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  1. churapa

    Thread Stagefright fix - Lollipop AT&T

    I made a fix for AT&T Galaxy S4 Stagefright vulnerability. Attached the zip file for you to flash. Below pictures of the device before and after applying the patch. Please rate 5 stars and thank, it doesn't cost you anything. Note: This fix is for AT&T Lollipop ROMs on or after OC3 version...
  2. churapa

    Thread Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Note 5 Stock Wallpapers

    I downloaded from the system dumps and converted to png the stock wallpapers from S6+ and Note5. Attached the zip files. Please, rate thread 5 stars and don't forget to thank if it was useful for you, it doesn't cost you anything.
  3. churapa

    Thread [THEMES][MODS][JB 4.1.2]churapa Themes/Mods

    churapa Themes/Mods I made a list of the mods I've made, they're mostly for NeatROM, but they may work on other roms, just don't forget to perform backups before flashing anything new to your devices. -Transparent minimal fixed...
  4. churapa

    Thread NeatROM off topic

    I opened this thread to gather NeatROMers (NeatROM users) and friends and to chat about non ROM related issues. Everybody is welcome to participate, just remember to follow XDA's rules.
  5. churapa

    Thread Changing the default font of your Aria

    Changing the default font of your Aria After trying without success different methods to change the fonts in my Aria, I decided to write the results of my experiences (when I was finally able to achieve what I wanted) in order to help others that my be trying to do so. As always, before even...
  6. churapa

    Thread Home/Lock Screen Snapshots.

    I would like to see what other people’s home/lock screens look like. How do I take a screenshot of mine? Is there an application for that somewhere? If someone could point me to the best reference areas I would appreciate it. Thanks. Please! share your home/lock screens with me.