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  1. asusgarb

    Thread Working Theme Store for Global

    Hi. I think I've tried almost every theme store APK I could find in internet. None was working because of this problems: 1- App not installed 2- App installed but not compatible in this region (Italy). 3- Can't apply theme -9 Only one was working. I could change wallpaper but not themes...
  2. asusgarb

    Thread Intelligent Power Saver

    Hi. Can somebody give me some details. In every user app there are 3 possibilities to choose about power saving: 1. Allow running in background. 2. Deny running in background. 3. Let the system choose (Intelligent Power Saver. In many apps I would like to deny background, but I don't know this...
  3. asusgarb

    Thread Advertising pictures wallpaper

    Hi everybody. In every advertising pictures I've seen of the blue version, the background is like in the pictures included here. I tried to find it in wallpapers apps or by googling for it, but I couldn't find it. Was someone able to find it?
  4. asusgarb

    Thread Set ringtones with File Manager freezed

    Hi. I have rooted my device, so I installed my favourite apps and freezed stock ones. My favourite file manager is Solid Explorer, so I installed it and freezed File Manager stock with titanium backup. Usually I still can set ringtones with custom file manager, but on this device, if I try to...
  5. asusgarb

    Thread Best Compatible Oppo Cover

    Hi. I was wandering in Rhinoshield site and I found a cover for Oppo Reno 2. Here I've seen many comments about compatibility with Oppo Reno Ace. At a glance the Reno 2 seems fitting perfectly. Maybe someone has tried it?
  6. asusgarb

    Thread Developer Option Settings - How to make them Stuck

    Hi everybody. Actually I own a Realme X2 Pro. In this phone sometimes developer options deactivate by themselves or reset their settings. I know this is a thing to discuss in Realme forum, but this is related to my question. Since many years I tried to make developer options settings stuck...
  7. asusgarb

    Thread Battery Life: Before/After BL Unlock

    Hi. I have unlocked the BL yesterday and freezed some apps, replacing them with my favourites. But battery was draining faster than before. Now I'm on Unlocked BL + Magisk + Google app freezed. Except for these things 3verything is still stock, but battery life seems decreasing faster. And it's...
  8. asusgarb

    Thread Google Phone can't be installed

    Hi. I have this device since last Saturday. I was trying today to see if I can install Google apps, because I like stock feeling of android. Now I won't keep them, because without root I can't freeze system apps, and so I would have 2 galleries, 2 message apps etc running in background. I tried...
  9. asusgarb

    Thread Increase calls audio with mixer_paths.xml

    Hi. On my Galaxy Note 3 with official Lineage 14.1 I have incredibly low audio during calls on speaker earphone. I solved increasing value in mixer_paths.xml in "Voice Call Scenario" section. The same problem is on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (tablet) with lineage 14.1 It is a tablet, so we can...
  10. asusgarb

    Thread [CLOSED] [REQUEST] Spotify Premium Module

    Hi everybody. Since some time the amazing Spotify Dogfood has been closed because of DCMA violation. We can still find many modded apks on the net, but the most annoying thing is that on each update we have to uninstall the one we're using before installing newer one (we could update Dogfood...
  11. asusgarb

    Thread Adopted Storage and Games Installation

    Hi people. During last weeks I've become unable to install (or update) some games on my tablet with Lineage 14.1 and adopted storage. About the update I solved by moving to internal memory, update, and then move to SD memory. But installation doesn't accept this trick. I tried to remove the SD...
  12. asusgarb

    Thread Different wallpapers for different orientations

    Hi. I googled about this feature without luck. I would like to know if there is a possibility to set one wallpaper for portrait and one for landscape. In this way while using device in landscape a wallpaper is shown, when device is turned to portrait the wallpaper change to the one set for...
  13. asusgarb

    Thread Firmware Finder caused Verification problem

    Using Firmware Finder, a friend of mine updated his VNS-L31 to Nougat. Everything seemed stable, but after some weeks started having some minor problems. So he decided to do a factory reset. It failed and appeared a black screen with black and red words saying the phone failed verification. We...
  14. asusgarb

    Thread Adaptive Brightness & Live Display Battery Life

    Hi everybody. I've read many articles in the web about this 2 functions trying to understand if they help or not increasing battery life. I found some saying that they help battery life and some saying it decrease battery. What is the truth? They help or not battery life? Or, is there a...
  15. asusgarb

    Thread EMUI 5.0 Nougat and Adopted Storage

    Hi everybody. Today I received Nougat OTA. I finished upgrading some hours ago and now I'm having fun with new EMUI. I was disappointed because adopted storage is not available. On my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 I installed LineageOS and i set my external SD as internal memory. That tablet has "only"...
  16. asusgarb

    Thread Battery profile and optimization

    Hi. Since few months I'm using a Lineage OS ROM. As other ROMs it has the possibility to choose battery profile (obviously), but the last choice in the screenshot i didn't remember... It can assign battery profile for each app, as i could understand. This means that while playing a game it will...
  17. asusgarb

    Thread TW Lollipop 5.1.1 SD memory expansion

    Hi. I'm on a Note 10.1 2014. Actually I'm using LineageOS but sometimes I miss some TW features. I would like to know if there is a way to enable, like in MM and N, the possibility to assign the external SD as internal archive to expand internal memory. I already tried App2SD app, but I...
  18. asusgarb

    Thread MicroSD as internal memory broken.

    Hi. Let me explain what happen. 1- I set MicroSD as internal memory on Lineage 14.1 rom. 2- After some problems I formatted both device and SD and tried to move apps with App2SD app. 3- Again many problems, but now SD was impossible to read. 4- Formatted with PC using Diskpart > Clean. 5-...
  19. asusgarb

    Thread Samsung Theme Store and/or Theme Engine

    Hi everybody. I'm asking this basing on my experience with Note 3. On Note 3 we can enable Theme Engine (change Launcher theme only) and on 5.1.1 porting roms (Note 5 or S7 port 5.1.1) is available Samsung Theme Store. Here on SM-P605 with 5.1.1 Samsung Theme Store is not available and theme...
  20. asusgarb

    Thread [PETITION] Marshmallow Update for Galaxy Note 3

    Hi. Everybody. I decided to create this petition because, even if Note 3 is a 3 years old device, I appreciate it very much. I think that many of you think this like me (and we are a lot of perople), so I create this. Please sign it...
  21. asusgarb

    Thread Enable Heads Up CM12.1

    Hi. I've just flashed latest CM12.1 nightly (18/09/16) after long time away from CM and I've found that heads up notifications don't work. The option is enabled, but I cannot make them appear. Is it a CM bug or what can i do? EDIT: Some apps (message, whatsapp) seem to work, but others (like...
  22. asusgarb

    Thread Root and Warranty

    Hi. Reading many threads I understood the only way to root the phone is by bootloader unlock. But I haven't never understood if one or both of these procedures can invalidate warranty (like Samsung) or not. Inviato dal mio SM-N9005 utilizzando Tapatalk
  23. asusgarb

    Thread [REQUEST] Samsung Browser

    Hi. I have installed stock EPD4 following this guide I used the debloater script. I read the whole list of apps removed but I missed the browser. I tried installing Samsung Internet from APK Mirror but...
  24. asusgarb

    Thread GPS Quality

    Hi. Probably in next months I should have my Note 1 back. I would like to use it only as GPS Navigator (with Sygic), so i was thinking to install latest official Rom. I think official is the best. But I cannot remember how was the quality of GPS signal. Was it good? And, in your opinion, is...
  25. asusgarb

    Thread SM-P605 Replace Internal SD

    Hi everybody. Before asking to assistance in my town (for EVERY question their answer is always "we send to Samsung") I want to ask here. As I said in the title, I would like to know if it is possible to replace the internal 16GB SD with a new 32GB one. And, if it's possible, if I can do by...
  26. asusgarb

    Thread Lollipop 5.1.1 - Move games to Ext SD

    Hi everybody. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE with 16GB internal memory. It's a total pleasure to play games on it, but with only 16GB I can't have many. I tried to move some games (Springfield Tapped Out) in External SD, but I can move only a little part of the app. All the downloaded...
  27. asusgarb

    Thread Install apps directly on SD

    Hi guys. I absolutely love this tablet, but when I bought it I was probably distracted, because I didn't notice 16GB (P605). I use it a lot for games, but 16 could be too few sometimes. I tried to move apps to SD, but I have not so much more free space. I even tried with Link2SD to set...
  28. asusgarb

    Thread Clean Master root permissions

    Hi guys. Some days ago I rooted my Note 10.1 LTE (P605). Now I was trying to use Clean Master to disable apps autostart at boot (needs root permission). First time I try disable an app it starts obtaining root, but it cannot. I tried even inside Supersu app, but I can't give Clen Master the...
  29. asusgarb

    Thread Stock 5.1.1 lags with games

    One of the reasons why I bought this tablet is that its as powerful as my phone (Note 3 9005). I have installed Slovenian 5.1.1 but now I'm very disappointed. I like very much playing games (Springfield, Clash of Clans, Dead Trigger 2 and Nebulous are my favourite) but first time I started...
  30. asusgarb

    Thread 16:9 Apps

    Hi everybody. I'm very interested in buying this tablet, but I have read some reviews on Amazon where users say some 16:9 apps don't work because of this 4.£ screen. I'm also a huge gamer, so can someone tell me if it's true and if you tried these 3 apps: Springfield tapped out - Blood brothers...
  31. asusgarb

    Thread OEAGO Cover Note 3

    Hi. Everybody. Reading some news about Nexus 5 i found an amazon link of this cover by Oeago. When I saw its pictures I immediately loved it. I watched oeago page in amazon and I found its covers for many devices, but not for Note 3. Did someone found a link in some other sites (I googled a...
  32. asusgarb

    Thread Zipalign script init.d

    Hi everybody. On my Note 3 I'm actually using L_Speed MOD. One of the reasons is its zipalign script. I'm curious to try the new nightly of CM12 without too many modifications, but I think zipalign is indispensable. I googled on xda and on Google, but I didn't find a solution. So I'm asking...
  33. asusgarb

    Thread AOSP Complete Theme for TW Roms

    Hi everybody. Since long time I'm using the X-Note rom (I know it's no more here on xda). That rom has a wonderful theme for the entire UI that changes everything in AOSP style. I love it too much, because I don't like TW style. Since today I've never found a theme like that one that could be...
  34. asusgarb

    Thread TouchWiz 5x5 Multi Dpi

    hi everybody. as you can read in the title, i'm searching for a TW modded to have 5x5 grid and multidpi support. till now i have found or only with 5x5 grid or only with multidpi support. i couldn't find nothing with both patches. maybe i haven't found it yet. can someone help me?
  35. asusgarb

    Thread Themes without root

    Hi everybody. When I bought my note 3 it's firmware was already mj7, so with blocked bootloader. I didn't root it yet, but I would like to try some of the beautiful themes developed for our loved note 3. Is there anyone or any possibility to flash them with the stock recovery and without root...
  36. asusgarb

    Thread Sound on charging connection disappeared

    Hi. Sorry for my bad English. I'm going to explain my problem. Usually, when we connect our Note with usb cable to the PC or charger, we can hear a little sound and haptic feedback. Since some days I can only feel vibration, the sound has disappeared. I checked every setting but nothing. Surely...
  37. asusgarb

    Thread [Q] big battery problem, Note shuts down on its own

    hi everybody, please help me. i'm going to explain the situation: 1. i'm using jellybam and paranoidandroid. 2. while i'm in recovery, no problems. the phone keeps working pefectly. 3. during the boot or after very few seconds of usage the phone dies completely (no sods, it shuts off, like with...
  38. asusgarb

    Thread Paranoic about rom download.

    Hi everybody. Probably this will look as a very stupid question, but for me is real. When i download any ROM (tw, cm, etc) with my internet connection (600 KBS), every time the ROM has problems. Md5 is correct, archive is OK, but the ROM is laggy, slow ect. When i download them with internet...
  39. asusgarb

    Thread A Good ROM for SGS2

    Hi everybody. I have a Galaxy Note and a friend with a Galaxy S2. He is not able to flash ROMs, kernel etc, so he asked me to flash a rom chosen by me. I have read a lot of changelogs of various ROM, but i haven't ever informed about this phone. Can you suggest me a good ROM, both touchwiz and...
  40. asusgarb

    Thread Driving Mode for CM10

    Hi everybody. I'm using Jellybam ROM, but i think my request refers to all CM/AOKP ROMs. In touchwiz ROM there is the possibility to activate the driving mode, that speak telling the caller name when a call arrives. I tried some app from play store but they didn't work. Is there the possibility...
  41. asusgarb

    Thread Jellybam Threads?

    Hi everybody. Using search feature i didn't found any thread with this name. Reading in some forums i have read that jellybam ROM has been banned by xda. Just for my personal curiosity, why? On jellybam's forum i read the developer was accused of having stolen some features of other ROMs, but...
  42. asusgarb

    Thread Italian LSZ vs Germany LSZ battery performance

    hi everybody. i'm an italian user, so obviously i follow nay italian forums. in many of them i have read that the italian version of the LSZ rom has a lot better battery performance. i haven't done any test yet, because at the moment i have no time to flash a rom, but i'll do it. any one tried...
  43. asusgarb

    Thread Stock weather widget with nova launcher

    Hi. I installed nova launcher so I can disable wallpaper scrolling. But I cannot use the stock weather widget. I can use it only with touchwiz. Is there a way to use it on nova launcher too? Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda premium
  44. asusgarb

    Thread Touchwiz wallpaper scrolling options

    Hi everybody. In this period I'm using a touch wiz ROM and I love its launcher, but sometimes I would like to disable the scroll of wallpaper. When I had my HTC hd2 I downloaded a lot of portrait wallpaper that I would like to use, but with scrolling the effect is horrible. Is there any way to...
  45. asusgarb

    Thread [REQUEST ]4 way reboot, ink effect, disable wallpaper scrolling

    Hi everybody, as the title say, i'm searching those mod for the latest cronosmachine's lsz rom. i know some of them are available on other threads (eyebee, xperiacle i.e.) but they are in packages with other mods that are already included inside the rom. i'm afraid about incompatibilities...
  46. asusgarb

    Thread How to Zipalign LSZ?

    Hi everybody. I'm using latest official jb rom but I find it very slow and laggy. I would like to try to zipalign app (i think it should let apps use less ram). With V6 Supercharger Starter Kit I installed zipalign binary in system/xbin. Using android tweaker by igio90 I told the rom to zipalign...
  47. asusgarb

    Thread Please Heelp! Stuck at "Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000"

    i just flashed the last official german jb rom with odin. everything ok. after that i rooted it with root+bsybox signed zip (called safe method). the n i put a revovery with rom manager ( and i tried to flash awsomebeats. flashed with cwm, everything ok, but at the reboot stuck at logo...
  48. asusgarb

    Thread Zipalign binary missed jellybam 4.1.0

    Hi everybody. Today I installed v6 supercharged script and after that my zipalign binary in xbin is missing. I tried with v6 started kit, but it says impossible because system is read only. Can someone provide me his zipalign binary from xbin? Thank you! Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda premium
  49. asusgarb

    Thread ROM Toolbox Pro Memory Manager

    Hi. I'm using jellybam 4.1.0 and I have to say I have problems with performance control app, so I switched to ROM toolbox pro. Trying to optimize the phone, in memory manager section, there is a part called memory minfree. I think it set the minimum memory should stay free. There are many...
  50. asusgarb

    Thread Vibration issue

    Hi everybody, I don't know if it is real but I think to have a problem with vibration settings. I think go remember that tapping an icon on the launcher (nova, tw or trebuchet) the phone should vibrate. But now it doesn't. Every other vibration work well (physical buttons, lockscreen ect, but on...