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  1. cobrato

    Thread [Acro S][Kernel] Stock Kernel + CWM + TWRP + Init.d (6.2.B.1.96)

    [Disclaimer] Do it at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything happened to your phone. Hi all, it's been a long time and finally we have JB on our device. So here is a modified Stock Kernel with dual recovery (CWM + TWRP) and init.d support which I created based on DoomLord and...
  2. cobrato

    Thread [Guide] Build Your own Miui Rom for Acro S in 5 minutes

    Hi, I have put together a set of files and scripts to help you build your own miui rom for Acro S. You need to use Miui Rom for Xperia S (LT26i) as a base. I have tested using the version from MiuiAndroid. It should work for other versions with different language. It is based on erenz1202's...
  3. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][09-22] Miui 2.9.21 (ICS) for Acro S

    This rom is based on official Miui 2.9.21 for LT26i from Miuiandroid. I modified it to work with Acro S 6.1.A.2.45 Use it with Stock 6.1.A.2.45 kernel or my modified kernel with CWM (need unlocked BL) - Disclaimer: I am not responsible...
  4. cobrato

    Thread [App][Acro S][01/09] Modified SD Mounter for Acro S

    Here is the modified SD Mounter App for Acro S to take care of the external card. Big Thanks to Soheil_rf for creating the original app - Link: Credits: 1. Soheil_rf - for creating this...
  5. cobrato

    Thread [Acro S][Kernel] Stock Kernel + CWM + Root (updated latest 6.1.A.2.55)

    [Disclaimer] Do it at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything happened to your phone. Hi all, I've just upgraded my phone to Acro S recently. It is running ICS 4.0.4 build 6.1.A.1.58. It has been updated to 6.1.A.2.55 So here is a modified Stock Kernel with CWM which I created based...
  6. cobrato

    Thread [Kernel][Arc S] Stock ICS Kernel 4.1.A.0.562 with CWM [Max CPU Freq fix]

    Thanks to to kes4817 for the link. Here is the SE ICS kernel with CWM 5.5.04 + init.d support It should work with ICS beta too (tested on JJDoc's ICS Hybrid, wifi works without any change) [Credits] 1. kes4817 - for the leaked ICS build 2. FXP - for the CWM 3. Doomlord - for the sysinit and...
  7. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][03-31] DianXin Rom 120322 (GB 2.3.7) (Beta) for Nook Tablet

    DXROM (Dian Xin rom) is developed by a Chinese Company (similar to MIUI). It is styled between CM7 and MIUI. The official site: Forum: This rom is ported using DXROM for N1 12031517, CM7, NT Stock 1.4.1 and Succulent's Kernel...
  8. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][04-03] DianXin Rom 120322 (GB 2.3.7) (bb71) - Locked & Unlocked BL

    Dian Xin rom is developed by another Chinese Company (similar to MIUI). It is based on CM7. The official sites: Forum: This rom is ported using FXP's CM7 and the dianxin rom for N1 12031517 It is flashed via xRecovery. If...
  9. cobrato

    Thread [Kernel][Arc S] Stock ICS Beta Kernel with CWM (usb mount error fixed)

    Here is the SE ICS Beta kernel with CWM 5.5.04 taken from fxp kernel [Credits] 1. FXP - for the CWM 2. Doomlord - for the sysinit and bootrec script edit (27/02/2012): pls re-download and reflash the boot.img below which fix the usb mount error Link:
  10. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][04-07] Miui 2.3.30 Alpha 2 for Nook Tablet (GB 2.3.7)

    This is the 2nd Alpha version based on my original port of Miui 2.2.3 Change Log: 1. Use Succulent's CM7 kernel 2. Use miuiandroid's Miui Rom 2.3.30 for N1 3. Use Stock wifi modules and vendor files 4. Include Andy Thomson's Extended Settings Mod -...
  11. cobrato

    Thread Preview ...

    Coming very soon ... Huge thanks to Team B for the CM7. Without it there won't be this :D
  12. cobrato

    Thread [How To] Enable Custom Boot Animation (1.4.0 +1.4.1)

    Here is a simple fix to enable custom bootanimation Steps: 1. flash the attached zip using CWM 2. copy your favorite to /system/media folder and set permission to 644 (all read, top write) 3. reboot Notes: 1. Make sure you use the correct zip or you'll end up in bootloop 2...
  13. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][01-30] Stock 1.4.1 (Flashed with CWM)

    This rom is based on Stock 1.4.1 + Root + Additional Stuff. It is flashed via CWM. It provides an easy upgrade for people currently running 1.4.0. If you are running 1.4.1 now - it is easier to root it using indirect's thread here -
  14. cobrato

    Thread [How To] Disable Auto-mount on boot

    Hi All, just got the NT for a week and has been busy reading and learning. Thanks to all devs that make this into a full tablet. It's a pain that we have to manually disable the automount each time we reboot NT. So here is a simple fix (Your NT needs to be rooted to use this fix): Method 1...
  15. cobrato

    Thread [How-To] Running FXP, FXP Miui & Miui Prime on Locked BL (xRecovery / Free Kernel)

    [How-To] Running FXP, FXP Miui & Miui Prime on Locked BL (xRecovery / Free Kernel) Following my FXP Port, I'm expanding the idea so that more people can enjoy these excellent roms on locked bootloader as well. I have tested the method to work fine on FXP046, Oodie Miui Prime 004 and FXP Miui...
  16. cobrato

    Thread [Kernel][11-28] Some Modded Kernels For Unlocked BootLoaders (GB 2.3.3 & 2.3.7)

    Here are some kernels modded by me and Oodie. I use Goro's ramdisk as base and change it to use for my Miui rom. It works well with FXP too Also included a stock SE kernel. All kernels come with either Boot Manager or dual recoveries (xRec & CWM5) Credits: 1. Z & J, Doomlord & azuzu - for too...
  17. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][11-16] FXP046 Port To xRecovery / Free Kernel

    Note: For FXP047 onwards, pls follow the guide here: This is a direct FXP046 port to xRecovery so that people with locked BL can also enjoy this great piece of work from FXP Team. It is 99.9% FXP. I only add in some files...
  18. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][03-06] Miui 2.3.2 (GB 2.3.7) (bb71) - Locked & Unlocked BL

    This rom is started by moding LukeMIUI 1.10.8 and MiuiAndroid N1 Miui 1.10.14. I'll try to provide weekly update if my time permits It is flashed via xRecovery. If your rom uses CWM only then you have to install doomlord's bootmanager to flash it. Credits: 1. Z & J, doomlord, azuzu - for too...
  19. cobrato

    Thread SMS Patch (Should be For All Roms)

    Use it when you can't send sms because the rom you want to use doesn't support your baseband If your baseband is 65 (X10a AT&T) and the rom's sms doesn't work for bb65 (most of the roms here I think), use this: If your baseband is non-65 and the rom's sms...
  20. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][07-23] Miui 1.7.22 (Gingerbread 2.3.4) on Custom Kernels (bb54+)

    This rom is based on MIUI Android Nexus 1 version - It is still in beta, so flash it at your own risk :) I did this for the lock screen only. It's really cool The update will not erase your data. But please backup just in case 1.7.8 onwards uses a new theme format...
  21. cobrato

    Thread [MOD] Gingerbread CRT screen on/off animation for X10 Froyo / CM6 Roms

    This mod simulate GB's screen on/off animation (like turning on/off an old TV) Credits to: 1. doixanh for the source: 2. achotjan for compiling libsurfaceflinger (I took the file from his great cm6 rom) -...
  22. cobrato

    Thread [How-To] Enable Hardware LED and Camera flash

    As more and more people are interested to port roms from other phones to our x10, these 2 features are usually missing and need some modifications to work properly. Here is a simple guide to enable these 2 features on our x10 Pre-Requisite 1. You need to know how to use apktool or any tool...
  23. cobrato

    Thread Base Band Patch for Gingerbread roms

    Use it when your baseband is 54+ and want to try out J's cm7 rom or rdannar's GB Miui rom or Arc rom. Tested working on J016 and J017 and rdannar's GB Miui - for stock kernel only. Do it at your own risk and it's not supported by J Patch it with Restore back the original with...
  24. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][06-27] MIUI 1.3.18 v4 Formel For X10 (zKernel, MultiLang,Arabic, Dual Recovery)

    With zdzihu & tkymgr's kernels running on bb67 I'm switching my rom to them as well :) --------------------------------------------------------------- This rom is based on Formels' MIUI 1.3.18 for Nexus 1. I mix it with mostly Z & J's roms. Credits: 1. Formels which this rom is based on 2. Z...
  25. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][04-15] MIUI 1.3.18 (TripNMiui + Formels-LMS) Final

    Trip is upset about this release. So This Thread is closed. I do it for fun only and it's no more fun Please do not pm me for links. I will not entertain.
  26. cobrato

    Thread TripNMiui - Dual Booting Stock / Custom Kernel

    Thank you Trip for this wonderful rom and Z&J for the solution (I learn and pick up a lot from their roms) I really love this rom and I hope I can help a little to make it better :) J has released CM7 v14 alpha using custom kernel. Since it's still using 2.29 kernel, I tried it on MIUI and it...
  27. cobrato

    Thread [01-04] MIUI 0.32 App2SD + Charge When Off fix

    Thank you Trip for this wonderful rom and Z&J for the solution (I get the files from FreeX10 beta4). I really love this rom and I hope I can help a little to make it better :) BT + App2SD + Charge when Off fix for 0.30 only Flash with xrecovery: App2SD +...
  28. cobrato

    Thread Base Band Patch for 2.2 roms - [30/05/11 - xRecovery 1.0]

    Use it when the rom you want to flash is using different baseband as yours If your baseband is 54, 55 or 58 and the rom is for 49/52, use this: xRecovery 0.3 xRecovery 1.0 If your baseband is 49/52 and the rom...
  29. cobrato

    Thread [App][03-19] Torch for X10

    This is the Torch apk modified from J's gingerbread version. Fully working for version 2.1 - 2.3 - low / high brightness light toggle - low / high brightness strobe lights - widget support all 4 modes download: If you find it useful. Hit the Thanks button :)
  30. cobrato

    Thread [ROM][xRecovery]Stock X10i Generic 2.1.A.0.435 (JIT v2 enabled)

    Rooted. xRecovery + JIT v2 installed. Full Apps. No other mod at all. Just thought somebody may want it:
  31. cobrato

    Thread MIX ROM (Best of both world) - Thanks To T & Z - [Upd 11.02.05 fix HW Led]

    Zdzihu has delivered a near perfect Froyo (only video cam remain outstanding) which is extremely stable TripNRaver has delivered Cyanogen 6.1 which is very cool with the cyanogenmod but still has some issues such as move to SD and flashlight. I like cyanogen mod but I also like the stability...
  32. cobrato

    Thread [Guide] Switching between Free X10 Froyo 2.2.1 and xRecovery

    Thanks to J & Z for creating such a wonderful rom (Free X10 Froyo 2.2.1) and the wonderful utility xRecovery for us to play with. xRecovery is a must have if you want to play with different roms. The thing is that Free X10 & xRecovery can't coexist. On close study, I found that the difference...