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  1. tariche

    Thread Bootloader unlock on Asus TF101 official HTC first, now ASUS, I hope ACER will join the bunch.
  2. tariche

    Thread [Q] Back to future strange behaviour

    I've been using back to future for quite some time, and just recently I have noticed strange behaviour. My wife called me from a meeting, and while the phone rang in the background I could hear chatter from the meeting. I noticed this before but I thought I imagined that or something but this...
  3. tariche

    Thread Skype 2.5

    Video calling is finaly working great. Further more , I had problem with mic and now it also magicaly working good (not great).
  4. tariche

    Thread [Q] LumiRead and screen timeout

    It is very annoying to tap screen every 2 mins, my screen timeout, when reading book. I usually end up flipping page or activating toolbar which cut off first and last 2 lines on page/s. Is there any solution to this?