with and do some more investigations around.
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    Post Screen on time

    It is possible to change the resolution with the following commands: adb shell wm size <WxH> adb shell wm density <value_in_pxels> Anyone tried it to see if the screen on time gets better? I tried a little bit with 720x1280 pixels, but it looked very unsharp (but guess that is unavoidable on...
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    Post Very poor battery life Moto Z with 7.1.1

    You could try to install Greenify if the phone uses a lot of battery when the screen is off.
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    Post XA1 vs Galaxy A3 2017

    Looking at battery test from GSMarena and Phonearena A3 is better (10 H 8 min vs 8 H 28 min and 93 hours vs 72 hours). But looking at benchmark test XA1 is better in performance. Also it has more RAM and internal memory.
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    Post Xperia XA1 Battery Performance

    Battery consumptions on 2G Voice calls is very much dependent on your signal strength. If it is bad then it can easy consume more than the screen. The reported talk time for XA1 is about 11 h 30 min which would give 3.3 mA/min but that might be under better signal conditions than your call. (I...
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    Post Get FULL HD Resolution 1080x1920 on Sony Xperia XA1

    I must say that I'm a bit skeptical about this. The screen has a specific number of pixels, in the XA1 case 720 x 1280, and it is not possible to increase with setting a value in Android. Lowering the value is possible since then the software can count several pixels as one (but usually it does...