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  1. ChanceOfChange

    Thread Moto G Hard Bricked

    anyone can help me? when i flash the stock firmware files after restat my phone dead... wont turn on or charged anymore... what happends? i flash the original stock rom as i always do for testing.. maybe some files wont needed to flash and that cause the brick?
  2. ChanceOfChange

    Thread Moto x Unlocked - Unbranded

    anyone with this? i wanna buy one but i need some info first!
  3. ChanceOfChange

    Thread REQuest! Anyone to remove carrier name and locksreen text

    if anyone can decompile the system.apk and framework-res.apk to add the neseccery values will be helpfull and awsome! thx in advanced!
  4. ChanceOfChange

    Thread Xperia T Known Bootloader bugs for help

    well i unlock my phone as most of us, i relock it and drm gone.. thats the very known part sadly. my bravia engine wont work anymore and music cant fetch info from net, only trackid works. is there any mod trick or something to make it work again? i tired to search and get nothing. if anymore...
  5. ChanceOfChange

    Thread Volume adjust key beep help...

    i know it not the right place for it but i really need some help for a mod.. i try to find where are the nesecery files for dissable the hard key volume adjust beep...but i had no luck, any dev can help me on this?
  6. ChanceOfChange

    Thread CM9 experemental P5110 Theme

    i make a real pure black-blue theme with some tweaked animation fx for perfomance and reabillity! works only for the GT-P5110 cause the framework and settingsui filles are only for this device. i test it i use and works with zero problems. for those who intrested i uploaded soon i return home...