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  1. mikeprius

    Thread Android 10 issues/bugs

    Since Android 10 dropped, if anyone notices any bugs or issues I figured it would be good to make a thread about them. Been using Android 10 since it dropped, and one issue that I have noticed is my signal is more sloppy and inconsistent which may be a radio issue. I am using Sprint, but the...
  2. mikeprius

    Thread Pixel 3 screen failure

    This has been a disappointing experience. I just had my Pixel 3 display probably destroyed. It is flashing uncontrollably and I have a trip planned tomorrow. Also part of the top part has now darkened. I'm guessing it is a display failure. This is not my video but my phone is doing the exact...
  3. mikeprius

    Thread Pixel 3 worth the upgrade ?

    I just got the Pixel 3 from the Pixel 2 and I have to say, it's a nice phone, but I cannot say there is a huge noticeable difference. When you throw in the camera mod for the Pixel 2, the Pixel 3 is better on paper, but overall, it generally feels like I bought the same phone and Google is...
  4. mikeprius

    Thread Pixel 2 phone random changes

    I just pulled out my phone and had this happen again for the 4th time. Sometimes when I pull out my phone it had the brightness maxed out, sometimes flashlight on, and battery saver mode. It's not always those changes, but sometimes I have a freakout of the phone and when I take a look at it I...
  5. mikeprius

    Thread Are you getting the Pixel 3 ?

    This is a bit early but thought I'd just throw it out there. Are you planning on getting the Pixel 3 this year (or strongly considering) ? It does not seem like the Pixel 2 really caught on as much. The Pixel 2XL seems to have been more popular than the smaller Pixel 2. Overall it's had it's...
  6. mikeprius

    Thread Anyone get their Pixel 2 wet often ?

    Now that the Pixel 2 is water resistant, does anyone get their phone wet or in water often ? I recently took mine hiking which was perfect for the camera, and after the trip it was dusty and oily from use. I took the phone and turned it off and submerged it in warm water and washed it for a few...
  7. mikeprius

    Thread Android 8.0 easter egg

    I just have to ask the question.....what's up with that creepy looking black squid as an Easter egg ? I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering this. Completely random and weird.
  8. mikeprius

    Thread Mobile data always on keeps turning off

    In developer options I use the keep mobile data on despite having wifi so the hand off is fast. Periodically it just toggles itself off. Never happened on Nougat, but has been happening with Oreo. Has anyone else found the culprit for this ?
  9. mikeprius

    Thread Anyone using Pixel 2 stock ?

    Not sure if I am burned out or just no longer have the desire but I realized I have not flashed a custom ROM since June of this year so I'll be rapidly approaching 6 months and that was for my 5X. This Pixel 2 I have left stock and the Pixel 1 I had, I made it stock back in June after flashed...
  10. mikeprius

    Thread One Plus 5 support timeframe

    This is probably a noob question, but how long does One Plus keep pushing out updates for their devices ? I have always had Google devices and it's been generally 2 years for versions, and 3 years for total updates. Considering getting a One Plus, just wondering how often updates are pushed. It...
  11. mikeprius

    Thread Google reportedly close to acquiring HTC's smartphone business Wouldn't have it just been better to keep Motorola prior ?
  12. mikeprius

    Thread need a new laptop

    Your Mom
  13. mikeprius

    Thread Bluetooth not working

    Not sure if this is just my phone but bluetooth has not been working the last update of 7.1.2 and Android O the most recent version. When I toggle bluetooth it does not activate and i have tried clearing out the cache. Not sure if this is a software issue or possible related to hardware. I did...
  14. mikeprius

    Thread Sprint LG Flex 2 6.0

    Your mom
  15. mikeprius

    Thread Are you buying the pixel 2 ?

    My pixel works fine along with my Nexus 5x and 6. With the new pixel 2 around the corner are you buying it? I hate to be the stereotypical American who consumes in excess and buys things they don't need but I know ill resist for a month or 2 then cave in.
  16. mikeprius

    Thread Gmail alterative

    Ive been having issues for a very long time with Gmail and unfortunately any new update does not fix this. I use Gmail for multiple accounts and when i delete or try to move things into folders they keep appearing and i have to do it several times or log into a computer to get it to work. I've...
  17. mikeprius

    Thread dbrand skin on Pixel

    I'm on my second skin for the Pixel from dbrand. I was wondering if anyone else had issues with the corners ? The fitment I'd say for the skin is about 95% accurate. Once you start from the bottom and roll it over slowly it fits for the most part. There are some half millimeter offsets around...
  18. mikeprius

    Thread Stock firmware and model #?

    I am coming from a Nexus and Pixel​ and I'm thinking about buying a Moto for fun to play with as a Dev device. Is there a location where all the stock firmware is posted to flash back to stock or check updates like the Nexus ? Also where do I check to make sure I am flashing the correct model...
  19. mikeprius

    Thread Greenify vs Naptime

    Does anyone here use both ? If so, what combo do you use, or if you only use one. Right now I'm trying Greenfy (regular) and Naptime with the motion sensors cut off. Anyone try Greenify aggressive doze and naptime sensors disabled ?
  20. mikeprius

    Thread Magisk on Nexus 5x

    Is anyone using magisk and have Android pay working with root on the 5x ? I've been looking for a thread and can't find how to do it. Unlock bootloader Flash stock image Flash TWRP Reboot Download magisk Manager and zip Reboot ? Will root apps work now with Android pay?
  21. mikeprius

    Thread Anyone using their Pixel stock ?

    Just thought I'd toss this question out to all the Pixel owners, anyone just using their Pixel straightup stock ? I'm not sure if it's been bc I've been modding for 3+ years or this is my 3rd device which I can actually customize (other 2 were Nexus and still work), but the Pixel right now I've...
  22. mikeprius

    Thread OTA sideload vs factory image

    Noob question, but what is the difference between side loading the OTA and downloading the factory image ? Generally whenever a new version is online for the factory images, I have downloaded then flashed via fastboot. If I have stock recovery (I don't right now), but if I did, I put the OTA zip...
  23. mikeprius

    Thread Nexus 6 factory images

    I was looking at the Nexus 6 factory images. It looks like it jumps from 6.0 to 7.1.1, then back to 6.0, then this an error or were the 7.1.1 beta builds ? Also is Google still making factory images for the Nexus 6 ? I thought that development was over for it, but I am pleased to...
  24. mikeprius

    Thread How to update newest images without wiping or losing TWRP ?

    When there's a new image next month I want to update to can I just use fastboot and flash everything except recovery then reboot and keep.twrp and ha e the newest image without losing data ? Fastboot flash Bootloader Modem System Syatem_other Vendor Skipping the others then reboot and still...
  25. mikeprius

    Thread Peaking notifications fingerprint

    New Pixel user here. Had N6 and N5x. Been playing with the phone totally stock. Is anyone elses fingerprint scroll for notifications somewhat a hit or miss?
  26. mikeprius

    Thread Sprint sim card?

    I have the Nexus 5x. Can I reuse the same sim card for the pixel? If not what is the upc code that I will need for the phone? I've been searching and have not found info.
  27. mikeprius

    Thread Sprint sim card?

    I have the Nexus 5x. Can I reuse the same sim card for the pixel? If not what is the upc code that I will need for the phone? I've been searching and have not found info. Thanks
  28. mikeprius

    Thread Fingerprint not enabled error

    I got this error when trying to use a fingerprint to open an app: "Fingerprint not enabled. You have reached the maximum number of devices that can use Fingerprint. You must disable one to enable Fingerprint on this device." Does anyone know how to do this ? :confused:
  29. mikeprius

    Thread Screen on time?

    It looks like I ended up getting 4.5 hrs of SOT. Is this considered good for the Nexus 5x or pretty average? I didn't start at 100%. It started at 97%
  30. mikeprius

    Thread What case for the Nexus 5x ??

    I haven't seen a general case thread, so I'd thought I'd float out the question. I've just seen a few reviews. I like the Nexus 5x since it is smaller than most phablets, but I also would like a slim case. Currently I have the black ringke slim which is nice, but a fingerprint magnet and no bump...
  31. mikeprius

    Thread Google pixel phone sweater This isn't related to the Nexus, but I found this little ugly sweater for the Pixel phone a great novelty gift. I bet it would fit my Nexus 5x :highfive:
  32. mikeprius

    Thread Cannot detect in fastboot mode

    I was trying to flash the factory images on the Nexus 5x through fastboot. When I kept typing fastboot devices the computer would not recognize the phone so I couldn't flash the images, however; when I go to TWRP it recognizes the phone. When I type fastboot devices it keeps saying "Waiting for...
  33. mikeprius

    Thread TWRP Nandroids not working

    I'm using the most recent version of TWRP for the 5x. I usually check boot, system, data which I believe are the default items that are checked for making an nandroid. I also use enable compression to try and shrink the file. The last few times I have made a nandroid then tried to restore it...
  34. mikeprius

    Thread Nexus 5x quick charge ?

    I have a Nexus 6 that has Motorola Turbo Charge. Is Motorola Turbo charge a quick charge 2.0 or 3.0 ? :confused: Does the Nexus 5x also have the same kind of rapid charge called quick charge 2.0 but under a different name ? Or is this 3.0 ? There are so many ways it's being called I'm not sure...
  35. mikeprius

    Thread Just got a new Nexus 5x

    Just ordered a new Nexus 5x a few days ago should be here soon. It'll probably still have Marshmallow on it. Should I only flash custom ROMs. Immediately to avoid bootloop issues u have been hearing about? I'm confused because it seems that the OTA or preview edition was causing this not custom...
  36. mikeprius

    Thread Got a new phone

    So I've been mentioning a lot and I wound up ordering a new phone, the Nexus 5X. I know I asked in an earlier thread about it, but it meets everything that I am looking for. I got the 32GB variant (new in box) for $220. Not the 16GB, the 32GB from a private seller and negotiated it down. I was...
  37. mikeprius

    Thread Nexus 5x ?

    So doing a stock Ota update to 7.0.breaks the phone? Yikes...... Is it better just to keep Marshmallow with the phone. Does exposed work? I have the Nexus 6 and used alpha apk for xposed then the 86 framework
  38. mikeprius

    Thread Nexus 5X vs Nexus 6

    I was just curious if anyone has used the nexus 5x before and how it compares to the Nexus 6. I have seen the specs, but just curious on user experience. I'm considering a smaller phone, but the Pixel is way too the Nexus 5x worth considering or forget about it ?
  39. mikeprius

    Thread Looking at buying an unlocked Nexus 5

    I have been looking at buying a Nexus 5 (I have Sprint) as a second phone to play with. I currently have a Nexus 6 atm, I have seen a few on ebay and some on Amazon that state unlocked, etc, etc.......... Has anyone here bought an unlocked phone and have it working on Sprint ? I am interested...
  40. mikeprius

    Thread Android N radio bootloader

    If I fastboot the new Android N radio and bootloader to run Android N on my phone, if I were to flash back an old Marshmallow nandroid while keeping the new radio and bootloader, will I have any issues ?
  41. mikeprius

    Thread Pixel Prediction (6 months from now 10/5/16-4/5/17)

    I've been talking a lot with my friends about this who are also Android users. I know there are a lot of opinions about the Pixel, so I thought it would be interesting to make a thread to check back on in 6 months from launch to see how things panned out. At the end of the day either Google is...
  42. mikeprius

    Thread USB-C OTG ?

    I found some microUSB to USB-C adapters and I still plan on using an OTG thumbdrive. I was wondering if anyone has any experience using this and if the OTG will work through a micro to USB-C adapter, or if you need a direct USB-C OTG ? Any suggestions ?
  43. mikeprius

    Thread Aluminum vs graphite scratches

    Now that the 6p has been out for awhile, I was just wondering how the phone looks if it is used naked without a case, in particular the graphite version. Does the aluminum show through the graphite after awhile ? Aluminum I assume would hide scratches better since it is metallic silver. I like...
  44. mikeprius

    Thread New Nexus 2016 phone A few articles have been written about the rumored new Nexus phone. If this is how it looks, it looks horrible. The...
  45. mikeprius

    Thread Faint burn in

    Well after 9 months I have very faint burn in on my nexus from the Nav bar. I noticed it when I had my phone horizontal while watching a YouTube video. Not the end of the world but it's unfortunate. I don't do "beast mode" where the brightness is jack up either just auto. Nav bar only not status...
  46. mikeprius

    Thread Recommended earbuds ?

    I used to have some old Skullcandy earbuds that I bought discounted in early 2012. Since then they have went out so I had to replace them and got ink'd 2 off Ebay. The pack I got did not come in the original packaging, so I'm not sure if they were fakes, but at any rate they were total junk and...
  47. mikeprius

    Thread Nexus 6 end support date October 2016 Google created a timeline for Nexus devices. Lists Nexus 6 no guaranteed support after October 2016......I feel like I just got this device too.........:( ............actually I did....I just bought it around Black Friday last year.
  48. mikeprius

    Thread Dropped the Nexus 6 on my face

    Yep I can admit it, I was watching something on youtube while laying in bed and the Nexus 6 lept up and got me on the nose bridge.
  49. mikeprius

    Thread Nexus 6p chargers/cables

    I've been searching around for additional cables for the 6p given that they have changed from the micro USB. I was planning on using my existing wall jacks with USB A ends. I've looked at the cables Benson has reviewed on Google+. It seems like iOrange has gotten pretty good reviews from him...
  50. mikeprius

    Thread 6p LED light

    I currently have the Nexus 6 which requires root to enable the notification light. I was looking online, it looks like the LED notification light will pulse and can be enabled via stock ? The video I saw showed a red light when a text came in, are there different colors stock, or would more...