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  1. lilajrestnom

    Thread Battery stats in Settings apk

    Hey guys, I accidentally uninstalled my battery stats from the settings, can someone help me find out what apk in the Rom is responsible for the battery stats so I can reinstall it please. I'm using TW Tekxodus Hybrid Rom. I tried something called "battery stats" but that wasn't what I need...
  2. lilajrestnom

    Thread TW; Resizing phone app after changing DPI settings.

    Hello all, so I'm having a little problem that's keeping me away from TW Roms. I use a DPI changer from the play store and all goes well, my only problem is my phone app becomes smaller and shifts upward toward the left side. Its a minor problem, but its pretty annoying. I'd post a pic of it if...
  3. lilajrestnom

    Thread [Q] Wi-Fi tethering connects as "limited"

    So I just tried a bunch of kitkat Roms and found Gummy to be the best for me right now. The only problem I'm having is when wifi tethering is on, the connected devices are in a "limited" mode and get no internet. Anyone have a solution to this problem? I've flashed the latest 3 versions of Gummy...
  4. lilajrestnom

    Thread Low battery consuming flashlight app?

    I sometimes need to use my flashlight for hours. When I was on Gummy 4.4.2, the flashlight toggle in the notification panel (I guess it used the torch app?) would work great and not eat up my batter quickly. It actually lasted the hours I needed it to. So now I flashed a TW 4.3 ROM and I tried...
  5. lilajrestnom

    Thread [Q]Wakelock help

    So I noticed my S3 randomlly turns on when its just sitting all alone. I am somewhat familiar with what to do, so I got betterbattery stats. Just for clarity, I'm supposed to be checking kernel wakelocks? It has no info atm, but ill let it gather some data and check it tomorrow. Sent from my...
  6. lilajrestnom

    Thread [Q]Screen turns off when keyboard slides.

    So just now my screen started flickering and it goes black when I slide my keyboard out, but a simple power on-off fixes it. First of all, this is very tidious and annoying to do -.- Second, I fear the screen will eventually stop working at all. So my question, has anyone experienced this...
  7. lilajrestnom

    Thread 4.3 themes.

    I seen there's no themes for 4.3 yet. I have some theming skills but haven't used them since gingerbread on my Galaxy S Epic 4G. Does anyone know any other TW 4.3 themes or themed Roms that look cool and want to be ported? With the college semester coming to an end I think ill have some free...
  8. lilajrestnom

    Thread Vibrate? [Solved]

    I updated from slim 6 to 8 and lost vibrate as an option in my phone com pletely. using hardware keys it goes from ring to silent straight and I cant find a setting to do with vibration in the whole phone. WHere did it go? Solution: flash new kernel and/or big mem patch.
  9. lilajrestnom

    Thread SimCard Removed?

    I've been having this issue since i got my S3 a few months ago. No matter what ROM I run, my phone randomly restarts and Gives me the "no sim card" notification. I believe the problem is caused from my micro sim card (iphone 5 sim card, really tiny one). However, I'm wondering if maybe this...
  10. lilajrestnom

    Thread New features for 4.3?

    So is there any new standout features in 4.3? I've seen a few of the new Roms but don't know if its worth switching yet. I'm on slim bean 6, haven't even updated to 8. Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  11. lilajrestnom

    Thread Holding clear all apps button?

    Anyone ever notice that on slim bean (that's what I'm using but it probably does the same thing on most 10.2 roms) when you hold the clear recent apps buttons it clears all apps and requires super user permission. What's the difference between just pressing the clear button and holding it...
  12. lilajrestnom

    Thread Verizon phone number was deleted?

    Does anyone know if verizon would give me or even know what's the new number to someones old number that's been changed or deleted? I had an important contact that when I call now I get the verizon msg saying its been deleted/changed and I have no other way of getting in touch with this contact...
  13. lilajrestnom

    Thread Easier to fix? Charger port vs screen + LCD?

    I have two epics, one with broken USB port and the other with cracked screenand messed up LCD. Which would be easier to fix? I'm just gonna use one of these two fix the other. I'm guessing the USB port is easier but maybe just switching the whole top sliding part to fix the screen may be easier...
  14. lilajrestnom

    Thread Black screen on incoming call?

    I'm running the latest axis Rom and I just noticed when I receive a call it vibrate/rings but the screen stays black. Does anyone else have this issue? What could I try to fix it? Sent from my SGH-T999 using xda app-developers app
  15. lilajrestnom

    Thread Rooting GS3

    So I know how to root the device, I'm just having a few problems. First, my laptop isnt recognizing my phone in download mode. Is there a driver I need to install for the phone? Second, odin isnt opening on my laptop either. It has worked many many times before but right now when I open it, it...
  16. lilajrestnom

    Thread Website for trading phones?

    So I'm gonna be going to tmobile and I'm getting an iphone 5. I'm trying to trade it for a s4. Its a brand new black 16GB still in the box. I want a s4 tho lol. Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  17. lilajrestnom

    Thread Cracked screen.

    So I dropped my phone and it cracked. The sprint repair center said they didn't have extra screens and I had to pay to get a replacment. So I'm going to try and fix this myself. My question is, does anyone know if there is like 2 separate screens on the epic? I'm guessing something like the...
  18. lilajrestnom

    Thread A lil help getting around.

    So I'm getting the t-mobile gsii soon. I currently have the epic 4G. I looked in ur dev section and seen a lot of ROMs but noticed that from the titles I didn't see any 4.2.2 ROMs, is there any? I'm expecting yes, since my epic 4g has a handful of them already. Do you guys have slimbean? If...
  19. lilajrestnom

    Thread Extinction of TouchWiz ROMs

    So has development of TW ROMs stopped? Is there not any mods or tweaks left to make a unique TW ROM? I'm kind of getting bored of having the same styled ROMs because honestly all CM based ROMs are pretty much the same because of the fact that they are all CM based obviously. It was nice having...
  20. lilajrestnom

    Thread Music editor?

    Anyone know an app that let's u cut songs and put them together to make one song? What I really wanna do is cut 2 parts of a song and make them one song. Anyone kno an app that let's u do that? Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  21. lilajrestnom

    Thread Option to hide app notifications?

    I believe I've seen this before but no sure on what ROM or where in the settings exactly. I'm running hellybean right now and can't seem to find that option. Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  22. lilajrestnom

    Thread Poweramp bass?

    Does anyone feel like poweramps bass is always too strong or is it just me? I've been usingpoweramp for a very long time and my equalizer is set to how I like it but lately even with all the bass settings to the lowest, bass is always too strong and it messes up the song. I thought it was my...
  23. lilajrestnom

    Thread One browser? Any android browser?

    Anyone uses one browser have an issue with seeing some menu options? Everything is always blank for me. Is there anyway to fix this myself or is it the developers issue to fix? Also anyone recommend any browsers? I used to use dolphin which was the best ever but lately its only been getting...
  24. lilajrestnom

    Thread [Q] Water damaged/Bricked??

    i dropped my phone last night during heavy rain and forgot about him for about 30-45 mins when i went back out and got it the battery was out. i turned him on and he booted up to the lock screen but then i couldnt unlock it so i turned it off and put it in rice for about 12 hours and i turned it...
  25. lilajrestnom

    Thread Charging batteries?

    Does charging my phone directly with the usb port charge the battery better than when a battery is charged on a wall charger? I've been having bad battery problems with all. 5 of my batteries (including a 3500 mah one) and I'm starting to think that when I charge my phone whatever battery is in...
  26. lilajrestnom

    Thread Restrict background data in CM10?

    What is the option to restrict background data for in cm10? Its in settings>data usage when u press menu its the second or third option and if u choose to restrict it you get a notification that says: Background data restricted. Touch to remove restriction. But I can't see what apps...
  27. lilajrestnom

    Thread [Q] Cm10: sound toggles when music plays.

    Is there a setting or something I'm missing? I put my phone on vibrate but whenever I play a song (poweramp) it puts my phone on ring. How can I stop it from changing it to ring everytime I change a song or turn on the music player? Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  28. lilajrestnom

    Thread Best app to play .swf games?

    Anyone know what's the best way to play flashplayer games? I know how to get the games so playing them online or downloading them isn't a necessary optiion of the app just aslong as it allows me to play .swf files from my sd card. I've tried some and they all have different problems like lag...
  29. lilajrestnom

    Thread Missing files when transfering from pc to phone?

    I've been doing this for two weeks now and its driving me crazy. I have a 32 gb memory card with like 12gb of music. I'm copying them to my 2 16 gb memory cards and it always misses one folder and doesn't copy it. It does the whole process but doesn't show up on the memory card. I finally got...
  30. lilajrestnom

    Thread water damaged battery?

    If the little white paper thing on the top of the battery turns pink or goes away completely does that only mean that it has been damaged by water? And does it make the battery any less better? And is there anyway maybe to fix it? Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  31. lilajrestnom

    Thread How to get flash player to work on all sites?

    Is there a way to get flash player to work on every website? I understand there's something from the site itself but is there anyway to get flashplayer to work on those websites? And I'd perfer a way without needing root if there is any way. Cuz I need this from my netbook which is not rooted...
  32. lilajrestnom

    Thread Something just always has to be messed up.

    So can someone help me with these problem I'm having. This has been tested on two epics and the results are pretty much the same but I can't seem to understand whyyy. Ever since FC09 TW ROMs I've always had these problems. I would wipe everything 3x and I would install the ROM and I would have...
  33. lilajrestnom

    Thread 13.0sp??

    I flashed cm10 and I have an app installed called 13.0sp and its 4.77 mb. I just wanna know what it is? Is it safe to uninstall it? Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  34. lilajrestnom

    Thread Dolphin browser backup + restore problems?

    So I've been using dolphin browser for a very long time. But lately I've been having this problem with it not restoring my data. I back it up using TB and restore it but I don't get my book marks. And if I back up/restore from the app its self it crashes. This has been happening for a while and...
  35. lilajrestnom

    Thread Cm10 power control widget?

    I may be stupid... or blind... but someone help me find the power widget in cm10. I had it on the default launcher but when I installed holo and uninstalled that one I can't seem to find it anywhere Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  36. lilajrestnom

    Thread Cutting & copying speeds?

    This isn't very "epic" related, but I'm sure maybe someone can help me out. I have aboutt.... 9 gbs of music on my sd card. I wanna copy them to another sd card. Other than the usbs and connection types and ports that may affect the transfer speed, does copying or cutting the files make any...
  37. lilajrestnom

    Thread Music player with "sort by bit rate" option?

    Is there any music player that allows u to sort your songs by music quality? All the 320Kbps songs at the top and the lower bit rate songs at the bottom? Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  38. lilajrestnom

    Thread Veryy weird txting bug

    This started happening yesterday, when I txt someone its normal, but when anyone txts me I receive it but under a no name thread in my app. And it doesn't allow me to reply there since it has no number. And no matter who txts me it goes to that thread so I never know whose texting me. Wth is...
  39. lilajrestnom

    Thread MT4G to Simple Mobile

    hey everyone, my brother just bought a mt4g and it was rooted (running miui). he wants to use it on simple mobile but just sticking a sim in there wouldnt work. I have an epic 4g and know that its best to have the phone on stock (or at least stock rom) when trying to activate it, but i had...
  40. lilajrestnom

    Thread [Q] Epic on Boost Mobile.

    So I'm gonna have to cancel my sprint account an go to boost. I seen a tutorial on how to flash the epic to boost and I guess if I follow the steps ill figure my way thru, but I have just one question. If I flashed to boost mobile will I still be able to flash any rom I want? I understand I may...
  41. lilajrestnom

    Thread Android.process.acore force closing?

    So android.process.acore keeps fc'ing and it won't let me open phone, contacts, or messages. I can't seem to find it in TB and a reboot didn't help it. I'm running cm7 btw. Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  42. lilajrestnom

    Thread How to get rid of google voice settings?

    So I tried to see what google voice does exactly and I seen its not necessary for me so I uninstalled it but noticed that its settings are still on. So I reinstalled it and went in the settings and signed out which was supposed to take it off completely but its still there. When I get a phone...
  43. lilajrestnom

    Thread Need help rooting samsung intercept FB01

    So the intercept, my little brothers phone, got an update and its like impossible to root it now. Can anyone help me find a way to root it or help me work on making a way? Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  44. lilajrestnom

    Thread Cm7/9 themeing: wifi, 4G, cell signal bars color.

    So I know that cm7/9 have a plain color for wifi, 4g, and cell sinal when not connected to the internet or background data. I don't like this.. id rather have them always the color as the theme (blue in my situation). I tried to theme them but simply replacing the pngs Doesn't work and when I...
  45. lilajrestnom

    Thread Help please? Rooting Samsung Intercept.

    So I know the Intercept has its own forum but I don't think anyone ever checks in it. The intercept has always had a very easy and simple root method which was just an app that ran and rooted the phone + installed cwm. But the latest update to the intercept (FB01) has stopped this from working...
  46. lilajrestnom

    Thread Cm7 dropped keys and swype issues.

    So I'm running cm7 with nyan kernel and when I type on my keyboard it sometimes misses a character. Is this kernel related would flashing another kernel fix it? I remember this was a problem back on froyo and there was the flashable zips to fix it but I haven't seen anything like that in a...
  47. lilajrestnom

    Thread Build.prop phone calls settings?

    I remember I seen someone post something about an app and also a way to manually change settings that have to do with phone calls from build.prop but I can't seem to remember where they were posted.... I think it was in one of the ROMs we have here but not sure which one. This was maybe id say a...
  48. lilajrestnom

    Thread Texting canda charges?

    Just wanna know if txting canada has an extra charge fee or something. Not sure if plans matter or what but I'm hoping there's a simple "no" answer to this before I go and check my account to see if I can find it Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda app-developers app
  49. lilajrestnom

    Thread How to get these? ♣♠♪♥♦

    "Thiieer Should Be This On Yuhr Keyboard>>> • Hold It Until ♣♠♪♥♦ <<< these pop up." These are the instuctions a friend txt me, but I can't find that freaking little circle button lol. Idk if I'm blind or its not there but does anyone know how to get those symbols to come up? Sent from my...
  50. lilajrestnom

    Thread Stop wifi scanning?

    I noticed that wifi always rescans even when its connected. Is there a way to stop it from autimatically scanning on its own completely and make it only scan when the "scan" button is pressed? Sent from my SPH-D700 using XDA