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  1. paolocorpo

    Thread Original (and patched too) boot.img from Mi A1 Android 9 (August Patch)

    I am searching for it Thanks Paolo
  2. paolocorpo

    Thread Nexus 5X - Android Auto does not start on infotainment system when connected USB

    Dear owners of N5X, I am using a N5X with unlocked bootloader but full stock (Sept patch installed recently with a clean all flash) I have a small issue I cannot start Android Auto on my car connecting my device to infotainment system (Ford Sync3 updated) equipped with Android Auto (and Car...
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    Thread Mi A2 LITE - I am searching for a dump of

    In Italy (where I am living) there is an important issue about 2° SIM slot After the last update ( it is not running well: the SIM introduced has not been recognized This is the reason for which I am searching for previous version Is there any possibility to find it ? Thanks a lot Paolo
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    Thread The best ROM + KERNEL to reduce the drain of battery

    Ciao to everybody, I am running a N5X that is around 1,5 years old with stock updated rom Bootloader unblocked No games, no special usage but only social and web surfing The capacity of battery is very ... bad Can you suggest me a bundled ROM+KERNEL especially addressed to reduce the drain...
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    Thread Phone book not sync with car phone book

    I am using P10 with Alfa Romeo Giulia car I have this issue If I don't use WhatsApp all is ok: all the records are correctly transferred to the car If I install WhatsApp all the records that includes phone numbers that are into WhatsApp phone book are not transferred to the car Anybody has...
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    Thread 2ng gen MOTO 360 - NO notifications

    Hi to all, from two days (more or less) I noted a big issue No notifications are forwarded to my smartwatch !!:confused: NO email, no sms, no hangout, no wahtsapp, no calendar items ... NOTHING Only the incoming calls are notified I tried to disconnect and reconnect the device to smartphone...
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    Thread GOOGLE SERVICE has stopped ...

    HI folks, my MOTO 360 2nd generation starting form a couple of months randomicaly shows a error message: "Google Service has stopped to run well" (or something like this ...) There is a OK button Usually if I tap on OK the functionality comes back to normal Any other has my same issue ? Thanks...
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    Thread RED TEXT - is it possible to delete it on S-On ??

    Hi folks, i have a question for you My HTC ONE M9 is : UnLocked S-On Rooted Recovery TWRP Rom Revolution HD 20.0 Android 6.0 HTC sense 7.0 Numero Software 3.35.401.12 Kernel 3.10.84 Radio 01.01_U11440792_96.00.51201G_F When I swich it on i see on bottom of the screen a red text Is it...
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    Thread [Completed] LINK on web page for subscripted thread

    Ciao guys, until few days ago i had on riht side of web page a link that quickly opened the subscripted threads I don ' t know why ... but now I don't see more Is it a news of forum os simply a setup that I have modified ? Tks a lot Paolo
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    Thread NEXUS 7 FLO blocked on GOOGLE

    Hi to all, i was updating from 5.0.2 to 5.1 Unfortunately i got a bootloop : when i switch on I obtain the GOOGLE and nothing happen more The device has the bootloader locked I am able to put in fastboot mode The comand: fastboot oem unlock does not run succesfully: when i push pwr button on...
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    Thread Tethering/Wifi Hotspot for the Nexus 7 3G ISSUE

    Hi to all I have a N7 32G 3G 4.2.1 rooted , unlocked bootloader, rom, kernel and launcher STOCK i wanted the option to create hotspot wifi As you know this opttion is not naptive And so i installaed this [MOD][4.2.1/4.2][JOP40D/JOP40C] Tethering/Wifi Hotspot for the Nexus 7 3G that can be...