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    Thread Pixel Charging Issue

    When i connect my Pixel on the charger, it doesn't charge until i set the usb preference from "connected device" to "this device" option. I tried both the stock cable charger and any other chargers. I tried downgrading from Android Pie (since the problem starts happening a few days after...
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    Thread Help! Need N915s MM Bootloader and Modem

    Can someone please help me get a link to download a flashable modem for Note Edge N915s I tried searching here but i cannot get one for this particular korean variant N915s. Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Cant install cab on diamond

    downloaded advance config 3.3 and it wont install. Same with xda shutdown. Please help
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    Thread Charging a fully-drained batt for Dopod 565

    Hi guys, please help. My Dopod 565 gets really drained and i dont know if this is really the case, but it wont charge when it is not opened, so thing is I cannot charge it using my usb charger (I'm using an original Motorola USB Type charger). Pls hellllppp. Thanks