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    Thread Problems with Odin

    I tried to flash the stock firmware via Odin for the SM-T320 / mondrianwifi. I have tried Odin 3.10.6 and 3.09. I used the cellular south firmware listed on Sammobile. I tried the 2015-03-01 and 2014-11-01. Each time I tried to flash the firmware, it just stays at the SAMSUNG screen on boot...
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    Thread 4.4 Bootloader for AOSP ROMs

    Is there any advantage or deterrent for updating to the 4.4 bootloader if someone will only be running AOSP based ROMs? Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    Thread Board bent

    I broke my N5 and the screen was shattered. I read on the Google forums that if you send it to LG they will fix it (for a fee). I sent it in. LG sent it back without calling me as they said they would. The placed a written note in the package stating that the board is bent. The phone...
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    Thread has anyone used this and a note 3? How did they compare?

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    Thread [Q] LTE not working

    My stock, unrooted SGN3's LTE is not working. This may be a T-Mobile issue. I know when I had a rooted LG G2, this helped me: Is there any fix like this for the N3?
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    Thread [Q] Windows won't recognize phone / driver

    My Windows 7 PC will not recognize my LG G2 D801. I have downloaded the universal drivers listed in most root websites and it's still not working. In the Windows Device Manager (Devices and Printers), there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point next to it. When I click on hardware, in...