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    Thread App lock

    Is there a emui kind app lock in samsung or available on Google play. Can we use the app lock from emui . I liked the face unlock,finger print integration of that app lock n not confirmation screen etc.
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    Thread Does your 8 pro have issues

    Want to understand wat the % of phones that hv issues like display, banding, network etc . If ur phone has, list list the issue too.
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    Thread Did the latest update solve display isssues

    Did the latest andriod 11 preview 4 solved the black crush, black bar and other display issues in oneplus 8 pro
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    Thread Which one will you suggest OppO X2 or Oneplus 8 pro

    Im hearing about the display issues on 8 pro.. want opinion of x2 users , what is their opnion about these issues on their phones, spcially black crush and color calibrations
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    Thread Does X2 has black crush issue

    i am contemplating between oneplus 8 pro and x2, does x2 has display issues like 8 pro? black crush , etc?
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    Thread Guys how is the screen of this phone, does it strain the eyes?

    My usage is basically browisng the internet, emails, videos and some conf calls. Would 5T be a better choice for me, please reply, If i buy today view then i can get a discount of 2k INR.
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    Thread Want to buy le max 2.

    I want to buy le max 2 today. But heard that it has heating issues. Does it ? What other issues does it has. If it has issues ,please suggest another similar phone.
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    Thread Tab s2 9.7 or IPAD PRO 9.7

    Hi, I want to buy a new tablet and confused between the above two models. Can someone please help me which one should i buy. My basic usage would be reading PDF's, movies and communication. How easy it is to store your own files on IPAD pro (without mac), I am confused as it does not come...
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    Thread [Q] root on 5.1

    Whats the process to root on 5.1 ? Will the same earlier "how-to-nexus-6-one-beginners-guide-t2948481" guide work on 5.1 too and the same files mentioned in the guide?:confused:
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    Thread Guys,Please post snap of your back panel, near the volume keys

    I believe my back panel is slightly raised near the volume keys, I see small gap there. I don't have any other phone to post snaps at this moment, Will you please put zoomed snaps of your back panel near the volume keys.. Would like to confirm if it is a issue with my handset only or it looks...
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    Thread No signal on nexus 6 .Based in India

    I'm based in India . I am not getting any signal on my nexus 6. My Settings are as follows:- Preferred network is 3G.
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    Thread [Q] Does rooting the phone void my warranty?

    Does rooting void my warranty? And i can unroot it fully ? By fully i mean is there a counter associated with rooting similar to knox counter in Samsung?
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    Thread Not able to copy files from windows pc to sdcards on 8.4)

    I got my Tab 8.4 today . When i connected the tab to my windows 8 laptop, it detected the storage. But when i tried copying my files on the sdcard, it gave me permission errors. Are you guys able to copy files? Please let me know what im doing wrong.
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    Thread Tab S 8.4 Question

    Hello, Im thinking of buying this today, My basic usuage will be for reading books, Would this screen size be a issue for reading or should i go for 10.1 ?
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    Thread need flashable mms.apk zip

    Can someone please make a flashable CWM zip of mms.apk . i deleted the build in messaging apk by mistake and cant install it anymore, using root installer too.
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    Thread cant mount /sdcard

    i installed CWM and tried to take a backup. But im getting cant mount /sdcard. So i went to mount and tried doing the mount but it says cant format.. i formated the sdcard manually and confirmed its primary partition and fat32. what can be the issue here
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    Thread Cant mount /sdcard

    i installed CWM and tried to take a backup. But im getting cant mount /sdcard. So i went to mount and tried doing the mount but it says cant format.. i formated the sdcard manually and confirmed its primary partition and fat32. what can be the issue here
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    Thread Phone stuck on LG logo.

    I had messed my phone and reinstalled the stock rom using flash tools. it completed successfully but phone does not load, its stuck at lg logo. any suggestion is highly appreciated.
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    Thread andriod 4.4

    Will LG G Pro get the offical 4.4 upgrade? any news on this ?
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    Thread transparent stats bar ,lcd settings or mods??

    does anyone know how to mk the status bar transparent, hv custom lcd on stock rom?
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    Thread Help in extract dll from kdz file

    I tried using the LG extract tool, it extracts a dll and .dz file . How do i get the firmware from this ? is the .dz the firmware , if so how can i use to create a flashable zip via recovery.
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    Thread kdz updater not working lack of battery power

    I had installed the latest version of CM 10.2 and when i tried to go back to stock, the KDZ updater does not work. I get the message that battery power is less (my battery is charged 70%). How can i go back to stock. Please help This is message in flash tools 03:45:15 : Phone type Compare...
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    Thread E988 Indian Version

    Does there exists a flashable recovery for the indian E988 g pro. I used the freegee but got an "Secure Booting Error! Cause: Boot certification verify
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    Thread How to create a flasable zip of modem

    I have a e988 and have CWM backup of it, this would have my e988 modem files, so can anyone tell me how do i create a flashable zip of modem files so that i can install the custom roms meant for e980,etc on my e988 ??
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    Thread remove twrp recovery from e988

    how do i remove twrp. also how do i go in download mode
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    Thread [Q] ind e988 stuck in LG logo

    please help me restore my phone. my phone is stuck while booting. Its a indian E988. Can i install cm 10.1 on e988