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    Thread [APP][5.0+]AndroidAuto carNotifier (Multi-language and Email support)

    Beta 1.0 released I will like to start saying a very big thank you to bggold who asked me to consider this in the first place :) While there isn't any way to use the nice Google Assistant voice, and it's still rough around the edges, this demonstrates how we can use Android Auto in a...
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    Thread [Android 4.1+]Proxy/GateWay for Android Auto

    Background - Couple of years ago Google have launched Android Auto, but up till recently the only way to connect your device to the car/head unit was to plug in a USB cable. As of 2018 this starts to change, BUT it looks like you will need to get new hardware for this and older cars/head units...
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    Thread [APP][5.0+] Youtube Player for Android Auto - Pre app fieldwork

    Hi guys. As I have mentioned it before I have started working on a YouTube Player for Android Auto, but since I'm not a big youtuber myself I will like to get some input from you guys on how this should app work. My thought till now are: 1) When you are outside Android Auto, you will need to...
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    Thread [APP][5.0+]FREE Mini OBD2 Plugin for Android Auto - Use Torque with AndroidAuto

    This is a small and free app which will allow you to use Torque with Android Auto. To use this app you need to have the following: An Android Auto compatible head unit Torque Pro installed on your phone An OBD2 reader How to use? Download and install the app on the phone Start Android...
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    Thread [APP][5.0+]OBD2 Plugin for Android Auto - Use Torque with AndroidAuto

    App Requirement Torque Pro OBD2 Reader Android Auto compatible headunit or at least a copy of the Headunit Reloaded App (see signature). This app will have limited functionality if you are using Android Auto on a your phone, the only functions you will be able to use is to see are...
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    Thread [APP][Headunit Reloaded Emulator] Running Android Auto on almost any unit.

    Some of you might already be aware others maybe not, with the latest build of the "Headunit Reloaded app" you can now enjoy the Android Auto experience on almost any device. The app can be found in it's own thread, together with all the how to's and all the support...
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    Thread Root + twrp + bootloader unlock + twrp flashable stock rom - marhsmallow

    If you are on Lollipop, this guide is NOT for you! Almost none of this is my work, I just collect it and put it together in one place and I'm writing a small how-to get things done. PLEASE ONLY PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!! ONLY FOR ZX551ML Bootloader unlock: Currently the only way I...
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    Thread Android Auto on your tablet

    Want to turn you dash mounted tablet into an Android Auto receiver, or just run Android Auto on your phone? Read this thread:
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    Thread [Android 4.1+] HeadUnit Reloaded for Android Auto with Wifi

    This Threader is a Spin-off of the original: [Android 4.1+] Headunit for Android Auto - 160117 - Self Mode+ other fixes, x86, 720p by the late :crying: @mikereidis. App links: PlayStore: Previous XDA...
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    Thread Modifying paid apps

    Hi. I have read the rules of the sites but I'm not able to decide what is the best course of action here, so I need some advice please: There is a piece of software out there, which I do like and I think it is very useful, BUT it has some serious limitation, for example is not able to run on...
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    Thread [Q] Original pit file?

    Hi does anybody has the original PIT file please? Thank you. Emil
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    Thread CM11 and insufficient storage

    Recently switched to CM11 nightly, and while trying to install some app, I got insufficient storage message. Now what the.... ???? 1) I started reading forum after forum, some suggested to clear, davlik cache and cache from recovery, don that did not helped. 2) Others suggested to delete...