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    Post [Q] Neuxs 9 LTE Versions

    One for all or two/none for Nexus 9 LTE bands I've been researching this, but I don't have a definitive answer. Also the fact that the Nexus 9 driver binaries are on a separate portion could mean that the modem configuration is on a more secure partition where a new one can't be flashed. Have...
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    Post Freedompop Nexus 5 and ROMs

    Yeah, the Ambient Display was a pleasant surprise. Whoever makes FreedomPop's corporate images is probably a ROMhead like us.
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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

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    Post [Q] Rattling sound coming from speaker — is this normal?

    My Nexus 6 also rattles I just got a brand new Nexus 6 from T-Mobile and I'm definitely hearing what almost sounds like a blown speaker. I literally just opened up the box 15 min ago. Looks like a call or visit to T-Mobile is in store tomorrow.
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    Post [LIST] Roms, Kernels, and Recoveries for the Sprint HTC One (m7spr)

    BUMP. Really looking forward to this being updated. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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    Post [ADB/FB/APX Driver] Universal Naked Driver 0.72

    I read the guide at Also it helped me to watch WWJoshDew's video on YouTube. I honestly watched this over and over again and finally figured out what I was doing wrong. One thing is you are booting into different modes on the device...
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    Post Flatline - Unbrickable Transformer TF300T - Jellybean edition

    Is there something up with the hosting? I can't get to the site anymore. Was going to link someone to your NVFlash guide for the TF700T.
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    Post Usb-otg and twrp

    Apparently you have to have a powered OTG device, which requires having a Y-splitter for power, AND you need a recovery kernel that supports OTG. I know one has been made for TWRP for the Nexus 4. I don't know if anyone has ported this to the HTC One. My search of XDA led me to your...
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    Post Is the HTC One the phone to get or is another one worth waiting for?

    I think Verizon will get the HTC One MAX first among major US Carriers. I think many moving parts were part of the HTC One delayed arrival on VZW, not the least of which was the blanket TV campaign that HTC FINALLY launched! The One Max will be all the physical goodness of the One in a G2/Note...
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    Post Verizon 4g lte on Sprint!?

    Try running RootMetrics network test app at it should identify the network for you.
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    Post [Q] new zoe Zoe themes help on 4.2.2

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Highlights worked--I think???--before activating my phone. But once the Carrier package was installed (Sprint) this feature only had the hangouts "Pop" file. I had written to a friend who reviewed the One for PC Magazine and HTC but never got any response for getting these...
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    Post The End of the Nooks

    This will most likely be with Microsoft and a Windows RT or Windows 8.x product. They put $300m USD into B&N in April 2012, and they are looking for a way to grow the ailing Surface RT business. Although B&N says they are committed to supporting NOOK HD & NOOK HD+ owners, you see how quickly...
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    Post [ADB/FB/APX Driver] Universal Naked Driver 0.72 (We dont need no stinking HTC Sync)

    Does this version include support for the ASUS TF300 and TF700? Thanks!
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    Post [ADB/FB/APX Driver] Universal Naked Driver 0.72

    Hey, glad to know that you finally got the NVFLash process to work with regular ASUS drivers. I'm going to try that route and pray that it works. The last note I saw was that the Universal Naked Drivers dev 1wayjonny was going to get around to adding TF300 and TF700 to his drivers, but from the...
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    Post Wirefly : Estimated ship date:Awaiting Inventory

    I ordered mine on 4/16 too. I got an email saying they are hoping to have delivery by 4/26. Here's what it said: We began shipping the Glacial Silver HTC One phones this morning. You may have already received your shipping notification. If not, please know that we are working as fast as...
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    Post HTC One Pre-order newegg

    Just adding my $.02 Getting the EVO 3D the day before it released was a cool deal, though the camera was pretty much bollocks, it was innovative and great for gee-whiz with colleagues. Got my EVO LTE in the first batch released after the fApple/FTC debacle last year. Was going to wait for the...
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    Post Ad Blocker

    +1 Bump
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    Post Nfc?

    The NFC functionality is exactly the same. What Samsung did with S-Beam was create a hybrid NFC/WiFi Direct service which uses NFC for paring and then creates an instant WiFi Direct socket between the two devices for a high-speed file transfer. HTC could have done the same, but for some reason...
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    Post Drm after unlocking

    I was surprised to see this post, as one of the first things I did after I got my refurbed TF700t from Amazon was to unlock and root it. I've never had any issues with DRM except with the frequent need to re-install Adobe Flash which likes to go AWOL, in order to get Amazon video working. I am...
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    Post Billing is not supported on this version of android market

    So, I just noticed this today on my EVO LTE. But after a recent wipe, I only have two paid apps on it: EA's Monopoly Millionaire and Zynga's Drop 7. And I've made absolutely ZERO in app payments. I looked in aLogcat and it says " /...
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    Post [Q] Build CWM for HTC J

    Sorry, don't have an answer for you, but I am curious if you have regular HTC J or newer HTC J Butterfly. As J Butterfly is so similar to US Verizon DROID DNA a similar root method might work.
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    Post [Q] Off-contract and Unlocked

    The phone is already unlocked. The off-contract price is $599.
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    Post So is storage really a deal breaker ?

    Bump. A stable Viper/Venom ROM on this would be awesome. But I am also seriously looking at importing the Japanese J Butterfly. MicroSD slot trumps Wireless Charging. Maybe by early next year, there will be a DNA+ with 64GB of storage like the One X+ ?
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    Thread [Q] App Request: Amazon App Suite for Android Widget

    The HTC Droid DNA [codename "HTC DLX"] is the first device to launch with a widget analogous to the Kindle Fire interface or the Nexus "My Library" widget for Google Play. This is called the Amazon App Suite for Android and more info is available here...
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    Post [Q] HTC J Butterfly Availability

    HTC J Butterfly Japanese import availability I too am interested in this. I would much rather have a microSD slot than wireless charging. And that red device is über attractive. I've been doing some research and it appears that this device should be carrier unlocked like the DNA is...
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    Post Nexus 10 - Where To Buy, Price, Shipping, E.T.C...

    I called a Walmart here in town and she said she could see it in inventory but they were not in stock yet and not yet for sale. They did have 32GB Nexus 7s.
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    Post [ROM]10/3 Team Venom presents: Viper4G 2.0.2 - The 2nd most innovative Sense Rom ever

    So did you flash the mount-point-swapper before or after Venom? I just wanted to make sure it was compatible before trying. I love this ROM, but I would really like to mount my big SD card as my primary storage and not keep bumping up the ridiculous 9GB internal storage limit on the E4GLE.
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    Post [Q] Youtube Downloader?

    By "embed" do you mean that this app is added as an intent from the Share option available on any YouTube video? If so, TubeMate does this as well. Actually almost any app that is registered as a video filetype handler should be available from YouTube's Share menu.
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    Post [APP - unsolved] - youtube preloading settings

    Thanks for investigating this. Have you been able to determine which directory or folder Youtube is preloading the cache to?
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    Post [Q] Request for SmartActions

    Would be interested in the SmartActions app from this device. Since this is the first S4/Krait Motorola would think it would be compatible with both HOX/HOE and SGSIII.
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    Post Groupcast support on S III and other devices

    I went to a Samsung event this week and saw this too. Pretty cool. Not sure what all you need to make this work, but I know it has NOT been working on my HTC EVO 4G LTE even with the ported TouchWiz 4/NatureUI launcher. Of course it probably would help if I was running a Deodexed ROM. I will try...
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    Post [Q] SmartView scale issue

    Did this work for you?
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    Post All share app for Evo?

    All Share is just a DLNA client/server. Later HTC's have a "Connected Media" app and "Media Share" app that perform the same function. Look in any of the HTC ROM's forum for stock or even removed apps ZIPs. As for Google Play market, one of the best DLNA client/servers is Qualcomm's Skifta...
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    Post Wiper App

    Are you sure? It sure runs an awful lot.
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    Post [OTA] To 1.22.651.3 From 1.13.651.1 - Mirrors and Dissection!

    Could this be prep for LTE in 4 days? If so, WHOOPEE!
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    Post [OTA] To 1.22.651.3 From 1.13.651.1 - Mirrors and Dissection!

    Same here brother. My EVO 3D proudly wears hboot 1.4. I took it into Sprint because the digitizer was misdetecting touches on the bottom 1/8th of the screen. The Sprint tech said, "Would you like me to apply your updates", I was like "Nah, I'll do it myself". What I mean was "hyells nawh!"
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    Post [MOD] Mount Point Swapper

    TWRP 2.1.8 does see the external sd card. Click on Install and go back a directory .. and you will see it listed as /sdcard2
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    Post [Q] Nook stock firmware 1.4.3?

    I tried this and I cannot access the market. I had a stock unrooted 1.4.2 and then rooted using mn 5.02.19 on CWM My device is rooted but the Market will not download apps. I have followed the guides to clearing the Vending.apk cache and Google Framework Services here...
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    Post [RECOVERY] TWRP touch recovery [2013-09-16]

    HTC Unlocked or LazyPanda S-OFF right? Shouldn't this say "You need to be HTC unlocked OR S-off" before flashing a custom recovery?
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    Post [Q] Anyone used both EVO LTE and Galaxy S III ?

    I've owned both the EVO and the first gen EPIC since they around the time they came out. I've also used both the Samsung Galaxy S III (briefly played with a Sprint demo) and own the EVO LTE and bought my fiancee the Nexus S 4G about a year ago which I've also used quite a bit. There is no...
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    Post [Q] EVO LTE a lot of problems/bugs is it true ?? Do you??

    I've definitely had problems with WiFi dropping out for no reason. I've had them both before root and after. The device will simply just drop the connection for no good reason. The only reason I haven't returned the phone is I'm stubborn. I am going to do a nandroid back-up (already used TiBU)...
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    Post Missing Galaxy S III support for Samsung TV’s

    Yes, I wonder if it has something to do with the WiFi chipset or Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)? I used to run the Samsung remote app on all of my phones, but I noticed my HTC EVO 4G LTE (basically the One X with MicroSD and kickstand) is not compatible with either of the newer Samsung apps. I guess...
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    Post light bleed from the home button

    No hint of this whatsoever on my unit. And the screen to bezel fit is tighter than a hipster's girl jeans on a Friday night. ---------- Post added at 06:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:17 PM ---------- Best Buy always replaces my ZAGG and they install it for free.
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    Post TuneIn troubles...

    Any way you could substitute TuneIn Pro instead of TuneIn for the Car Dock functionality? I really missed the pause and record functions. And TuneIn Pro has the slickest interface of any of the Internet Radio programs I know. I think this was an innovative idea from HTC and if it had been...
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    Post [ROM] 09/06/12 | Fresh Evo LTE 5.3.1 | 2.13.651.1 | New OTA & Bug Fixes | Read More

    Is there anyway the Car app could be modified to use the Tune In Pro app? I miss being able to pause and record Internet radio. I don't know why HTC didn't use PRO in the first place if they are going to do a "value add" for their dock. But at least including Tune In is a step up. Also in...
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    Post Smart stay on HOX

    This is not the Equivalent of "Smart Stay" but rather the PopUp Video feature on the SGSIII. Smart Stay is the feature that uses the front-facing camera to detect if their is a face over the phone. If there is, it overrides the default screen dimming timer and keeps the screen lit. I'm sure...
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    Post Sprint LTE live in Conroe TX, pix

    In no way is the SGS3 an EVO LTE killer. They are parity phones at best, but the screen on the EVO is better, HTC has had a longer time working with Qualcomm SoC's so the battery life will most likely be better, the EVO doesn't have a Gingerbread aping WizKid skin, and it isn't made of plastic...
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    Post 64GB Micro SD

    I have two SanDisk 64GB cards and they have worked in my devices all the way back to my Thunderbolt. I have one that works just fine in the EVO 3D that I'm typing this on to you right now. I don't know if this ongoing "32GB" limit is just laziness from the product marketing people not updating...
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    Post [Kernel][Stock1.3][Already included in CM7] Dalingrin's OC kernel [09/01/11]

    Does this kernel support universal cut and paste [text] on the NOOK like the stock kernel does?