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  1. waz675

    Thread Only switches if connected to dock (power?)

    Hi, I tried to search on XDA regarding my problem but got "Sorry, search is down temporarily" or whatever. So, here it is! One of our kids spilt some drink (water I think? I wasn't here when it happened) on the XOOM. And now it seems it will only switch on if it's on a speaker HD dock that I...
  2. waz675

    Thread default app stuck on a system app issues

    Hi. I'm using JB ROM AOKP custom IceColdJelly built on 4.1.2. Anyway, on a fresh wipe, had removed /data /system, I had accidentally set 'htmlviewer' as a default to a certain extension. I meant to hit the icon next to it, jota as its a text file type. Anyway, I cleared all defaults in 'all' in...
  3. waz675

    Thread Slim ICS Rom- low(est) battery consumption?

    Since I've upgraded my SGS to a HTC One X, I'm using the SGS as a pure webcam that we use whenever either of our 2 young kids fall asleep in the car to watch them. Winter here so they won't cook in a overheated car. Just wondering would installing slim ICS plus essentials and just the IP webcam...