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  1. societyragdoll

    Post YouTube Vanced MicroGVanced non root lost casting to Chromecast

    Same issue here, glad to know I'm not the only one. My bf has the same issue too. I'm on Note FE and he's on LG G6, both Oreo I think. We've been running an older version of Youtube Vanced (non-root) I think, so I install the new version of it and the MicroG apk but that didn't help.
  2. societyragdoll

    Post iOS emoji without root ?

    Unfortunately not, I threw in the towel and rooted in the end.
  3. societyragdoll

    Post iOS emoji without root ?

    It worked for me but it applies a generic font style for the alphabets, letters etc. Is it possible to use a specific font style for all characters and have the non-samsung emojis as well? For instance, Rosemary font with iOS emojis.
  4. societyragdoll

    Thread How can we unlock the Sony DPT-S1 to run android?

    To preface this, I have no skills in software development. In short, I am absolutely clueless about this. My experience is limited to rooting and flashing custom roms on my personal android devices. I am aware that Chinese hackers have managed to run android on this device but charges a fee for...
  5. societyragdoll

    Post Google Camera with working portrait mode V8.2

    Can you switch off HDR + indefinitely? Everytime I reopen the app, it's on again.
  6. societyragdoll

    Post [SM-N935F/DS] How to flash TWRP & Root with Magisk (Int. Ver.) [Pie Updated]

    Does anyone know if Secure Folder can be somehow enabled? I managed to do it on my rooted S7 Edge , but with dark lord rom and some sort of kernel. I'm guessing this isn't possible on this rooted stock rom?
  7. societyragdoll

    Post [HELP]TWRP for Note FE ( N935F ) custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked ( Not bc of FRP )

    Happy to report that everything went fine, I'm finally able restart and apply changes no problem.
  8. societyragdoll

    Post [HELP]TWRP for Note FE ( N935F ) custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked ( Not bc of FRP )

    I don't really know but as far as I can tell it just prevents you from meddling with the binary as long as its state is 'prenormal', and I think it's got something to do with the later Samsung Note series with dual sim capabilities but apparently some newer, lower end Samsung phones also has...
  9. societyragdoll

    Post [HELP]TWRP for Note FE ( N935F ) custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked ( Not bc of FRP )

    Oh golly, I would like to for the sake of just knowing, but I'll waited long enough for it to go wrong again! :P I might try it if I wasn't the first tester or if this was just a spare phone haha
  10. societyragdoll

    Post [HELP]TWRP for Note FE ( N935F ) custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked ( Not bc of FRP )

    Well after rooting I can actually use the phone now, it does start up and set up properly. But I have switched off wifi at the moment, fearing that restoring all my apps will somehow trigger a reboot or shutdown. Because the last time I did it, almost all apps were restored except for a few...
  11. societyragdoll

    Post [HELP]TWRP for Note FE ( N935F ) custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked ( Not bc of FRP )

    On the 7th day (yesterday) I tested the phone but was still greeted with the red line, I was hoping it would go away on its own. So this time I flashed the original firmware again but with HOME CSC instead of CSC hoping that would keep the run time, and thank goodness there was no prenormal...
  12. societyragdoll

    Post [HELP]TWRP for Note FE ( N935F ) custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked ( Not bc of FRP )

    So yesterday ( 7 days since reflashing original firmware), I noticed the bock was lifted (so I'm am sure restrictions are lifted after 7 days at most, nothing to do with updates), and I successfully rooted it again after formatting. I didn't update the binary, only installed apps as per normal...
  13. societyragdoll

    Post [HELP]TWRP for Note FE ( N935F ) custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked ( Not bc of FRP )

    Just yesterday 26 Dec, I checked my phone in download mode and the Prenormal State was gone. I didn't check it everyday but frequently enough after all my updates on 17 Dec to know that the block isn't due to not updating certain apps. To my knowledge it has something to do with time. So I...
  14. societyragdoll

    Post [HELP]TWRP for Note FE ( N935F ) custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked ( Not bc of FRP )

    Thanks for the tip will update if it goes away eventually with time and if I am able to successfully root it after.
  15. societyragdoll

    Post [HELP]TWRP for Note FE ( N935F ) custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked ( Not bc of FRP )

    I just got my N935F today, I tried to update and set up all apps, fingerprints samsung pay but still no luck. Since it's actually possible, I'm wondering if I've missed out on something or I just have to use it for a period of time before it's unblocked. Anybody have any clue?
  16. societyragdoll

    Thread S7 Edge (Nougat) watch face missing on S8 AOD

    I have an S7 Edge (G935F) on which I have flashed an S8 ported rom (Darklord S8 Port Rom) and I noticed that a particular watch face in AOD is misssing. I had it on S7 Edge Stock Nougat Touchwiz, it was not there on Marshmallow. If I'm not mistaken the S8 AOD just doesn't have this particular...
  17. societyragdoll

    Post [P900][Touchwiz] Yet Another Marshmallow Rom 20180202

    I'm also experiencing plenty of lag on the newest version. Even normal typing lags. What can I do?
  18. societyragdoll

    Post [ROM][PORT] DARKLORD S8+ vol2.0 ( The infinity Galaxy)

    You first must go to AOD settings and under "Content to show" select "Home button and clock or information". Then you will see the on screen home button in AOD. You must double tap that after double tapping the clock and follow through until tutorial is done. ---------- Post added at 06:58 PM...
  19. societyragdoll

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][SE][N][7.0][QL2][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8]Aurora S8+ PORT V33

    Does anyone know how to enable secure folder on this rom? I can't seem to find it.
  20. societyragdoll

    Post Smart Select Edge from S8?

    I have figured out a way to get the Smart Select Edge fully functional on the S7 Edge after some trial and error. You will need root. (I don't know if all the steps are necessary but that's just what I did.) 1. Create a new folder in root system/app , rename the new folder...
  21. societyragdoll

    Post [APP] arkTube; the ultimate YouTube downloader

    I've tried that with no luck, thanks for the suggestion though.
  22. societyragdoll

    Post [APP] arkTube; the ultimate YouTube downloader

    My video downloads fail but audio is fine. I have the donation package and am running iYTBP as my youtube app. Anyone know what I could do? Is there a setting​ I'm missing? Thanks in advance! UPDATE: Managed to fix it by setting the save method to 'GENERIC' instead of 'ROOT' when setting a...
  23. societyragdoll

    Post Cannot copy apk to to system root

    Thanks for the help, unfortunately Xplore doesn't help me either, I can't even copy and paste into the priv-app folders at all.
  24. societyragdoll

    Thread Cannot copy apk to to system root

    So a very confusing thing happened today. I have been easily moving apks and folders back and forth with no problem in system root. Specifically in the app and priv-app folders of my rooted S7 edge. All of a sudden I kept getting an error. I use FX but after trying other explorers I have the...
  25. societyragdoll

    Post delete

    Thanks for the advice! But I have tried to install the smart select app and the rectangle and oval doesn't work w/o the s8 aod file. First I had the conflicting package message so I placed the smart select folder in root system/app. Then it would fail until I placed the s8 aod apk in the aod...
  26. societyragdoll

    Post delete

    Been stuck with this for awhile, I need S8's AOD to run smart select on the s7 edge. I tried to do it but it says Always on display has stopped working. Could you let me know how you specifically did it? Did you rename the apk or the folder? Did you leave the oat folder? And what are the...
  27. societyragdoll

    Post Post your S7 edge homescreen

    Nova Launcher. Zooper widget. Shimu icon pack.
  28. societyragdoll

    Post Smart Select Edge from S8?

    I received the same conflict. But I tried the following: create a new folder in root system/app , rename the new folder 'SmartClipEdgeService'. Then download the apk from...
  29. societyragdoll

    Thread Disabling video enhancer notification in nemesis rom?

    So I'm running nemesis rom V3 on my N910G and N910F. Whenever I try to play a video, I get a notification from Video Enhancer suggesting that I turn it on. But the notification is from android system not video player. I've tried to disable notifications and uninstalling a system app which I...
  30. societyragdoll

    Post [ROM][6.0.1]NEMESIS ROM NOTE 7 FULL PORT V3.0 [BPJ8]

    That's the from sliding down the notification shade, what I'm using for that is samsung's goodlock app which is customizable. If you're interested to try it: The notification that pops up directly when...
  31. societyragdoll

    Post [ROM][6.0.1]NEMESIS ROM NOTE 7 FULL PORT V3.0 [BPJ8]

    Video enchancer notification I keep receiving this annoying notification pop-up to enable video enhancer when I play a video. It doesn't happen all the time, just often and always when I restart the phone. I tried disabling video pop-up notifications but that doesn't seem to work. Anyone know...
  32. societyragdoll

    Post [ROM][6.0.1]NEMESIS ROM NOTE 7 FULL PORT V3.0 [BPJ8]

    I have v3 on my N910G. Initially the front facing camera (N7) would force close when trying to record a video so I flashed the N7 camera fix. But now if I try to adjust the brightness in auto or the exposure in pro mode, the camera force closes too. Anyone know a way around this or if I might...
  33. societyragdoll

    Post [v.3.0 - 05.01.2017]NOTE7 CAMERA PORT FOR NOTE4 [N7/S7EDGE PORTED ROMS]

    Thanks for the work! Tried 3.0 on X-Rom (N910G) but camera stops when I try to record video on both cameras. Also, all the modes except auto aren't visible. I'm trying to see where I went wrong here or if it just doesn't work on my model. 1. Opened the rom zip file, I deleted camera data...
  34. societyragdoll

    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    Note 4 homescreen setup Nova Launcher Prime Line Icon Pack Zooper Widget Pro (custom) Fonts : Marcsc___ (Date), Autumn Chant (Weather, Country), Bergamot Ornaments (Embellishments) Icon/system font : Hand Scribble Sketch Times
  35. societyragdoll

    Post [rom][6.0.1][n910g][x-rom note 7 port]

    N910G Kernel and Camera? Hey everyone, I'm abit of a novice so please bear with me! I have the X-Rom V3 installed on my N910G. I had some issues with the battery life so I flashed the 3.10.40-Emotion-TW-stabke -MM-beta-r25 kernel (after failing to successfully flash other kernels). It seemed...
  36. societyragdoll

    Thread [Q] Notification Bar and power off glitch

    This is a rather advanced site to post a question on. I'm just wondering if there's anyone here who can shed any light on this problem. I have a Note 10.1 (2014) Wi-Fi only. I have an issue pulling down the notification bar, my gesture sometimes does not register. When I press the power button...