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  1. xenakis

    Thread Warranty replace through HTC or Verizon?

    Hello. My One's battery is crapping out, goes down to 30% then turns off. Sometimes it makes it down to the teens before turning off. Called HTC, they will replace it overnight for $29. Verizon will also replace it for a little less. Any opinion on who to go with for replacement? I'll probably...
  2. xenakis

    Thread [Q] App drawer problem

    I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my app drawer. Every once in a while, when I open my app drawer it comes up darkened (see image below). It happens about once or twice a day. Closing and reopening the drawer makes it return to normal. I'm running stock rooted 4.4.2. It started...
  3. xenakis

    Thread [Q] Reproducible Google Play/Chromecast phone crash?

    I am experiencing what seems to be a reproducible phone crash while casting Google Play Music to my TV. If the phone goes to sleep while casting and I wake it, hitting volume down or up buttons while on the lock screen crashes the phone. I couldn't replicate the crash while casting YouTube, only...
  4. xenakis

    Thread [Q] Is HTCDev unlock permanent?

    As the title states, is the unlock_code.bin from HTCDev a permanent unlock of the bootloader? I got the unlock file while it was still possible, but for various reasons I am holding off on using it. Can a future OTA make it unusable? Thanks.
  5. xenakis

    Thread [Q] CMW installed by Revolutionary, Rom Manager wants to install it again

    I successfully got s-off and rooted my phone using Revolutionary and installed CWM when the program gave me the option. I then installed Rom Manager from the market and it doesn't recognize that CWM is already installed and wants to install it and will not do anything until it does. Is...