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    Thread lg g3 error installation 505

    I have lg g3 d851 on stock rom lollipop 5.0.1 20e . im trying to install asphalt 8 but it keeps showing me error installation 505 i want to escape downgrading Please help me
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    Thread NOTE 4 1080p

    hi , i've tested on my note 4 the 1080p with 480 of density but it is not convenient for its screen of 5.7" can someone give me the good resolution with a correct density for a 5.7" PS : i'm looking to boost battery life on my note and gain some fps in games
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    Thread 5.1.1 battery drain

    5.1.1 works almost perfect for me but sometimes screen wake takes around 5 sec. And after lockscreen phone lags for 10 sec cpu usage is too high even on idle then it settles and i have a battery drain screen off Phone randomly throw me back to lockscreen it just happened 5 min ago i was using...
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    Thread how to relock bootloader

    hi guys i used this tut to unlock my bootloader ( i have my backup of TA partition ) i'm on stock kitkat now and i want to know if i can use the same tut to relock my bootloader ?
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    Thread go back to kitkat

    hi guys i'm on a lollipop custom rom can you tell me how can i get the stock kitkat and how to lock my bootloader ?
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    Thread how to have recovery

    hi guys i have candy 5 rom and i don t know how to remove the cm recovery and get the twrp/cwm can you help me ?
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    Thread Slimkat with sony apps

    i have flashed SLIMKAT 10 FINAL , and i would like to get back sony launcher with every sony media app thanks
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    Thread Back to kitkat

    hello guys , im actually using lollipop stock 270 and im not satisfied , i would like to return kitkat , what is the best kitkat rom for daily use with good battery life for a Z1 with Locked bootloader/Unlocked Bootloader ?