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    Thread Found a way to recover hard brick bootloader

    Hello guys, I have found a way to restore hard brick "flashing led", but the problem is that now i have device with erased system and locked bootloader, cant flash anything due to "(bootloader) Preflash validation failed", tryed to download few firmware files to try but nothing can be flashed...
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    Thread Android SpyTool S8?

    Hello, I need to spy on my sons phone, bare in mind that i am legally fully able to do this, so please don't bash this thread. What i need is software/apk recommendation from you guys on what software is the best. He is tech savvy (but i am rooting and installing custom software on his device)...
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    Thread Bootloader deleted, hard brick, need some help?

    Hello guys, I have cedric, bootloader unlocked, rooted, etc.. I used some SDcard format app and selected wrong storage to format emmcblk0, so i formated entire phone, now in device manager its detected as "Quectel QDLoader 9008 " cannot power it on as well i think bootloader is bricked, i tryed...
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    Thread Hboot update question

    Hi, I am running latest lp stock rom with hboot 1.57, bootloader unlocked and s-off. Its all running fine but do i need for any reason to update hboot to newer? Regards
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    Thread M7 UL latest stock 7.19.401.51 Europe WWE- TWRP BACKUP

    Hi everyone I was struggling to get back to stock because my phone is S-ON so i used guru reset and updated this rom to the final M7 OTA. To flash this rom you have to extract TWRP folder from zip file and put it in your internal memory, while in TWRP go to advanced wipe and wipe your data...
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    Thread Galaxy J5 adaptable storage 6.0.1

    Hello I have tested this method to enable adaptable storage and use external SDcard as internal memory from here: Note that this is native storage enabler, so no terminal or other hacks involved. 1...
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    Thread FIx DRK/dm-verity, Factory CSC and Serial Number

    Hello, I have posted on various threads that i can fix DRK (Device root key), but after large demand in PM for the fix i have decided to make a tutorial, since i don't have much time to help everyone, this tutorial is only tested on SM-N910C, could work on other variants of Exynos, perhaps...
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    Thread OTA on Modified Device?

    Hi I have N910C, had few problems with DRK and dm-verity which left the phone in perma modified state, but fully working, except i can't install OTAs, since recovery is doing this DRK check and i can only install stuff with TWRP/CWM hence "modified". I am wondering does anyone of you guys know...
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    Thread P768 Language KDZ?

    Hello I have P768, locked bootloader and i would like to flash KDZ that has factory support for croatian or serbian (Its in Europe) language for system. Can someone help me on which KDZ to download. Regards Magix01
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    Thread Desire/Inspire New battery?

    Hello Does anyone know legit ebay seller for this kind of battery, i have ordered some batteries for phones in the past but mostly when they come they hold very little charge and looks like bad clones. I would like someone to recommend a good and legit ebay seller in europe preferably for...
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    Thread [Q] Lenovo S650 rom on S660?

    Hello I have ordered Lenovo S660 and did some research about custom roms while i wait. So far there is no kitkat for it. But the specs are almost identical, they both use same MTK 6582m chipset, same resolution qHD, same amount of ram etc etc. Now for the question part. Is it possible to flash...
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    Thread Modding an apk question?

    Hello Is it possible to decompile and compile .apk, lets say Settings.apk and remove a unneeded setting, but still be able to retain OTA update for that apk with settings.apk.p official patch file? And how? Best Regards Magix01
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    Thread Xolo Play/LA-Q1 Call speaker problem?

    Hello, I have a problem with this device, when i call someone and they answer call they cant hear me at all, but when i redial same number they can then hear me fine. I have included logcat and radiologcat right after the problem happens, if there is someone with experience to help me with...
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    Thread SecPhone.apk network question?

    Hello I dont know where to ask this question, so i did here because i think you guys might help us. Anyhow, we are porting CM10 to Galaxy S6310, we used stock ril libs and bins from stock rom, so far we are able to start rild daemon via terminal and at startup normally. Problem is that we have...
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    Thread RIL

    Hello, Can someone help me with RIL porting, we are trying to port CM10 to S6310, i tryed searching net for documentation, but it seems there is not enough documentation about RIL and porting. Every piece of documentation about this topic is welcome :) Help much appreciated, regards Magix01
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    Thread [Q] Looking for Dev for help with CM10 Port (S6310).

    Hello, Since this device (S6310 - Galaxy Young) Doesn't have separate forum, it is hard to get developers to help us, so we must ask here. So far we are porting CM10, we have boot, but some things are not working, we are progressing but the GSM (RIL) is a bit hard. What's working: Phone boots...