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    Post [ROM][10.0][LAND][2020/11/22][PR10]-PixelReloaded-[CAF/AOSP]

    Bro earphone button (to pause play music) isn't working in latest version. I tried that earphone in other phone, button is ok not even apps issue please tell me how I can fix this?
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    Post [ROM][10.0][LAND][2020/11/22][PR10]-PixelReloaded-[CAF/AOSP]

    Thanx for your prompt reply sir reinstalling rom fixed it.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][LAND][2020/11/22][PR10]-PixelReloaded-[CAF/AOSP]

    Bro Hotspot not turning on even after disabling tethering acceleration otherwise perfect rom. Please look into this.
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    Post How to Downgrade kernel version of Lineage os 17

    Root it by magisk and use magisk hide
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    Post How to Downgrade kernel version of Lineage os 17

    Do clean flash or u can try other roms with 4.9 kernel other rom dosent have this prblm
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    Post Why cant i unlock bootloader of RedmiY2(S2; 4/64 variant) ????? help pls use this it will unlock on same day
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    Post Any opinions on gabrielse's lineage 17.1 custom rom?

    Well I didn't find any issue in this build that's why I didn't switched or tried to switch to sairam build (and nicheream sir's build was also based on 4.9 kernel it didn't had any problem same for the build I suggested to you. In simple words this is the best alternative to nicheream sir's build)
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    Post Any opinions on gabrielse's lineage 17.1 custom rom?

    Working super fine even for 2gb ram model.
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    Post [ROM][10.0]Corvus OS v4.0 [OFFICIAL] [STABLE] [13/04/2020]

    Because there was internal dispute in corvus team and many devices were removed another rom known as nusantara os is developed by same developer check sourceforge or telegram.
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    Post [ROM] MIUIV12

    Currently it's not booting for everyone wait for team to fix it.
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    Post ExtendedUI [Android 10][OFFICIAL]

    Yes Try this ? lineage os 17.1 by gabrielse sir
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    Post ExtendedUI [Android 10][OFFICIAL]

    No other rom is as smooth and as good as that in multitasking but hope for the best as many roms are including 4.9 kernel all we need is more optimizations.
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    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 4 - Xiaomi Redmi 3S

    Bro I think It can't be fixed for hynix because hynix flash used in Redmi 3s doesn't support linux 4.9 kernel.
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    Post Google Play services hogging all ram.

    No it's your rom problem
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    Post Google Play services hogging all ram.

    Well i am able to run 6-7 apps at same time on that rom.
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    Post Google Play services hogging all ram.

    Flash nicheream's lineage os you will get around 800 mb free ram after installing 70-80 apps on 2gb model
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    Post [ROM][10][OFFICIAL][4.9] Havoc OS v3.5 [YSL][07.05.2020]

    Arm 64 and don't install 3.18 kernel on this rom Linux 4.9 custom kernels will be available soon.
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    Post [ROM][10][OFFICIAL][4.9] Havoc OS v3.5 [YSL][07.05.2020]

    Face unlock is removed from all roms. Camera is working super fine I am using 3 gcams along with pre installed cam and all are working fine.
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    Post [ROM][10][OFFICIAL] [3.18] Havoc OS v3.1 [YSL][16.01.2019]

    Twrp can't access it because you have encrypted it. You can remove encryption by formating it from recovery. About 4mp thing our device uses pixel binning that's why 4 mp currently no way to fix that
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    Post Unroot / Relock

    Bank application will work if you unroot your device just flash magisk Uninstaller no need to relock bootloader or you can simply use magisk hide to hide root status from those apps and can use them having root.
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    Post Kernel in 2020

    Use nicheream's lineage os it has Linux 4.9 kernel and 700-800 mb free ram on 2gb model it's the smoothest rom for this device.
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    Post [Updated] Thread for sharing best gcam version and configurations for redmi S2/Y2

    It's 64 bit version and I am using it on havoc os 3.4 (I will provide link for new xml try that). Gcam is using pixel binning therfore the max resolution is 1/4th = 4mp sadly no way to fix that for now. Here is the link ...
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    Post Which Custom is the Smoothest?

    Currently havoc, evolution x, revenge os, derpfest, corvus are updated so use any one of them and as all roms shares same device sources the experience is almost same except for customization options.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][YSL] EvolutionX 4.20 [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Actually most devices claiming 4gb ram ships with 3.5gb ram and your device's actual ram is 3.5gb
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    Post I can't flash gsi roms

    Use derpfest rom vendor and boot and then flash any gsi
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    Post ExtendedUI [Android 10][OFFICIAL]

    Nicheream's lineage os (android pie) works exceptionally well as it has Linux 4.9 kernel and around 700-800 mb free ram after installing 70-80 apps(but this is no longer updated) but I am searching for android 10 rom which will work fine on 2gb ram variant.
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    Post [ROM][[10.0][LAND] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2020/01/18]

    Can I flash Linux kernel 4.9 from nicheream's lineage os(android pie without treble support) over this rom without bricking my device please tell JacobDeepu bro ---------- Post added at 06:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:13 PM ---------- Can I flash Linux kernel 4.9 from nicheream's...
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    Post [KERNEL]Revvz Kernel[3.18]

    It is there not fixed until now
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    Post [KERNEL]Revvz Kernel[3.18]

    You can flash stable and official havoc os based on android 10 for details check telegram group
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    Post [KERNEL]Revvz Kernel[3.18]

    ram management is good due to inclusion of swap partition (1gb) and battery seems to be draining fast
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    Post [KERNEL]Revvz Kernel[3.18]

    this is unbelievable a custom kernel for our device many thanks and huge respect God bless you brother. i have 1 request too please try to build Linux 4.9 kernel for this device too in future if you can (maybe it's too much to ask but it's only a request)
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    Post Android Q

    Wait for some time you will get one
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    Post [ARM64][RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][Treble] TWRP v3.3.1-0 for Redmi S2/Y2 [YSL]

    That's why I am saying after flashing twrp boot into it manually with combination of both volume keys and power key (pressing them simultaneously and holding for few seconds until phone vibrates) then it will boot into recovery
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    Post [ARM64][ROM][9.0][UNOFFICIAL]Pixel Experience Plus[AOSP][YSL]

    Gcam 7 works with android 10 and sadly there aren't android 10 roms for this device until now ---------- Post added at 04:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:52 PM ---------- Have you unlocked your bootloader and installed twrp?
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    Post [ARM64][ROM][9.0][OFFICIAL]Evolution X[YSL]

    The miui rom for this device is 32 bit but all customs roms are 64 bit and you can install any rom you like without an issue the only thing you need is twrp recovery
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    Post [ARM64][RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][Treble] TWRP v3.3.1-0 for Redmi S2/Y2 [YSL]

    Give the command to flash twrp and after it boot into twrp using buttons it will 100 percent work
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    Post [ARM64][ROM][9.x][Stable] dotOS-3.1.1[YSL]

    Can we expect any update with November security patch just asking btw nice? rom i am using it as my daily driver
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    Post [Recovery][Official] OrangeFox Recovery - R10 [stable][all working]

    Go to wipe and click on format data then enter yes and swipe the slider it will format your internal and your encryption will remove