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  1. mrlakadaddy

    Thread Stock browser

    My stock browser doesnt show in app draw, unlocked, rooted running cleanrom xenogenesis 4.3 final and thats 2 kernel with data2sd add-on...browser apk is in system apps folder. Did 2 clean installs w/negative results. Need help. Thanks. Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF700T using xda premium
  2. mrlakadaddy

    Thread ANY one know how to s- off with Windows 7 64 hboot 119

    Just as the title states, New replacement phone.. Sent from my EVO using xda premium
  3. mrlakadaddy

    Thread Accelerometer not working, no auto rotate

    I have been havin this problem across roms, and was wondering if there is a fix, or do I have to take it to the sprint store...I am s-offed lazy panda, latest firmware and radios...I have tried to recalibrate, factory reset, simulated battery pull, powered down etc. When I try to calibrate it...
  4. mrlakadaddy

    Thread I can't help being evil

    Sent from my EVO using xda premium